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America’s Richest: How Will They Give It Away?

Written by Gary North on September 30, 2014

The Forbes “top 400” list is out. The same names appear. We know maybe half of them. The others are unfamiliar.

Among the 360 also-rans, we know very few.

They did not steal their wealth. They made other people’s lives better, or in the case of the Waltons, Mr. Sam did.

But think of the responsibility. All that money. They could slowly sell their shares and do something positive.

The Gates Foundation is fighting malaria in Africa. This is positive. But it is also funding Common Core. This is not positive. Also — fortunately — this project will fail. Gates is dependent on the American Federation of Teachers to implement it. Enough said.

The Kochs are trying to make the Republican Party more libertarian.  This is Common Core on steroids.

Andrew Carnegie gave his money away.  The bureaucrats who got into control of his money did great harm. So did the Ford Foundation’s bureaucrats. As for the Rockefeller Foundation, it has funded the Establishment for a century.

It may be hard to make a billion dollars. It is even harder to give it away without doing great harm.

In 2003, I wrote an essay, “The Horror of Being Oprah.” My mind has not changed.

Who’s got the money? Click the link.

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5 thoughts on “America’s Richest: How Will They Give It Away?

  1. Well, I always said you can't take it with you, and if you leave it to relatives it usually causes troubles. Funny thing about money is, greed usually sets in and you never have enough.
    Personally I would like to have enough to live comfortably and not have to ask Uncle Sam for nothing. Of course that wouldn't mean Uncle Sam would stay out of my life as there are only two sure things in this life. Death and TAXES.

  2. “The Gates Foundation is fighting malaria in Africa.”

    Not so sure about that. Bill and Melinda Gates are both cheerleaders for more population control (as long as it’s somebody else’s!). Gates even said vaccinations were a tool for population control.

    So just what are they injecting these natives with?

  3. Robert What? says:

    Any idea how the list breaks down between leftist/big government types and conservative/limited government types? I know that Buffet, Gates, and Winfrey are big government leftists. But I don’t know about the rest.

  4. CARL TAPP says:


  5. Anonymous Patriot says:

    Did they really just compare libertarians to Common Core? Considering the fact that the "new" GOP is just as interested in growing the government and interfering in our lives as the damn leftists I would say a little more libertarian mix would be a good thing. And not to mention the exact opposite of the purpose of Common Core, which is to subjecate and indoctrinate.