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Voting by Paper Ballot: 70% Likely

Written by Gary North on November 3, 2014

Electronic voting was all the rage in 2002.  “No more hanging chads!”

Today, electronic voting is on the way out. It’s back to paper ballots.

Why? Because state governments cannot afford to replace the electronic machines. Anyway, that’s the official excuse.

State governments are politically incapable of putting aside money to replace capital. Businesses that fail to do this go out of business. But states do not go out of business. They just allow projects that require capital replacement to wear out. You know: things like roads, water systems, and bridges.

There was some concern over stolen elections by means of voting machines. Now America is returning to the tried and tested means of stealing elections: paper ballots.

Someday, voting will all be online. “There’s an app for that!”

If robots ever can be programmed to think, will they be allowed to vote?

Will there be a Turing test for robotic candidates? “If a robot sounds as deceptive as a politician, should it be allowed to run?”

Will android politicians dream of electric sheep?

Will a robot ever be elected President?

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16 thoughts on “Voting by Paper Ballot: 70% Likely

  1. So, the Government can spend our tax dollars on everything, some are nonsense yet they can't expend the necessary funds to ensure our elections are honest, mistake and fraud free. We must demand that the only voice a legal American citizen has is protected as the vital privilege it is….a good starting point would be the requirement of an approved Voter I.D. in every state.

  2. The last thing these politicians want these days are honest elections. It could prove different for them to stay in power if elections were honest. I'm thinking if Congress rating less than 60 percent approval rate no incumbent should be reelected. Why would anyone reelect someone who has proven they cannot do the job???

  3. Paper ballots, what a concept. No more calibrating of machines, that must make Dems angry. That company in Spain will have nothing to do. That's OK Soros has dibs in it anyhow.

  4. oldtimered says:

    Interesting thought but that could mean that congress would never be reelected. Can not remember ever hearing of a 60% positive rating for congress. The media could slander the republicans and the savvy voter would realize the dems are now the communist party of America. To get over 25% would be difficult if not impossible with a split congress we have today. If the republicans take both houses and start throttling O's destructive policies; the media will have a fit, but the honest US citizenry would be thrilled If the republicans make sure the citizenry are made aware of the progress; since the media will not. Pray for the USA and the world.

  5. germansmith says:

    As long as the robot is a "natural made citizen" meaning made in the US by natural born citizens with US made parts, he should be allow to vote.

    I wonder what Robot Medicare will look like, because I am sure it will become an issue.

    I wonder if Turing would have designed a measurement for deceptive politicians..after they spill out BS, how much BS would a regular person would accept before it realized it was talking to a politician? Would this had change our politics at all?

    I like my paper ballots chad and all. It is harder to manipulate an election.
    If a person could not figure how to punch a hole correctly, he/she was probably not able to make a good choice in the candidate either

  6. mrsgunnut10 says:

    Crooked Pre-Set Voting Machines that are manuplated by Billionaire Soros and others should be chopped up in little peices and BURIED along with the other Garbage, including Soros and his followers . In addition voting on the Internet should also be Outlawed. If the Elderly and Sick can't get to an Office to get a Voter ID for Voting, how can they afford a Computer with all of the trimmings. Paper Ballots are the way to go, it is easier, cheaper, and also a better way to Count Votes at the end of the Voting Period. Stop ALL of this ILLEGAL voting Activity, go to Paper Ballots throughout all of these United States. It is also Imperative that the United States " CITIZENS " are all Registered American LEGAL Citizen's, before they are authorized to Vote. Thank you for your time. TSgt., USAF Retired.

  7. Lets keep in mind that Voter Fraud is essentially UNLIMITED with Electronic Ballots. At least with a Paper Ballot, Fraud is Limited to Dead/ Crooked Democrats. We have technology now with FingerPrint ID Voting. But for Obvious reason ( No more Voter fraud), Democrat Politicians will Never go for a Fraud proof voting system. Why should they?

  8. I’ve heard that the demonrats want online voting – just imagine how much cheating will happen with online voting.

  9. Rattlerjake says:

    ABSOLUTELY!!! Additionally, paper ballots are a PERMANENT RECORD that can be scanned but not altered for achival necessity.

  10. WhiteFalcon says:

    At this point it seems to me that the best way to prevent fraudulent voting is by the use of photo IDs. It should be a Federal law that citizens only are allowed to vote in our elections and that one must show proof of citizenship before voting. If you were born in a foreign country, then you can have your naturalization papers on file wherever you vote. If you are a natural born citizen, you can have positive proof of your eligability to vote on file wherever you vote. Then all you have to do is to show a current picture ID and you will be able to vote. Of course those pesky proofs of citizenship will be a problem to those that want to vote illegally, but, oh well, you can't have everything. Those caught trying to vote illegally deliberately should face a felony charge carrying at least tow years in prison.

  11. The dems are against the voter ID because they say it restricts the poor people from voting. What kind of country do we have? They say it is not necessary but if you want to hear Eric Holder speak you have to show an ID. If you are of voting age and you are too stupid to get a free ID then you are too stupid to vote.

  12. Diebold made these electronic voting systems that are buggy, back-doored, lose votes, flip votes and can be hacked/overridden 7 ways from Sunday.

    YET, Diebold makes ATM machines that run in banks coast-to-coast that never lose a penny and give you a paper receipt for an audit trail.

    The electronic voting was designed to be hacked and steal elections.

  13. Jim Huffman says:

    Will a robot be elected president? Yes. Apparently, it's already happened.

    The robot president is mentioned at 1:20.

    Now you know. 🙂

  14. If a robot can be trained to cross a border thru a river or over a fence, then yes, they'll be permitted to vote.

  15. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    The states have ran out of honest, untampered with machines!

  16. You only get hanging chads by punching 6 of them at a time. All hanging chads were for demoRats. They should have been thrown out.