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What the Pundits Aren’t Saying About Black Voters

Written by Gary North on November 6, 2014

There is almost no mention of the following: Black voters showed up to vote in about the same percentage as they constitute demographically.

The U.S. Census reports that Black are 13.6% of the population.

In a story about voter dissatisfaction, this piece of information is buried. “Exit polls suggest that black voters made up about 1 in 8 voters nationally, similar to the last midterm in 2010.” One out of eight is about 12.5%.

So, of those voters who turned out, Blacks were well represented in terms of their overall weight of the population. Also, because they are a small percentage, a 13.6% percentage would not have made much difference in the outcomes.

Most Americans did not vote. They rarely vote in mid-term elections. Blaming the defeat of the Democrats on the unwillingness of Democrats to vote makes little statistical sense.

The Democrats got pounded because the voters who showed up were protesting against Obama, just as the voters who showed up in 2006 were voting against Bush.

Voters don’t like Congress. So, the only way the ones who are unhappy can protest is to throw the bad guys out — this election’s bad guys. Congress will not change, so the other bad guys will be thrown out at some later date.

So it goes. The faces change; the basic policies do not. What we see is what we get — always.

The federal budget will not get balanced. The immigration problems will not be solved. The porkers will not be castrated. The Federal Reserve will not be audited by the General Services Administration, let alone shut down. The Federal Register will still publish 78,000+ pages of three-column, fine print regulations. It will be business as usual.

Pray for gridlock.

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6 thoughts on “What the Pundits Aren’t Saying About Black Voters

  1. We need a 3rd party in the US – the Repeal Party. They would promise that every bill would be a bill to repeal a previously passed bill. They wouldn't run out of bills to repeal for a couple of centuries.

  2. That beats my "Do Nothing Party", because your party over time would make things better, my party would only keep things from getting worse, Great idea!!!

  3. If the Repeal Party got a gal in the White House, would she sign an executive order to negate all prior executive orders and make any new ones forbidden?

  4. WhiteFalcon says:

    Unfortunately the author is probably correct. We change things hoping for positive change but the Congressional morons refuse to change. Gridlock is not all bad, but at the same time we need to roll a lot of stuff back and get rid of it. The biggest problem at this time is just what Mitch McConnell said. Ovomit is still there and unless we can get the Congress to over ride his vetos, he will be a big problem. Some things can be done but the fact is that we can't do everything because Ovomit is still there. I hope his approval ratings go to zero. If something like that were to happen, then maybe enough dumbocrats would join in over riding his vetos.

  5. TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    Look, if you are a Democrat and you did not vote for Democrats in this election the message from your party is clear: There is something wrong with YOU. It’s not that the Democrats ran a lousy campaign. It’s not Democrats are on the losing side of history with respect to Obamacare, immigration, endless job killing economic meddling, etc. It’s not that their policies have failed. It’s just that YOU are too stupid to understand that Democrats are just AWESOME, and so much better than YOU are at determining your own self interest.

  6. Empty Pockets says:

    "Pray for gridlock."

    I do. Fervently. Also for a plague in DC of chronic, incurable laryngitis so we wouldn't have to listen to the lies. What a bonus that would be.