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76 Million Americans Hacked Through J. P. Morgan Chase

Written by Gary North on October 3, 2014

It was Matt Drudge’s lead story yesterday. It was the lead story on Google News this morning. Hackers got the records of 76 million Americans: names, addresses, phone numbers. Also stolen were the data on seven million businesses.

The bank never admitted this to the public. It merely reported it in a mandatory filing with the Securities & Exchange Commission. Some reporter spotted it there.

No reporter has asked the obvious question: How did one bank get into possession of the records of 76 million Americans and seven million businesses?

Hackers, sure. We expect that. That’s business as usual. But how did Morgan do it?

Once again, it becomes clear that the U.S. banking system is dominated by half a dozen banks.

They are all too big to fail. Congress says so. Don’t worry. Be happy.

The chairman of Morgan assured the press that the hackers did not get any bank account numbers or passwords. His IT staff assured him of this. Trust him.

The bank, led by Chief Executive Officer Jamie Dimon, hasn’t detected “any unusual customer fraud” related to the attack. . . .

I see. No unusual customer fraud. It seems to me that having the records of 76 million people stolen is unusual. It surely is fraud. The hackers must have had something in mind when they did this. I suspect that their plans for these data are fraudulent. Call me a suspicious type.

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7 thoughts on “76 Million Americans Hacked Through J. P. Morgan Chase

  1. Two of my three Chase c/c's have had to be replaced owing to fraudulent gas station transactions in the last month. Bank of America emailed me yesterday to say they now have to replace one of my c/c's with a new account. I have to change all monthly autopayments for those three accounts. Don't let the big banks tell you there is no impact on you. It's a lot of work — on the phone with them answering questions and getting instructions for a total of an hour, waiting for new cards to come, changing many monthly autopay instructions, etc… That's three of my four c/c's, all open for 5-10 years, all compromised in the last month.

  2. Rabelrouser says:

    AS I have been saying for quite some time, never keep more money in the bank that you can afford to lose. Pay cash, reduce credit exposure to 0 if possible.
    Th incidents of this hacking is increasing and it can be signaling something more nefairous in the future of the economy in general. Something that could cause a collapse.

  3. Gidget713 says:

    I keep getting phishing e mails from different banks asking me to click on the link and update my log in info. I send all these to the bank. All banks have a site for scams. These hackers don't even know that I don't even have an account, they are just waiting to find some unsuspecting person that does and log in.

  4. That's not what this is about. It's about hackers getting into the banks' own "secure" sites and copying and using huge amounts of customer account data. You don't get 80 million accounts with phishing emails.

  5. J. W. Noord says:

    Time to stop the banks. They should not be allowed by law to do anything but lend money. Bankers are supposed to loan money and store money. That is their job and lot in life. Bottom line banks have become huge monopolies. Where is my tarp money….from GMAC, WACO, or any of the other defaults and buyouts? Not a DIME of that money went to middle income people
    Trouble is we have MBA investor wannabes in the banking industry
    They use our money to play the markets. This HAS TO STOP. Banks steal money from everyone. Restrict others from joining their monopoly AND exercise no fiduciary responsibility when it comes to their own. Congress needs to re regulate the banks, dissolve the federal reserve and dissolve the multi state banks. Then and ONLY THEN will this nation recover. If the banks would lend then all would be good, trouble is they are greedy. Well with great power comes great responsibility.

    Jail the CO AND BOARD of the bank and take restitution for victims from their net worth. End of story. Do this ONCE and security would be priority one. Would likely never happen again.

  6. It’s getting more frightening every day

  7. I agree with with you judiper it is very dangerous.