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The Negro Problem (There! I’ve Said It!)

Written by Gary North on November 3, 2014

I want to comment on an article by Fred Reed. It’s on black power, or maybe Black power. I get confused on what should be capitalized these days. http://fredoneverything.net/BlackPower.shtml

Let’s talk about capitalization. Most white people don’t go around talking about white power. They surely don’t go around talking about White power. Anybody who is white who talks about White power is likely to be associated with some variation of the White Aryan Nation movement. On the other hand, a lot of white people write “Blacks.” I just noticed that when I dictated this, my copy of NaturallySpeaking automatically capitalized Blacks. I get the message!

Anyway, I want to talk about what used to be called the Negro problem. That was what Martin Luther King, Jr. called it, so it’s good enough for me. However, because Malcolm X got a lot of traction from his phrase, “the so-called Negro,” no one talks about the Negro problem anymore. But it surely remains a problem.

If there is a single failure in American society which everyone acknowledges is a problem, it is this one. Reed talks about it in his article. He makes the obvious point, which is not obvious to liberals, that when we have black-on-white crime, it is not discussed in this way in the media. When a group of black teenagers beats up some white man, or indulges in what has become known as flash mob violence, the perpetrators are always referred to as “teens.” Every white person reading the article suspects what took place, but the reporter dares not speak the word, which is a color, and which is usually capitalized. His editor will not tolerate this.


There is an insight, incorrectly attributed to Voltaire, that argues along these lines: “To learn who rules over you, simply find out who you are not allowed to criticize.” Generally, this is a convenient piece of advice. But in this case, it does not apply.

It is quite true that the more intractable aspects of the Negro problem are not allowed to be discussed in the media, either under the rubric “Negro problem” or its variants, such as the “Blacks problem” or the “African-American problem.” But this is not indicative of the power of the Negroes/Blacks/African-Americans. This is because they have little autonomous power. They are merely granted certain marginal immunities by the white Establishment. They are in fact at the bottom of the social hierarchy. They know this. They have known it for a long time. They are tired of this. The problem they now face is this: their invisibility in the media in relation to their problems, at least their self-generated problems, is a sign of their lack of power.

Nobody tells them: “You must get your house in order.” This is because those with political power do not believe that (1) they have the autonomous ability to get their collective house in order, and (2) they can function without white supervision.

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5 thoughts on “The Negro Problem (There! I’ve Said It!)

  1. Mr. North:

    I appreciate your articles and admire you for speaking about this issue that has been facing America.

    A couple of questions:

    1. Is there a study related to IQ of the slave-owners and the majority of whites who didn't own slaves
    in the South circa 1860? This study may clear up some family issues.

    2. Can you reference some more info about white support of public schools? I
    would have thought that most conservative whites would favor private schools if they could afford
    them and only settled for public schools except for those parents seeking athletic scholarships. I
    figured most parents had given up on the liberals that run the schools.


    John Robert Conley

  2. David in MA says:

    You cannot each someone who is not willing to learn. Simple as that. AND, you cannot teach, employ or help someone become responsible when government is a welfare government. Slave owners know if you give people some "FREE BENEFITS" it places in their mind that if they become responsible for themselves and their family ~~~~~ the "FREE BENEFITS" go away. SO, it is easier being ignorant than learning and working.
    In a way, the negro still has the "African mentality" and that does not cut it in an advanced society.

  3. Good commentary. I’m sure Ben Carson, Walter Williams, Thomas Sowell and Clarence Thomas would agree.

  4. Gary North is apparently unaware that his "NaturallySpeaking" did not spring from the ground but was programmed by people, and people have political opinions, and those political opinions go into that programming.

    Race designations by color, such as white or black, are informal designations and should not be capitalized, despite what the liberal programmers of NaturallySpeaking would like. North can check any of a number of editorial style guides, such as that of the American Medical Association, to confirm the non-capitalization of "black" as a racial designation.

    And there is nothing wrong with the word "Negro" (which IS capitalized, as a formal race designation); for example, there is the United Negro College Fund. The problem with "Negro" is its unsavory historical associations, such as in ads offering slaves for sale. The distaste in using it is understandable.

    And North's assertion that blacks are "at the bottom of [the] social hierarchy" is abject nonsense. The president of the United States, the attorney general of the United States, a member of the U.S. Supreme Court, numerous government officials, numerous influential writers and commentators, numerous successful businessmen, numerous college professors, and an abundance of very wealthy entertainers and athletes are black.

    Those blacks at the bottom of the social hierarchy are not there because they're black, they're there because they're lower class, just like all the rest of the people at the bottom of the social hierarchy.

    Another absurdity is in North's belief that only blacks "have little autonomous power." That is the condition of virtually everyone in America.

    It's commendable to be concerned about others, but North should not simply accept leftist propaganda as fact.

  5. This almost blew me away. Great thought and greater intentions by sharing this.