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Ghost Gunner: 3-D Home Gun-Making Machine

Written by Gary North on October 2, 2014

It’s here: a $2,000 machine that lets you crank out the core component of a semi-automatic rifle. It’s called the Ghost Gunner. (This is far less controversial than the Brady Bunch.)

And, no, there is no stamped number.

There is no paperwork required.

You don’t have to register the machine with the BATF.

We can see what’s coming, fast and furious. The price of the machines will fall. The range of computerized designs will increase.

Manufacturing will be in basements, even in Connecticut. This is the greatest DIY product in recent history.

Then there is the export market to consider.

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13 thoughts on “Ghost Gunner: 3-D Home Gun-Making Machine

  1. The death of gun control

  2. Stuart Shepherd says:

    You'd still be held liable if you ever had to actually use it.

  3. There was an episode of a TV show which had the user of a plastic printed gun dissolve the gun with acetone after firing it, leaving no murder weapon to be found.

  4. Wanna bet they wont allow it on the market unless they have some way of controlling it?

  5. "They" have no choice. Where there is money to be made the Government loses potency when it bans the means of making said money.

  6. I am not sure if Acetone will dissolve the tough plastics needed to function as a firearm. Doubtless the Script Writers relied on the same "factual sources" which informs them of all things firearm – the Brady Campaign and the Violence Policy Coordination Center (or whatever they are called today).

    People will naturally be held "liable" for the criminal misuse of items. No reasonable person wants to have a license to kill. In contrast gun control is a license to die.

  7. I am not allowed to get into a long explanation but yes it can be done. Yes it can be dissolvable. Yes, the ATF will set you up with something that would never work but you still get put away.

  8. This is nothing but a 3D printer.

  9. You do know it's a desktop machine that can mill aluminium not plastic so there is a problem disolving aluinum parts, is not cheap either, $2,000.00. Wiah I had two.

  10. No you won't.
    You have a Civil, Human and Constitutional Right to self Protection.

  11. This is a Pre-programmed CNC mini-Mill, the Machine is nice but common, the G-code is what generates the movements of the Mill head and cutter to make the Lower Receiver.
    The G-code can be viewed and edited easily to make any changes necessary.
    Common Machine Shop tool priced for the average guys shop.
    Very cool.

  12. This is just a CNC mini-mill.

    Prices will continue to drop, so in a couple of years you'll be able to pick one up at Home Depot for $500 or less.

    Then you can download software to make anything you want, not just the lower receiver of a rifle.

    No, there's nothing the government can do to stop the sale of a generic mini-mill.

  13. So you're admitting it would most likely be a criminal offence to use it?