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Democrat Spends $5 Million of Her Own Money — Gets Smashed

Written by Gary North on November 5, 2014

A fat cat Democrat politician came to the voters of Wisconsin as the voice of the people. She spent $5 million of her own money. She lost to tax-cutter, union-buster Scott Walker. She lost by 57% to 43%.

Yet during the race, the media reported this as a tight horse race.

The race this year was the toughest of Walker’s long political career. Polls showed it was deadlocked for months, even as Walker and Burke and their backers flooded the airwaves with attack ads to influence a sliver of undecided voters and motivate partisans to show up.

So, Walker won, based on “a sliver of undecided voters.” Big sliver.

The media’s job is to get readers and viewers. To do this, it reports obvious routs in progress as tight races. It does this every two years. “It’s nip and tick!” Then on election night, we learn the truth. It was a rout.

The public is entertained. We live in a society that is addicted to entertainment.

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9 thoughts on “Democrat Spends $5 Million of Her Own Money — Gets Smashed

  1. We live in a society that knows the media news lies, entertain's, manipulates by paid opinions, propaganda, mud-slinging, yellow journalism, hype, the list goes one with the exception of FOX and NEWSMAX…..who gives most of it straight on….without the Spin…and I so appreciate THEM 🙂

  2. But when the subject comes up in some years from now, the newspaper's record is the one that will come up online. If I am having the conversation, and I say "that wasn't even a close race" and a 'Google search' says it was "a sliver", who are they going to believe? They will just assume that this old codger is getting forgetful, and just trust the internet.

    What was that Santayana said about repeating the past? I must be… uh… forgetting it exactly. Oh well, good luck, young people.

  3. It was a horse race, and Burke was the south end of that horse.

  4. At least that means her $5 million won't be used to further other leftist causes.

  5. Looks like the Democrats could not get enough DEAD people to vote. So SAD. Really.

  6. desierasmus says:

    Nate Silver has some useful comparisons of pre-election polls with "near-complete" outcomes. http://fivethirtyeight.com/liveblog/special-cover

    Senate Polls Had A Significant Democratic Skew https://espnfivethirtyeight.files.wordpress.com/2

    The pre-election polling averages (not the FiveThirtyEight forecasts, which also account for other factors) in the 10 most competitive Senate races had a 6-percentage point Democratic bias as compared to the votes counted in
    each state so far.

    We aren’t counting Alaska, where polls haven’t closed yet. We also aren’t counting Virginia, which is much closer than expected. But Mark Warner’s close call makes more sense now given the margins we’re seeing in other states.

    The bias might narrow slightly as more votes are counted; late-counted votes tend to be Democratic in most states. Still, this is a big “skew,” and it comes on the heels of what had been a fairly substantial bias in the opposite direction in 2012. The polls — excepting Ann Selzer’s — are having some problems.

    Bias In Gubernatorial Polls https://espnfivethirtyeight.files.wordpress.com/2

    As I wrote before, polls in the most competitive Senate races look to have had about a 6-percentage point Democratic bias based on the votes as counted so far.

    What about in the most competitive gubernatorial races (excluding Alaska, which has not yet finished voting)?
    The bias hasn’t been quite as bad, but the polls were still too Democratic-leaning by an average of about 2 percentage points. As a result, a number of Democrats who had narrow leads in the polls are going to lose their races.

  7. desierasmus says:

    Another thought on the "evils of too much money in politics". If throwing big bucks at advertising could guarantee results, the FORD Edsel would have been a huge hit.

    Burke may have had $5 million to burn, but she also had the anchor weight of her policy plagiarism scandal and the late breaking news that she had been fired from her job in the family firm for managerial incompetence as dead weights on her candidacy as the votes were being cast.

  8. Lot of Americans still get their reality from the corporate owned media, better known as ABCNBCCBSMSNBCCNNFOX.

  9. Thet twarn't no sliver. 'Twere a spar tree.

    She got her wings clipped big time, didn't she? It looks good on her. Scott Walker has a fine track record for seeing the root issues and hitting them head on, he's turned that state around in spite of the dirty pool thrown at him.