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Back to Iraq: Mission Not Quite Accomplished

Posted on November 8, 2014

President Barack Obama has authorized the deployment of up to 1,500 additional troops to Iraq in order to help train and advise government and Kurdish forces fighting the armed Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL) group, the White House has said.

“As a part of our strategy for strengthening partners on the ground, President Obama today authorized the deployment of up to 1,500 additional US military personnel in a non-combat role to train, advise, and assist Iraqi Security Forces, including Kurdish forces,” the statement said on Friday.

The Obama administration will ask Congress for $5.6bn for the operations in Iraq and Syria, which includes $1.6bn for the new “Iraq Train and Equip Fund,” the White House Office of Management and Budget said.

The deployment will roughly double the number of US troops in the country.

Some of the advisors will be deployed to western Anbar province, where the Iraqi army has been forced to retreat from advancing ISIL fighters, a defence official who spoke on condition of anonymity told AFP news agency.

Some of the additional troops will begin to arrive in Iraq in the next several weeks, the official said.

Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel recommended the move to Obama based on a request from the Iraqi government and the assessment of US Central Command, which is overseeing the air war against ISIL, the Pentagon said.

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7 thoughts on “Back to Iraq: Mission Not Quite Accomplished

  1. I think the only one who ever said "Mission Accomplished" was Dubya.

  2. The only one taking credit for "ending" the Iraq war is BHO. Guess they were both wrong.

  3. Dr. Obama had to readmit Iraq to the hospital. No money from Medicaid!

  4. Marc Jeric says:

    And so after all Mullah B. Hussein Obama will have "boots on the ground" in Iraq; these troops have the task to stop free movement of jihadists between Syria and Iraq.
    How about some boots on the ground to stop invasion of hundreds of thousands Mexicans and probably some jihadists as well crossing our border with Mexico?

  5. I'd suggest we just fence off the entire middle east and let them slug it out until they're all dead or too tired to kill any more, but hell, we can't even build a decent fence between us and Mexico to keep them out of here. So 'fencing' isn't a viable solution.

    But this advisors stuff is just a joke. Every time it happens we spend billions on arming and training a bunch of guys who either use it to turn on us, or who cut and run when the enemy does show up to take their country and women. Not that I'd want a bunch of middle eastern women – but still, we get taken to the cleaners on this deal every damned time.

  6. I suppose he's trying, indespiration, to "undo" what he "didn't do". Wasn't he the one who pulled our troops out before the job was considered "done"?

  7. The thing that was "accomplished" was the capture of Hussein, found hiding in a hole.