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Ebola: It Will End in Either Boredom or Widespread Panic.

Written by Gary North on October 14, 2014

Here are today’s headlines from Drudge.EbolaDruudgeHere is the main headline on Google News.

EbolaGoogleNewsThis is mid-October 2014. Does anyone think that the second Dallas hospital worker to get Ebola will be the last? Hardly.

Already, this is big news. The public wants to read about it. The public is vaguely concerned. The public has adopted “wait and see.” This is rational. But we know this of news stories: they escalate. Then they peak. Then they go away.

What will make this story peak? Will the next Ebola-suffering nurse be the last? Of course not. Will the disease peak in West Africa? Not this year. Will there be additional victims in Europe and the USA? Yes.

What will relegate these stories into noise? Boredom?  Unlikely. Spreading calm? Not from reassurances by the CDC. Will there be increasing voter skepticism of the government — local, state, and federal? Count on it.

At some point, this fascination will either fade because of public boredom or escalate into a national panic.

This is not a one-time story. It is not the equivalent of the disappearance of the Malaysian airliner, which remained front-page news for weeks. Eventually, people decide it’s not worth reading about. There is no new news. Not with Ebola.

Ask yourself: Why will Ebola’s spread in major cities, case by case, no longer capture the public’s interest? This is a continuing story. It is a general story of interest that is confirmed daily: one story, many cases.

There is no cure for Ebola.  There is no vaccine. The death rate is 50%. There is no way for the government to limit the spread of the disease. There is no way for the government to limit the spread of the news stories. The Internet has changed the balance between government’s suppression of information and the public’s access to it. The government cannot put a cork in this genie’s bottle.

There is a contest in the news media between boredom and widespread panic. It will end in one or the other.

Which of these sell more newspapers? Forest fire stories or church bake sale stories?

This is a forest fire story in perpetual summer. The hot winds are coming.

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12 thoughts on “Ebola: It Will End in Either Boredom or Widespread Panic.

  1. The Marxist in Chief is slapping his knee in joy over Ebola. For him, it is the icing on the cake for taking down America.

  2. All this Ebola hubub could have been avoided if our illustrious leaders had used COMMON SENSE- DON'T LET EXPOSED PEOPLE INTO OUR COUNTRY ! And don't send our troops to affected areas where they might bring Ebola home to friends an relatives.Thanks Obama and minions !
    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2014/10/13/obolacare

  3. All I have to say is…Barack Ebola!:-)

  4. I cannot say that there might be a cure for Ebola because the CDC will put me in jail. However, I suggest you check out biodefense.com and thesilveredge.com for additional insight.

  5. And Ebola is conveniently hiding the pile of Obama scandals, the Benghazi investigation, the IRS scandal, the stinky economy, his failure as Commander in Chief, and the mess in the middle east…..Isn't that one of Alinsky's rules, to use fear and panic to rule the people? To keep them from seeing what is really going on?

  6. It's a nice diversion from the VA scandal, the price shocks from ACA (Obamacare) scheduled for after the elections…. it's a dandy way to scare people into sticking with the incumbents.

    Nice chance to Mr. Obama to show up again on his Skittles Pooping Unicorn to save us from something truly evil.

    Except that he had the chance to prevent the problem and screwed it up through lack of leadership.

  7. It's called State of Fear, Michael Crichton…and as Hitlery said, "at this point, what does it matter"?

  8. That is why Mr zero has the fema camps and mass grave…waiting to use them on us…wake the he// up while you still can.

  9. wel, i our govt hadn't been operating a biowarfare research station (which is known to have worked with ebole) not far from the village in West Africa where this recent ebola outbreak began, I wonder whether we'd have ebola as a threat in the first place? WHY do we insist on meddling in every coner of the globe, grabbing angry dogs by the ears here and there? In our misguided attempts to manage "security threats" to us scattered everywhere round the globe, it seems we create far more threats than can ever make their way here and harm us. Little did we suspect that a miscscopic virus would make the trip here and threaten us far more than any physical force threat ever could. 't

  10. What in blazes ever happened to COMMON SENSE ? Why are people who have been exposed to Ebola allowed into the U.S. ? We are dying from political correctness ! Meanwhile, other African nations have closed their borders to folks who wish to enter their countries from infected regions.

  11. I'm not as worried about natural phenomenon like Ebola as I am about government mandated "phenomenon" like the Affordable Care Act. Since the Legislature, Executive and Judicial can't "exempt" themselves from Ebola, they will have to catch it to find out what's in it . . . and they're not about to let that happen.

  12. They don't have common sense.