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High-Output Marriages

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2014

For most people throughout history, marriage has been the primary means of attaining increased production. The reason is simple: the division of labor. It enables people to specialize. Specialization increases output per unit of resource input. That is how economists describe economic production.

I was able to achieve considerable output as a graduate student. I did not marry while I was in graduate school. I went through the Ph.D. program, and I published a lot of articles in The Freeman, which helped support me in my graduate program.

I got married in 1972. I started publishing Remnant Review in the spring of 1974. I began publishing through the Institute for Christian Economics in 1976. My wife Sharon’s efforts were crucial in both of these operations. She helped me do the physical mailing of the newsletters. She kept track of the money, and she never lost any of it. For the first five years of Remnant Review, she handled the subscriptions, including running the mechanical dog tag stamping device that stamped the little metal tags that contained the addresses, and then she ran the foot-operated machine that stamped the addresses onto each of the envelopes. She did that until the mailing list went above 2000 people.

She handled the money that came in for the Institute for Christian Economics, and she took care of a lot of the paperwork. Only in 1980 did the ICE have enough income on regular basis to hire secretaries. At that point, she pulled out of the various requirements associated with the ICE.

If she had not been willing to learn how to do basic accounting — pre-Quicken — and if she had not learned how to manage a mailing list, I certainly would not have achieved what I have achieved so far. I would have written a lot of articles, but they would have been articles for other people’s newsletters and magazines. I would probably be online today, but these would be much smaller operations.

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