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Airborne Ebola: UN Ebola Expert Says It’s Possible

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2014

We read this in a British newspaper.

The longer the Ebola epidemic continues infecting people unabated, the higher the chances it will mutate and become airborne, the UN’s Ebola response chief has warned.

Anthony Banbury, the Secretary General’s Special Representative, has said there is a ‘nightmare’ prospect the deadly disease will become airborne if it continues infecting new hosts.

His comments come as organisations battling the crisis in West Africa warned the international community has just four weeks to stop its spread before it spirals ‘completely out of control’.

This would be a game-changer. This is what American officials refuse to mention.

Pandemics are always officially “over there.” Officials do not want to create panic. Therefore, there will never officially be a pandemic “over here.”

Mr Banbury told the Telegraph that aid workers were fighting a race against time amid fears the disease will begin to mutate.

He said: ‘The longer it moves around in human hosts in the virulent melting pot that is West Africa, the more chances increase that it could mutate.

So, the possibility exists of airborne transmission. It is not here yet.

As news of the disease continues to be front-page news, this is creating the conditions for a panic. The United States has not seen one in the past, not even in 1918’s flu. This would be uncharted territory.

I do not see how a quarantine or lock-down could work in an urban nation. There are insufficient police resources to enforce it. If this were self-policed – a refusal to enter closed spaces – the West’s economy would shut down: office buildings, subways, and schools. We have never seen this.

So we sit and wait.

If Ebola ever goes airborne, will local officials admit this? I doubt it. Over there, yes. Never over here.

This physician, who is a microbiologist, says the CDC is lying about Ebola.

Laymen must wait and see. What else can we do?

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14 thoughts on “Airborne Ebola: UN Ebola Expert Says It’s Possible

  1. Obama needs to stop bring in these illegal West Africans

  2. PolitiJIm says:

    It is quite irresponsible to publish this nonsense. NEVER has a virus "mutated" into an airborne virus never having been one before. 99.8% of all mutations are actually DETRIMENTAL to the virus. Furthermore, intravenous Vitamin C kills nearly every virus on the planet – and in West Africa, the victims have scurvy (lack of Vitamin C).

    Do not buy into the same scare tactics the CDC used on H1N1 where they predicted 90,000 Americans would die and yet less than 900 WERE EVEN ADMITTED TO HOSPITALS. Their Swine Flu "vaccine" ended up DOUBLING the chances for someone to contract the virus.

  3. Not "mutate" – evolve. And who's to say it already hasn't when you have people wearing protective gear getting it?

  4. "Vitamin C kills nearly every virus on the planet"
    Perhaps you could explain why it's never worked for me…

  5. Whether it’s the jobless rate, the economy, Ebola, global warming or the wars, the prudent course is to presume any government spokesman or agency is LYING about everything.

  6. You can tell that government agents are lying because there lips are moving.i know zilch about Ebola but I know Government knows less than I do . Our Fascist government wants to declare Martial law so they can put all their enemies in the concentration camps. Conservative Americans will not go like the Jews did in World War Two, we will fight back and win.they tried to start a race war , so far it has not worked, tried to start a shooting war in the west between ranchers and the drug cartels. with fast and furious, so far it has not worked tried to get the patriots to war with the BLM at the Bundy ranch it also backfired on them, now they are invading the country with illegal terrorist from all over the world with every disease known to man.havre to hand it to Obummer he does not give up easily. Still want work the real losers are going to be the Liberal, Fascist Democrats and the establishment RINO Republicans that support them.

  7. Sure, but first, why don't you start with the assumption we don't know your medical background, and tell us what you did and what you have and what actually happened when you tried intravenous Vitamin C(as opposed to taking it orally).

  8. Every one of these CDC 'experts' are lying thru their teeth. Ordered by OBUMMER not to create a panic..no matter what. Meanwhile..flights with Liberians continue to come into our nation whiile Europe is prohibiting them. Get the message folks? If you fools do not vote this REGIME OF CROOKS AND LIERS OUT..then you have only yourselves to blame for what has happened to America with 92 Million employable people OUT OF WORK.. No worries…Ebola pandemic will whip out all the LOW INFORMATION voters on Welfare and Gov't subsidies. God help our nation .

  9. J. W. Noord says:

    When it goes airborn? EBOLA OBAMA practically lives in the air on our dime. How ironic that his namesake virus does the same.

  10. Once it is vaporized pr aerosolized as in a cough or ? it is basically airborn . And it can stay alive in other surfaces and be contracted that ways as well . So in fact you are NOT being told the entire truth , because the gov has no answers so they simply lie, trying to fool you into thinking they do ? . Nothing new except millions of lives are at stake. But that isn't even new . Go watch the video "Mary's Monkey" on utube. It will rock your world about these matters for sure and then some ! Much more explained at my site as well.

  11. The government needs to quit bringing in illegal aliens PERIOD!

  12. During the War in the U.K. the Government ran a campaign with the slogan – "Cough's & Sneezes Spread Diseases !" They still do – especially Ebola. I dare you to let an Ebola patient sneeze or cough even in your masked face ! As I thought – no volunteers or takers.

  13. Funny how when you add up all the actions of Ebola-Obama and his former Attorney General Holder the Gun trader, that a clear pattern of directed and planned evil arises to mislead and enslave America for a Leninist-Marxist one Party Oligarchic Caliphate led by our Mahdi Ebola-Obama. Watch out for his new uncontrolled influx of discontented & militant Moslem Refugees, soon to be encouraged to invade our shores with his blessings and our tax dollars.

  14. I already assume that….because they are always caught lying. Remember: "If you like your plan, you can keep your plan". Anyone trust THAT guy who knowingly lied in order to destroy our healthcare system?