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Cap Taxes, Stop the Legislature — Georgians Said Yes

Posted on November 6, 2014

Tuesday — they don’t want to pay higher income taxes.

Two state constitutional amendments were on Tuesday’s ballot and the Amendment 1 dealt with the rate of income tax. Georgia voters were asked whether the rate should be capped.

By a ratio of nearly 3:1, the state’s voters gave a resounding yes to limiting the state income tax rate. Of the 2.5 million voters who cast ballots, more than 1.85 million, or 73.9 percent, agreed to prohibit the General Assembly from increasing the maximum state income tax rate. About 26.1 percent — 653,867 — said no to the question.

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6 thoughts on “Cap Taxes, Stop the Legislature — Georgians Said Yes

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Who are the fools who trust their 'keepers' enough to NOT place this restriction on them?

  2. we did even better in Tennessee, our Amendment 3 which was passed say we can Never have an income tax in TN

  3. That deserves a metaphorical high-five. SLAP!

  4. ty david, now our repugnicans need to immediately go for a no exceptions abortion law…

  5. I think you would find most if not all who voted to raise taxes either work for the government or get all their living expenses paid by the government.

  6. One of the three reasons I moved to Florida (no state income tax) from Georgia.