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Prosthetic Hand for $500 in 40 Hours: 3-D Printing

Posted on October 30, 2014

From The Telegraph 


A man who was born without his right hand has been fitted with a bionic one by a scientist who scanned his left hand and then made another with a 3D printer.

Daniel Melville, 23, contacted Joel Gibbard after seeing his appeal for funding help to develop affordable robotic hands.

He offered to help Mr Gibbard test his products and the new hand was created within two days at a cost of just £300.

It is the first robotic hand to have been made using a basic 3-D scanner and a 3-D printer.

Mr Melville, from Reading, said: “It fit like a glove. I can’t believe how easy that was. Usually I’d have to have a mould taken of my arm then wait weeks or months to get the socket.

“This is great now and it will continue to get better but it would have been amazing to have this when I was younger.

“I would have loved a 3D-printed Power Ranger hand. It would have made me feel better about my difference.

“There are robotic hands out there that I can buy but they’re more expensive than my car. Who can afford that?”

Mr Gibbard, 24, the founder of Open Bionics in Bristol, spent just 20 minutes scanning Mr Melville’s arm with a 3D sensor attached to an iPad before printing the hand in 40 hours.

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