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No Tolerance: “Ebola Hospital” Is a Ghost Town

Written by Gary North on October 18, 2014

The Presbyterian hospital in Dallas is empty. The ER room is empty. There is no waiting time.

They might as well shut it down. It’s over.

The free market is relentless. It is unforgiving. It asks: “What have you done for me lately?”

It also asks: “What will you do to me today?”

No one organized a boycott. No one sent out warnings: “Do Not Enter.” No one had to.

In this battle, you don’t get a second chance. There is no “Sorry. It won’t happen again.”

It won’t happen again. Nothing will happen again, except the bankruptcy notice.

It’s probably safe to go there. Let me know how you do.

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33 thoughts on “No Tolerance: “Ebola Hospital” Is a Ghost Town

  1. Sign the petition to Ban Travel from Ebola Zones going directly to Congress http://hospitalinfection.org/newsite/stop-ebola

  2. Dean Parsons says:

    One of the best in Dallas, no I do not agree with this article at all..

  3. Imagine what will happen to airlines and air travel in general once someone confirms a case of a passenger infecting other passengers. The idea of sitting in a sealed pressurized capsule with 200 strangers for a couple of hours could become very unpopular.

  4. Don't blame the Hospital rather put the blame where it belongs, with Obama and his do-nothing Administration who should have been on top of this situation from the start by preparing all Hospitals in the event someone came to the U.S carrying the disease. A ban on flights from the stricken areas to the U.S. and a thorough check of everyone's passport on all flights coming to the U.S. would have been a good starting point to avoid what happened at Dallas. I would venture to say that this could have happened to almost any Hospital other than the four that are equipped to determine if a person has Ebola and the personnel and equipment to handle a person who has the disease.

  5. Speedle 24 says:

    You are right in the big picture. It will take a few weeks and some heads will roll, but this hospital is not going to close. This not some rag tag VA facility that was on its last legs. They are being hurt badly financially but it will work itself out over time. Mr. North gets carried away sometimes.

  6. You are correct. This hospital drew the short straw in this. It would have happened the same way no matter where this guy showed up.

  7. you take your family there… seen pic's of an Ebola patient bleeding out of every orifice…

  8. again,you take your family there… roll the dice with their lives …

  9. Actually every hospital that will treat an EBOLA patient will have the same thing happen. Whether the patient lives or dies, the hospital will be tainted by having EBOLA on the premises. Human nature.

  10. Any hospital is probably suspect right now.

    The symptoms of Ebola are not that different for many other diseases until you reach the End Stages. You could go to any ER and sit down next to an Ebola sufferer. You won't know until you catch it from them.

  11. They need something to blame on Nobamacare failing….No hospitals is a great excuse. Fast tracking Ebola patients Visa's to America will shut down all hospitals eventually. How can you implement Nbamacare with no hospitals?

  12. Hospital a ghost town at the expense of Duncan and yet his family on the direction of Sharpton and Jackson want to sue the Hospital. This parasite has already cost that Hospital Millions I hope a judge tosses that law suit out the window

  13. Actually, I'd guess that this hospital is probably THE cleanest hospital in America right about now. I bet when you walk through the door, all you smell is bleach and iodine. I'll also bet you can't find a cobweb in any corner, or dust above any door frame. But I also bet that you'll find an ICU full of the sharpest nurses in the country to know all about isolation. A shame to waste the facility..

  14. I completely disagree with this article! Presby is an excellent hospital. I have been there twice and have friends & relatives who work there and are totally deficated to their patient’s care. This same thing would have happened at any US hospital not experienced with ebola so please stop trying to ruin Presby Dallas!!

  15. We aint seen nothing yet. Don't forget the president has sent nearly 4,000 military personnel to deal with the Ebola in another country. We can't even deal with it here. We should not be dealing with it here. If we had shut down the travel that the other countries had shut down, we would not be dealing with it here. Look at what is suppose to be our leader, learn the things he has said and the Things he has done and the mistakes and the misspoke he has done then see if you have confidence.

  16. The heads never roll and it takes more than three weeks or even three years. Haven't you seen the blunders and the down right arrogance? Are you one of the people sitting around with blinders on?

  17. No doubt and the panic begins. There is a faction that wants the united states in turmoil, and if you can't guess who we are truly in trouble.

  18. The life span of the Ebola virus in the open air is two to four hours. Once the fluids are cleaned up and that two to four hours has elapsed, the danger is nil, nada, zero, nothing. Yes I'll meet you for lunch at Presbyterian Monday!

  19. How about including Dallas in the list of Ebola Zones?

  20. Rattlerjake says:

    What needs to happen is people refuse to enter ANY US hospital that handles an ebola patient, it won't take long for the entire hospital system to close their doors to incoming ebola patients (for fear of bankruptcy or major financial losses) and require them not to enter the country or to leave the country for treatment. It would completely circumvent the useless politicians who are sitting on their thumbs.

  21. Rattlerjake says:

    Let it shut down air travel. Best thing that could happen. One less illegal entry system!

  22. Rattlerjake says:

    The problem is the piss poor, half-assed handling of the patient, the nurses, and isolation procedures. First thing the hospital claims is that they were not "trained" for this. Any moron knows that a dangerous virus needs to be isolated completely. I'm a farmer, and any new animal to my farm goes through a tight quarantine before it is allowed into "general population". These hospital administrators are making Ovomit-worthy excuses for their total lack of knowledge. So much for a medical degree if you can't even figure out the correct procedure for a highly transmissible infectious disease!

  23. Rattlerjake says:

    Bull! It is the hospital who handled the case half-assed. If they had isolated the patient and the staff treating him no one would have had a problem. But instead, he dies and they let the staff free to roam throughout the countryside without keeping them isolated for the minimum incubation period. The nurses should have been volunteers who would understand that they would be on lock down for at least thirty days. The hospital administrators ar bumbling fools, perfect match with the Ovomit clowns!

  24. Halley Hell says:

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  25. How about ISIL shipping a few dozen with EBOLA here? Don't think it can't be done. One charter flight to D.C., and just see if airport security will stop them. Instead of shouting "Abul Akba", they might shout, "I Have Ebola"!

    Worse yet, body fluids from someone that died from ebola, sprayed from a crop duster. Does everyone think only honest people arrive at the airport? The one that lied and made it through has caused chaos. A large number of people with ebola would cause chaos!

  26. You obviously miss the point. No one wants to go to this hospital "right now". But In a couple of weeks anyone who is afraid to go is on the critical thinking level of a six year old.

  27. How about including you on my list of top ten morons?

  28. I do not know about so called protocols, but this hospital violated every common sense procedure for dealing with the common cold let alone a deadly contagious disease like Obola's Ebola. Nurses and doctors treating a infected subject and then treating regular patients directly after without proper decontamination. No wonder the hospital is near closing should be closed as a community disaster that already happened.

  29. We do not have to ruin her, she did it to herself. Being politically correct instead of carving about their patients.

  30. True, but once the disease is detected you do not treat it with indifference , like was done here.

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