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Stocks: “Don’t Buy on the Dips. Sell in the Rallies.”

Written by Gary North on October 14, 2014

There are always bulls and bears. That is why stocks have prices.

The media is filled with experts who tell readers to buy on the dips. I call this advice dippy. It is aimed at dips.

This man says to sell into the rallies. He thinks this is the most dangerous market since 2008.

Both pieces of advice rely on the idea that you can beat the market. You probably can’t.

What you can do is assume that the FED is going to reduce the rate of QE3. The bubble-blowing will slow. It has slowed. This is bad for investors who are long on bubbles.

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3 thoughts on “Stocks: “Don’t Buy on the Dips. Sell in the Rallies.”

  1. The market today reminds me of the old circus act where this guy gets a bunch of plates spinning on top of long rods. Then he runs back and forth trying to keep all those plates from falling. All it will take is one slip and crash. But think about those plates that we cannot afford to have fail. The dollar, the euro, our overwhelming national debt, housing, the list goes on. So ask yourself, does Obama have the dexterity and skill to keep those plates spinning? I don't believe we are looking at if. We are looking at when and how bad. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. The point I see in this post is that stocks are really valuable as they could provide a decent return on investment to any investor if it he / she invests with proper analysis. Moreover, there are lot number of experts who provide free advice but are they really that much knowledgeable or do they have any facts that can prove what they actually say. I doubt that. Therefore, I as an investor have always been depended on facts, economic reports and analysis of a stock produced by macro market.

    It is imperative to follow up and do a thorough research on stocks you wish to invest in because stocks have prices and they can cause some serious consequences and can also bring fortune if invested with care and a handful of reports that show their true value which are based on actual facts. This might be a good learning for any investor.

  3. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    I had to laugh at cnbc as they tried their best to prove the world has no financial problems. That only earnings matter!
    No problems! There are problems on top of problems! Galore! Get set for the long unsupported freefall of the market, no "qe" fiat, no market! No free money, no rising market! Mandated spending on consumers, no pay increases, no spending! No prop up of europe, no europe!