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Video: Texas Tech Students on U.S. History

Written by Gary North on November 4, 2014

This is “Jaywalking” on campus.

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4 thoughts on “Video: Texas Tech Students on U.S. History

  1. Ignorance is knowledge. Slavery is freedom. War is peace.

  2. That's the problem with this country. These kids don't know #*@* about anything that pertains to how things came to be. They are not being taught basic topics in school. And this is the future of or country! We are in serious trouble. Most people now days are just plain stupid and have 0 common sense. They think the world revolves around them and their problems. Sorry, I got news for you, it does not ! And the biggest problem stems from our own government. We are circling the drain and most people don't even see it.

  3. Couldn't agree more with Steve above! PATHETIC is the word that comes to mind…Don't worry, with kids like this Putin will be very happy……

  4. Read Stephen Pinker’s ‘How the Mind Works’ and ‘The Blank Slate’. These may be more than the average person might want to wade through, especially the first one, but they both made the NY Times Best Seller list, so someone reads them. They are sometimes available at used book stores for a modest price, too. Dr. Pinker, is one of the top cognitive psychologists in the US today, and, while it is not the main thread of either book, he goes into the education system and what has happened over the last 40 years. It is an eye opener. And it explains why I, educated primarily prior to that, could easily answer every question posed by the young lady in this video without thinking about it… except those about Jersey Shore.

    If you want something requiring a bit less mental exertion while still offering very beneficial info, then look at YouTube videos of lectures by G. Edward Griffin. Do not get turned off initially by his white hair, but give him a chance – say at least 2 or 3 of his lectures, as his research is well done and seems quite valid. “The Quigley Formula”, is mandatory, and his 2008 UT lecture of the same title is recommended; it was gratifying to see contemporary university students giving him a standing ovation.

    Follow the paths down these two rabbit holes, and you just might have your eyes opened to histories behind the history WE (older generation) were taught, and which the younger generation of students today are (obviously from this video) not even touching upon. No matter how much it galls me to have college students not even know their own basic history, I still realize that it is not entirely their own fault, given the current educational system structure. But once the information is encountered, I have hope that at least SOME of these younger adults, these that are the future of this country, will open their eyes and minds. Learn more about the REASON our educational system has been dumbed down to the point it is now. Then search out more information.

    It will take a lot of work and some time to reverse this situation, if that is even possible, but that reversal begins with learning how and why we are in the condition we now find ourselves. Griffin’s solution may have merit. Decide for yourself, but FIRST start learning what is going on “behind the curtain”. As with the Wizard of Oz, you may find it is not what you are being told or taught. And good luck to us all.