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FedGov Slackers: $775 Million in Paid Leave for “Disciplinary Action”

Written by Gary North on October 21, 2014

You read it right. If you foul up big time in Washington, you get a paid vacation.

O, the pain! O, the humiliation! Well, not much humiliation. Your friends and neighbors just figure you’re on vacation, and your fellow employees want in on the action.

This is how the FedGov works. These people are protected under Civil Service laws. It is basically impossible to fire them. To cut their pay, there has to be a series of hearings. The union may get involved.

So, you send them home. For children, it’s called “time out.” But for big people, it’s time out with videogames, a full-screen TV, and other amusements.

The money is chump change by Washington standards, but it reveals the problem: there are no significant negative sanctions for being a foul-up.

This is good. It means that the entire system is riddled with slackers. Slackers are what freedom-loving people want in Washington.

About 57,000 workers got this benefit. I think the government should allocate at least ten times this much. Make slacking something worth pursuing on a systematic basis.

Begin with the IRS.

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13 thoughts on “FedGov Slackers: $775 Million in Paid Leave for “Disciplinary Action”

  1. Just another example of government out of control and our spiral into a useless nation of losers!! That may be many years away and there are still excellent citizens but we are being overrun by the scum I see everyday in our society.

  2. There should be not compensation when you are put on leave for actions that require you to be on leave. This is by no means done when you work in the private sector and should never have to be shouldered by your EMPLOYERS.

  3. We the people are their employers, therefore we need to fire them but first we have to fire their bosses!

  4. Money is no object with the federal government. Their capacity to tax and borrow is unlimited – or, so they believe.

  5. This another example of the “peter principle’! The more u screw up, the more bemnefits they [jerks, aka slackers get..imangine what the “muslim” and hilary would’ve gotten]!

  6. The problem is that the unions have too much influence on the democrats/communists that bend over and grab the ankles in order to get re-elected and get paid more for their greediness.

  7. So—what's next? Are they also put on welfare and given food stamps so as not to spend any of their hard earned money?

  8. And the missing TRILLIONS from gov't budgets? FBI, CIA, HSA, etc-Not ever to be found-just "missing". End of the story, "folks". You Gov't, Of, By, and For the people. The SELECT people, of course. You'll get it later if you ever think about it again. Or, just watch the local news, that's as much as most voters can do, just watch the local news. Have fun, have a nice day, be Houston proud, work hard and be nice, be careful, take care and all that shit but Kiss your Constitution GOODBYE, it ain't comin' back.

  9. flabbergasted says:

    Really, in the real world, there is ONE time an employee is allowed a disciplinary second chance, (without pay for staying home, but sick leave or vacation days from your account, or fired for stealing from your employer). Perhaps
    the legal US Citizens should vote some new amendments to our US Constitution. NO Disciplinary Pay Handouts,
    Budgets given, budgets used…….no extra dollars without The Senate Republicans and The House Republicans voting the issue. (they finally quit the 'earmarks') No more deficit denial.

  10. "Sequestration! Cutbacks! We don't have any money left to maintain bridges, roads and infrastructure! You'll have to pay more for all those things you think your taxes are being taken for!"

  11. What you don’t realize is how much of that is admin leave due to BOGUS charges against INTERNAL WHISTLEBLOWERS.

  12. Please someone tell me how we got him as a second term president. How did he serve as a state senator from Illinois without having a legal birth certificate.
    How would you like to be a worker in the united states who can't get a job because you because you are a 1 time felon. You can't pass the qualifications, but you could have been appointed to be the green jobs Czar. I would like to know how many other felons we have working for the government and in Chicago.
    If you are an legal immigrant you may have been a murderer before you came to this country but those records don't matter because nobody knows about it. You can join the military here but not if you are a citizen and are a felon you don't qualify. the military is cutting way back on the number ofsoldiers it has but they are advertising for people to join at the same time..

  13. You must not be counting the department of education as part of the other than govt. I wouldn't either. Even when they are on the job, it is hard to see if they are actually accomplishing anything.
    I know young people would hate me for saying this, but if we are suppose to compete in the global economy, we are ill prepared to do so. When there was talk of year round school, it didn't mean that the same children would be going round, they would be taking the vacations in shifts. We idiots and I am living proof. I was talking to a man the other day and I told him that I had gone out of business and he said being in business for yourself would be great, that way nobody could tell you how much overtime you could work. I told him it was hardly paid as overtime ad if you don't have business, you don't work. you don't work you don't eat and overtime is the least of your worries.
    I am sure that fellow is familiar with elfae and every other government give away that exists.