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Public School Lunches: Paltry, Just Like the Textbooks

Written by Gary North on October 23, 2014

Drudge keeps running stories published by an obscure Oklahoma website. It keeps running photos on the healthful lunches offered to students, which the students refuse to eat. I can understand why they will not eat them.

There is an easy solution: mother can stay home, homeschool their children, and feed them whatever they think is best for their kids. They could take responsibility for their children’s education and nutrition.

This is a radical view, I understand. The vast majority of parents have trusted public school textbooks (subsidized) and public school lunches (subsidized) for generations. But now there is murmuring out there. These photos are impressive. Parents would not eat these lunches. They would not read the textbooks, either, but photos of textbooks do not create revulsion. Photos of these broccoli-based lunches do. “Would you eat this meal?” “Not a chance.” “Would you read this?” “No, but I had to as a kid, and now my kid does. It’s all part of growing up.”

Public schools are a bad idea. Subsidized lunches in public schools are bad ideas. Public school textbooks are bad ideas. But the lunches get more media time than the textbooks do.

Mothers can pack a lunch for their kids. They could send a message to Mrs. Obama this way. But this would take initiative. Hope springs eternal.

Symbolic protests are good, if they call attention to good causes. So, pack your child a lunch. Then serve it at home.

Every time a child is pulled out by parents, the state sends less money to the local school district. That is the only message that registers with school administrators.

They can safely ignore photos of school lunches.

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8 thoughts on “Public School Lunches: Paltry, Just Like the Textbooks

  1. KIDS NEED SOME FAT IN THEIR LUNCH. FAT IS ENERGY. Fine, reduce the carbs, but put cheese, boiled egg, peanut butter and whole milk in them. A little broccoli won't hurt, but it would be better for them to have it at home, where parents can "make" them eat it. It doesn't "take a village" to raise a child. It takes a loving, intelligent parent. Unfortunately, many kids don't have that. Too many "parents" give their children over to the "system" to raise. Let the schools "raise" them. Get 'em out of the house. And those are the kids who become gangstas. Druggies. Loosahs. Damm Right! I'd yank my kid out of PUBLIC SCHOOL right now. Only a handful of them are useful. Find a better school for your child. God gave him to you to send on his PROPER way.

  2. Public schools are krap. Get your kids out asap.

  3. They can make healthy lunches that taste good.

  4. The Obaa-baa-ma-nites are too lazy and don't want to be bothered having to have to make lunches – as one of my democrat drivers at the USPS always said: "it ain't nutt'n but a party".

  5. LC in Texas says:

    What is wrong with having a dietitian in the school cafeteria, providing nutritious warm meals for students? I remember very well looking forward to the monthly cafeteria menu, to plan which days I would buy my lunch. I sure miss some of those delicious meals! When my parents were short on cash, I would work my lunch off by doing kitchen duty.

  6. Many school districts do not allow children to bring a lunch from home-because others may be allergic to its contents.

    I homeschool for reasons far beyond the school lunch and the chosen textbooks. I want the child to learn respect for self and others, and that there are not always rewards, sometimes there are consequences. Doing your best is more important than winning or even playing.

  7. sweetqueen777 says:

    Sing it, Sister!!! What a concept!! Moms (or Dads) stay at home with the children, they teach them, they feed them, they supervise them. Oh, wait, that is how most of us grew up in the 60's. And, we got spanked when we needed it. As usual, everything had to be changed to accommodate those parents who would not do these things for their children. The minority has once again dictated to the majority. It will be a cold day in hell before my grandchildren set foot in a public screwell.

  8. What do y'all expect from Mrs. Obamanation?