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Experimental Alzheimer’s Treatment Reverses the Disease

Posted on October 10, 2014

Alzheimer’s disease was officially recognized a hundred years ago, but there’s still no effective treatment for it. Now researchers at UCLA say they’ve developed a program that shows for the first time memory loss being reversed.

It’s not a drug; it’s not a procedure; it is a novel, comprehensive and personal approach to treating memory loss associated with Alzheimer’s. UCLA researchers spell out exactly what can be done to reverse what the disease does to the brain.

In the report provided by UCLA, Dr. Dale E. Bredesen explains how Alzheimer’s is a complex disease affected by sleep, diet, even exercise.

“These all — and other things — all contribute to this critical balance in plasticity,” said Bredesen.

Ten memory-loss patients, some with brain-scan-confirmed patterns of Alzheimer’s, participated in a small UCLA trial called MEND (Metabolic Enhancement for NeuroDegeneration).

In the UCLA protocol, patients made dramatic lifestyle changes.

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2 thoughts on “Experimental Alzheimer’s Treatment Reverses the Disease

  1. The problem is not with memory lost, how do I disable those nasty pop-up when I am trying to read a articals. Does anybody know how?

  2. Sleep, diet and exercise, none of which can be patented. Not to worry, the medical industrial establishment will see to it this gets banned.