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Get Out States and Stay Put States

Written by Gary North on October 8, 2014

Residents of some states would like to leave. Others would like to stay put.

Gallup did a survey. At the top of the list of the “get out” states is Illinois. At the bottom is Montana.

Four of the top 10 “stay put” states have no state income tax.

To see the lists, click the link.

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4 thoughts on “Get Out States and Stay Put States

  1. ALL states controlled by the DemoCrooks at the top!! Ole barry is transforming the Whole country into a DemaCrook HELL!!! Thanks to ole barry's Convenient Idiots who voted for their LIAR in chief TWICE!! Talk about Stupid, Ignorant Morons!!!!! DUH!!

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    If you think the Republicrats are any better than the Demlicans, I want some of what you're smoking.

  3. I would gladly leave CT – but not for any reason Gallup asked about. I’m going to leave the People’s Republic of Comnecticut purely for that reason. The state government acts like a bunch of Commies – and I despise Commies.

  4. I think posters like craig are paid trolls whose responses are so over-the-top (ALL CAPS and lots of !!!!!!), their job is to make whatever group they’re impersonating look ridiculous. The ‘net is full of them, but they’re easy to spot.