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John Mauldin, Financial Columnist, Turns 65, Enters Anecdotage

Posted on October 3, 2014

(Dallas) — Financial columnist John Mauldin is 65 today.

“This is hard to believe,” said James Grant, the noted specialist on interest rates and bow ties. “He has been around so long, I thought he was at least 70.”

Mauldin is famous in the financial publishing industry for his pioneering strategy of publishing articles by some of the nation’s most astute financial commentators in his weekly newsletter. Then, a year later, when some columnist’s warning comes true, investors around the nation tell their friends, “Mauldin knew this was coming. I am sure he predicted this in his newsletter. The man is a genius.”

“Genius is a rising market,” an old adage says. Mauldin’s corollary: “Genius is a million subscribers, whom a lot of very savvy authors want to reach.”

He is the author of Bulls Eye Investing, Endgame, and Code Red. His next book, scheduled for publication later this year, is From Obamacare to Medicare: So What?

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3 thoughts on “John Mauldin, Financial Columnist, Turns 65, Enters Anecdotage

  1. Tony Nobaloney says:

    Mauldin is an elitist snob.

  2. Never heard of him. He needs to do better.

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