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Deadline for Ebola Control: December 1. The Accent is on “Dead.”

Posted on October 15, 2014

The UN says the ebola outbreak must be controlled within 60 days or else the world faces an “unprecedented” situation for which there is no plan.

The United Nations made the stark warning as it warned that the disease “is running faster than us and it is winning the race”.

Nearly 9,000 cases of ebola have been reported so far in West Africa, including 4,447 deaths.

“The WHO advises within 60 days we must ensure 70% of infected people are in a care facility and 70% of burials are done without causing further infection,” said Anthony Banbury, the UN’s deputy ebola coordinator.

“We need to do that within 60 days from 1 October. If we reach these targets then we can turn this epidemic around.”

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22 thoughts on “Deadline for Ebola Control: December 1. The Accent is on “Dead.”

  1. What in blazes ever happened to COMMON SENSE ? Why are people who have been exposed to Ebola not allowed into the U.S. ? We are dying from political correctness ! Meanwhile, other African nationsw have closed their borders to folks who wish to enter their countries from infected regions.

  2. We should impeach and arrest pResident Barack Ebola for sending our troops over there to get infected and allowing air travel to continue into the US from infected countries to infect us.

  3. Alfred L Moniot MD says:

    The UN and WHO are about as useless as The Bathhouse Barry administration (including CDC and NIAID at the NIH).

  4. Obama sending thousands of US troops to their deaths in Africa where all this crap starts including Obama, Ebola, Aids and who knows what else. God Bless Us All.

  5. Bill Gates and the CDC own the patents for the Ebola viruses and vaccine and they had their UN WHO run human experiments to determine the optimum depopulation control. Previously, when a trail [vaccine] failed the tribe died off and the village was burned.
    For some reason, this experiment got our of control or it was deliberately released. They have the vaccine to stop it but it obviously is not in their best financial and political interest to stop it now.
    This whole think is a huge Red Flag and you can believe what propaganda media says, do your own research, or just trust God. I'll do the last two !!

  6. TyrannyOfEvilMen says:

    The sane thing to do would be to do would be done for centuries: Contain the epidemic where it is and restrict traffic into the region to only volunteer health workers to treat the sick and dying.

    Too bad the Democrats are in control now and we all know that there is no such thing as a sane Democrat.

  7. to little to late, obama will be responsable for thousand of dead Americans

  8. find the patent registration file and post a link to it here. You can't patent a naturally occuring organism.

  9. I'm not as worried about natural phenomenon like Ebola as I am about government mandated "phenomenon" like the Affordable Care Act. Since the Legislature, Executive and Judicial can't "exempt" themselves from Ebola, they will have to catch it to find out what's in it . . . and they're not about to let that happen!

  10. I think you meant why are people exposed to Ebola being allowed in the united states? That is a darn good question. I have a few more: Why did we allow the president to remain in office after he pulled the 5 member prisoner swap for 1 traitor? Why was it allowed to stand as work place violence when 13 people were killed and numbers wounded by Major Hasad while screaming Al-Qaida phrases? Why has it not been investigated how he set up 6 months in advance the trail across Mexico for the illegal Brazilians and then he said he didn't even know they were coming? What has happened to accountability in this country? Why do we allow air strikes against pick up trucks to be called an air campaign? There are many more questions with no answers, but work on these first and then we will see about the others.
    One more since when did the united nat

  11. You are no longer allowed to say God bless, by the way.

  12. I was just thinking after seeing a piece on the history channel about Hoover dam and the interstate high way system, and we can't even keep it paved, but we allow a Muslim to handle the war .

  13. "Why did we allow the president to remain in office after he pulled the 5 member prisoner swap for 1 traitor?"

    No criminal charges have yet been filed against Bowe Bergdahl.

  14. "find the patent registration file and post a link to it here".

    Here you go. It is patent number CA2741523A1 and it was issued in 2010. http://www.google.com/patents/CA2741523A1?cl=en

    "You can't patent a naturally occuring organism."

    Your statement certainly opens up an interesting can of worms doesn't it?

  15. Really ?

  16. our country is being run by a bunch of big government morons

  17. Ya think Wolfman?

  18. This epidemic will be the nail in the coffin of the concept of “one-world government”. Just look at how governments have botched this crisis so far.

  19. why are we letting these infected people fly around on airplanes infecting others as we did with Aids ?

  20. This seems eerily familiar… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BhB43MnEGPk #Ebola #SimianFlu

  21. imagine7generations says:

    Please read Suzanne Humphries M.D. book and website. Ebola is easily treated with vit. C and IV fluids. This is a scam to vaccinate us with deadly vaccines.

  22. Just the opposite. It is the current status of each nation for itself…and independent agencies within each government that fail to standardize surveillance, response, treatment and containment protocols. Even variations in burial rituals are a problem. Ebola doesn't care what nationality you are and certainly doesn't require a passport to enter a body or a nation. It's just looking for a warm body, a individual or government ignorant enough about infectious diseases, and a nation with a weak health care system where a good percentage of people are not covered by basic health services. Your error is thinking one nation can remain free from ebola while other nations are infected. Shut the borders? At what cost economically? And all it takes is ONE, just ONE, accidental or intentional penetration. Good thing all we have is friends in the world. Oh wait. I forgot. There are good Christians who don't give a squat about those beyond our shores.