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If Ebola Is Katrina, Then the CDC Is FEMA, and Obama Is Bush

Written by Gary North on October 16, 2014

Incompetence. We saw it in action in 2005 in New Orleans. We know what it looks like.

Futility. We saw it in action in 2005 in New Orleans. We know what it looks like.

We see both now. Our only hope is that Ebola is not Katrina, just as New Orleans’ hope was that Katrina would not hit the city. It was coming, but it might not hit.

There is always hope. Don’t bet your life on it.

This story from The New York Daily News is in fact a disguised editorial. It is the best one I have seen so far. It indicates that there is incompetence at the top of the federal government.  The public has sensed this for a long time. We saw it in 2005 in the Gulf Coast. We could not escape seeing it. The storm came and went. The incompetence stayed for months.

The man who was mayor of the city is now in jail. The rest of the officials who were in charge have disappeared. Five words encapsulate the entire fiasco: “Heck of a job, Brownie.”

Today, a Congressional committee will bring in top officials to explain what they have done. My predictions: explanations will be offered. No one will resign. Nothing will be done. There will be more hearings after more bad news hits the media. Congress will continue to hold hearings on this until such time as Congressmen fear going into a closed room. At that point, Congress will adjourn.

See? There is always hope.

We are once again seeing Katrina-like incompetence first-hand. But the stakes are much higher. If Ebola hits us the way it has hit Liberia, then a lot of us will die. Whether or not it hits has little to do with the response of the U.S. government. The U.S. government is FEMA. We have seen much of this before. We hope we will not see it all again. But hope is about all we have.

Here is the official position. Protocols? We don’t need no stinking protocols!” Not enforceable ones, anyway. Suggestions. We need suggestions. These will change, as conditions change. “Have no fear. The CDC is here.”

Here is the first part of the article. All of it is worth reading. After you read it, ask yourself this: “Who’s in charge here?” The answer is clear: no one who knows what he’s doing.

 The American health-care system’s failure to prepare for Ebola became even more terrifyingly evident with the revelation that a Dallas nurse traveled by air after treating a patient who ultimately died from the virus.

Amber Joy Vinson began running a fever the day after her flight, putting her on the edge of communicability when she crowded among fellow passengers. Tests later confirmed that she carried the lethal microbe.

Still struggling to get command of the country’s response to Ebola more than six months after the current outbreak started in West Africa, Centers for Disease Control Director Thomas Frieden was left to spell out a principle that should have been set weeks or months ago — and backed up with stringent enforcement.

“She should not have traveled, should not have been allowed to travel by virtue she was in an exposed group,” he said obviously.

Later on Wednesday, after cancelling a congressional campaign trip to Connecticut, President Obama said that the U.S. would become more aggressive in coordinating the national response to Ebola, including sending a CDC team to any hospital with a confirmed Ebola case.

But, by stopping short of issuing mandatory protocols, the President again fell back on the catch-as-catch-can system that produced such disastrous results in Dallas. He did so at the peril of health-care providers and the public — because trust that individual hospitals here, there and everywhere would perform superbly is decidedly misplaced.

Frieden acknowledged that he erred badly in assuming that virtually any hospital could stop the spread of Ebola by following proper protocols. Cluelessness about those protocols appears to remain widespread.

Neither Obama nor Frieden had the sense to issue directives with the firm, clear quality of standards sought by National Nurses United, representing thousands of nurses across the country.

(For the rest of the article, click the link.)

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17 thoughts on “If Ebola Is Katrina, Then the CDC Is FEMA, and Obama Is Bush

  1. Its interesting how the story repeats itself. I really hope Obama will manage to get the country on a better course, but after all what happened I have a lot of doubts.

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Obama would not know a 'better course' if it bit him on the butt.

  3. Don't know how you figure! George Bush had to deal with Sept 11th in his FIRST YEAR of office. Katrina came just after he was re-elected. Some blame him for Katrina ("Bush has that Hurricane machine, huh, huh. Gimmie 'nuther pig's foot. I'm Hungry, and it gits COLD here in the Northeast.) Obama has "drawn a line in the sand," promised we could "keep our doctor," if we like him/her, virtually knelt before the king of Saudi Arabia, freed five of the most dangerous terrorists in the WORLD, violated the rights of American Citizen non-profit organizations, violated the First Amendment rights of ALL Christians, spied on ME and YOU, ….must I go ON? George Bush is a MAN. Obama is, in Vladimir's words, "tinker bell."

  4. Couldn't agree with you more…blame Bush and Racism are the fall-back words for the Obama Administration, how could so many forget the idiot Governor of Louisiana and the corrupt Mayor of New Orleans failure to initially accept Bush's offer to help…not sure what has since happened to the Governor at the time of Katrina but as we know, that corrupt Mayor is now in prison for guess what, "corruption". The Liberals have selective memories.

  5. In order for the public to acknowledge the INTENTIONAL distribution of this virus throughout the American population, they would have to hear obolo's plan from his own lips AND observe him personally smearing contaminants in public places. Even then, there would be those who would defend him and deny his involvement. We are truly blinded by folly and evil. Our society is too corrupt to deserve to survive – and, consequently, it won't.

