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Obama’s Job Approval Today Is Higher Than In Mid-August 2010

Written by Gary North on October 29, 2014

From all the medias coverage, you might imagine that Obama’s approval rating is at an all-time low. That would be incorrect. In mid-2010, it was lower: 41%. It is 42% today.

Obama’s rating stayed in the 42% range until late 2011. Then it started to rise, peaking in the high 50’s in November 2012. Then it began to sink again.

This chart reveals the truth. It is interactive on line. Click the link.


What has changed is the disapproval rating. It is 53% today. Undecideds at the margin have finally decided. They now disapprove. Presumably, these are Independent voters. They are not the hard core in the Democrat Party.

Yet on August 27-30 2011, disapproval was higher: 54%.

So, except for November and December 2012, Obama has never had an approval rating above 50% since May 2010.

In other words, he has been popular only when he has been on the ballot. Of course, that’s when popularity counts most.

He has not been a popular President for most of his time in office.

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5 thoughts on “Obama’s Job Approval Today Is Higher Than In Mid-August 2010

  1. If you believe anything at all that comes out of the MSM, including fake popularity polls, you should sign up for Obamacare and avail yourself of the mental health services.

  2. Incumbents approval ratings are like the unemployment figures. No matter how bad the economy gets, the jobless numbers always hover just under 10%. It’s amazing!

  3. You have got to be kidding! Whose poll are you into or who's statistics?

  4. The joys of the Grand Illusion and the Great Pretender combined

  5. Looks like bullshit. How can tot tell anything besides a trend to disapproval by that jibberish graph?