  6. Ronald Schmidt says:

    Not directly related to article; Can any qualified Health Care Administrator give us (gen. public-tax payer) an estimate Re: the over-all cost of the treatment of one single case of Ebola in the U.S. All resources considered- platoon of nurses 24/7, hospital space, Meds, equip. that must be incinerated, decontamination team expenses, monitoring the exposed, etc., etc. . Anyone want to give it a shot. Thanks in advance for your candidness. Ron

  7. The only course el presidenté 0bola knows is the golf course.

  8. Glen Ganges says:

    For the most part the blame put on Bush for Katrina was nothing more than partisan politics so everyone would be well advised not to follow in those foot steps. However some clear distinctions can be drawn. Within at least 48 hours of Katrina hitting everyone should have known to get the F out. Many did not and were transported back to third world status. Worse than that, for the most part also had no self survival skills..just sitting ducks waiting for government assistance. As for the government response how do you respond when all roads, bridges and airports within striking distance are impassible? When catastrophic damage covers an entire theater as in the case of Katrina (and Sandy), any type of response takes time.
    However, Ebola is a different animal. We have known for months that the crisis was spreading and escalating. This should have been the tip off for Obama and others at the top to start looking at their procedures and protocols. Unfortunately this administration took the opinion that Ebola, because it was affecting West African nations had civil rights. This is the ONLY explanation as to why there are even now (Mid-October) no travel restrictions or quarantines. This is also how the administration can take the view point that even those coming from the "hot" zone have "every right to come to America". The massive destruction and displacement that resulted from Katrina could not be helped or prevented in any way. Stopping the spread of Ebola at its source how ever WAS preventable. For this, Obama and the CDC and the FAA and the NTSB are directly to blame.

  9. As much as we ALL dislike MaObummer, Bush 2.0 had plenty of flaws as well and the title fits, though most of the problems with Katrina had to do with the welfare system, the goofy mayor of New Orleans, the ridiculous Senators of LA., etc. However, what I recall as the first horrible Bush 2.0 blunder was before 911 and was when Bush 2.0 meekly submitted to the Chicoms in their chopping up our plane and sending it back to us in a box. Remember that? From that point on I realized that Bush 2.0 (while a very nice guy) was even worse than his father, Bush 1.0 (who basically took over for Reagan after 1 year and certainly WASN't need by Reagan to win in a landslide, wonder what happened there…CRF, etc.). All of this is to say that Bush 2.0 was a wash out. Of course, MaObummer is worse but he is doing what his puppet masters command as was Bush 2.0.

  10. You're doing a heck of a job, Frieden!
    Honestly, I'd have expected a little more from a guy supposedly qualified to run the nation's CDC. But apparently your boss doesn't expect that much.

  11. Bush took the hit because it took him what – 2 weeks? – to even fly over the area. That is a performance fail of huge magnitude. But then, Katrina just served up proof of the fact that disaster planning is purely guesswork, you cannot possibly foresee all possible iterations or results, and so no amount of 'prep' is ever going to be right on target.

    The best we could do is to prepare to deliver the things any disaster will make into 'needed' items, and to do that quickly, without doing extraneous stuff like collecting guns from old ladies.. Certain shortages will be common to most any disaster – and we can stockpile those and plan to deliver them by various means depending on which means are still feasible – in order to mitigate delays. But as long as government thinks they have to 'control the situation' completely before they bring in water or medical services, we will continue to fail at disaster response. I could plan all of this better than has been done so far.

  12. "When catastrophic damage covers an entire theater as in the case of Katrina (and Sandy), any type of response takes time."

    The Bush administration couldn't get its act together for months after Katrina Glen. Total, utter incompetence. Same thing with Christie in New Jersey.

    All they had to do was get out of the way and let people charge high prices for goods they bring on their own to the disaster site. Instead they promised to prosecute anyone charging high prices for water, food and other things. So, of course, no one brought anything, and it took forever for government to bring in the basics.

  13. so what's going to take to make you an Ultra – Conservative Cindy ? Maybe a loved 1 bleeding out from Ebola… Virus N killing a friends child… maybe ISIS setting off…………. :X

  14. If Ebola Is Katrina, Then the CDC Is FEMA, and Obama Is Bush…
    Let's add and Ron is Brownie.

    on the HBO's Treme set in NO there was graffiti added to FEMA to make it:
    Fix Everything My Ass

  15. I am confused, you seem to think that he is a competent leader. He has said on meet the press before his first term that he does not believe in the flag and he and Michelle had attended several flag burnings. He said that is why he does not salute the flag and that he is against the national anthem because it shows violence and mentioned something about needing to please the Islamic people. He had and has also said that he knows that capitalism does not work and then he was twice elected as president of the united states. Am I the only one who sees something wrong here?
    The handling of the Ebola crisis is just another continuing example of our governments inability to do anything correctly. That or it has no intention of doing it correctly. he blocked air travel to Israel but can't block it to countries that have Ebola outbreaks. He has become filthy rich by using the capitalist system but doesn't think it works.
    He released 5 murders and traded them for 1 traitor, he said if you like your health care you can keep it, if you like your doctor you can keep them period. He said those several times on national television and then when we find that was not true we let it go with an apology that no I didn't lie, I misspoke. Now you trust this man who one of the people he went to high school with said they didn't see much of him because he was hanging out with the gay kids and he could get cocaine and they couldn't. It was expensive then because there was no synthetic cocaine, She said that he would sleep with the rich white guys and get paid lots. She also said that he came to the school well after others had started.
    His classmate also said that if he told you the sun was shinning you had better get an umbrella because he never told the truth.
    We are depending on our so called representatives to put in the checks and balances but they are content to just ride along with their exemption to oboma care and their exemption from insider trading and I am sure a host of other things we don't even know about. If these programs are so good for us, why not them? Close the border, restrict the travel!

  16. I personally couldn't figure out how people thought Bush caused a Hurricane and the bombing of the world trade centers. When people were sitting on their roof was Bush suppose to land on the other part of the roof and introduce himself and tell them that everything was going to be alright? The people who were mostly on government assistance before and after thought they should be given a million dollars and a mule, well they didn't get the million but they should be able to see that they have their mule now.

  17. The problem with Katrina was that black mayor… NOT Bush… What did you expect when you got Obama..
    I am not surprised at anything he does…