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Michelle Obama Gets Tough: “You Kids Will Eat Broccoli, You Hear Me?”

Written by Gary North on September 29, 2014

Here is the full transcript of last week’s interview with Michelle Obama. She is not backing down. After all, if schools do not do what she says, they will not get federal money. She knows that school districts know where their whole wheat bread is buttered, and who butters it.

This is from Channel One, which rammed this down the throats of 5 million viewers in public schools.

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Maggie: Happy Friday, everyone! It is September 26th. I am Maggie Rulli and Channel One News starts right now! . . .

Have you noticed your school vending machines looking, well, a little different lately? It is all part of a nationwide effort backed by first lady Michelle Obama, who has made healthy eating one of her top priorities. I got the chance to sit down with the first lady to find out why.

Michelle Obama: I bet right now in any classroom across the country, there’s a kid sitting at the desk like this.

Maggie: Already asleep.

Obama: Already asleep. And what I would ask teachers to do is ask them, what did you have for breakfast? Well, what did you have for dinner? If you don’t have fuel in your body, you just can’t keep up.

Maggie: So, we decided to try it out at Cliffside Park High School in New Jersey.

Before coming to lunch, were you tired?

Sabrina: I was so tired I was falling asleep in my Algebra II class.

Maggie: What did you have for breakfast this morning?

Sabrina: I had lemonade and oatmeal cookies.

Maggie: Okay. So, the first lady wasn’t too far off.

In fact, in one study, students who ate a healthy breakfast averaged math scores more than 17% higher that those who didn’t.

Obama: Food matters. I think that’s one of the things I talk to my kids about all the time.

Maggie: So, do you think that if a student gets a nutritious lunch – something that really fuels them and feeds them – they will not only do better in school, but even on the practice fields?

Obama: Absolutely.

Maggie: And it is not just schoolwork or sports. Study after study has found a link between unhealthy school lunches and high rates of obesity.

Obama: More and more kids are getting more of their meals and more of their calories at school. So, if we can figure this out at school and help kids learn and give them that education, then we won’t have to be looking at this issue in the next generations to come.

Take me through your final plate.

Athlete: Well, let me tell you, we’re the best chefs in the game.

Maggie: That is why the first lady teamed up with a group of athletes and experts to encourage young people to make healthier choices…

Athlete: Eating the right foods can help make you a better athlete.

Maggie: …And to push for healthier food in schools.

You may have noticed your vending machines looking a little different this year… Well, okay, so a lot different. Do you remember all those healthy changes that happened in the lunchroom last year? Well, this year they have hit your snacks.

If you are one of the more than 30 million students who eat at a school that is part of the National School Lunch Program, both your lunch and all of the snacks in your school must have more veggies, more fruits and more whole grains. But these healthy changes are getting mixed reviews from students, and some schools complained the healthy food was too expensive.

Now, when these new lunch guidelines were set in place last year, there was a little bit of pushback, and some of it came from students. So, what do you say to kids that say “I don’t like this food, I am going to throw it away, I’m hungry by the time I get to practice”?

Obama: It’s natural. Change is hard. And the thing about highly processed, sugary, salty foods is that you get addicted to it. I don’t want to just settle because it’s hard. I don’t want to give up because it’s expensive. I don’t want that to be the excuse.

Maggie: Let’s take a little poll here. Can you raise your hand if you like the new changes to the lunchroom? Out of a table of twelve, eight of you like the changes.

Why don’t you like the changes?

Jennah: Whole wheat doesn’t make anything taste good. You know, it’s seventh period, we’re hungry, we want to eat something good, not whole wheat.

Maggie: And some students, well, they just decide to work around the rules.

I see a whole bag of Doritos here and I don’t think they are selling them in the lunchroom.

Obama: I know kids are grumbling because they have to make changes. Trust me, my kids roll their eyes at me every time I tell them “you know you don’t have to finish your diner, but you have to finish your vegetables.” But I know that I’m doing it because I’m giving my kids the best that I know I can give them.

Maggie: But get this: Mrs. Obama says good taste is just as important to her as well.

Obama: Look, I wouldn’t want to eat a nasty lunch either. Quite frankly, no one wants to eat bad food. I want to encourage kids to figure out how to help their schools make their lunches taste better and be healthy.

Maggie: If someone hates vegetables, but, like you say, you have to try them, what’s a good gateway veggie just to get them started?

Obama: You know, my kids like broccoli, celery, carrots – those kind of vegetables that have a little flavor, sweetness to it. And I would encourage kids to go over to those salad bars and just try a mixture of things, because sometimes if you mix a bunch of things up and you chop it up, the whole combination sounds pretty good.

Maggie: Students like Sabrina say the lunchtime game changed once the salad bar came into play.

Sabrina: Everybody is getting the salad. People who didn’t eat salad last year are getting it this year.

Maggie: A Harvard study found students are eating more fruits and veggies than before the new rules.

Sabrina: I tried some of the peppers that I didn’t want to try last year, and I was just like, “Oh no, I’m not trying those.” But now I tried them and they were actually really good.

Maggie: So, now you like peppers?

Sabrina: Yeah, now I like peppers.

Maggie: Small changes that the first lady says can make a big difference.

Obama: Don’t be mad because there are changes. Figure out why the changes are important, and then find out how you make it work for you.

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29 thoughts on “Michelle Obama Gets Tough: “You Kids Will Eat Broccoli, You Hear Me?”

  1. Being the first lady does not mean Michelle Obama is competent at anything (other than her ability to seduce and marry Obama). And just as no one in their right mind would allow a brain surgeon’s spouse or a commercial pilot’s fiancée to take over their jobs, neither should the first lady be accorded any authority over our lives merely because of who she married.

  2. Phillip the Bruce says:

    I bet they're NOT buttering that whole wheat bread – they're putting margarine on it – possibly even 'stick' type margarine, loaded with trans-fats.

  3. Hey monkey face aka Mochelle shut the hell up! You have no more authority than that banana you stuff your face with. Tired of people tell me what to do an what I can. If you think you can rember bullets come before a gun

  4. Too bad Michelle doesn’t know as much about liberty and personal responsibility as she does about proper diet.

  5. Spyderdalton says:

    Eat those GMO's kids. The pharmaceuticals need more sick people to sell drugs to…

  6. "Veggies?" I am sick of that cutesie stupid term. Why can't the interviewer say vegetables.

  7. Dan Blanchard says:

    I noticed that the lead in said that if schools did not comply they would lose fed funds. Who elected this idiot? Just because she is married to the Muslim in the White House does not give her any authority over the American people. This couple over steps the bounds of propriaty and the law way too much. Hopefully the country will recover from this fiasco when it is thankfully over.

  8. That's why we need to take the school systems out of the fed's hands.i do not like them telling our kids or anyone else. What we can eat. And another thing I do not like to be threaten.

  9. In the words of Pink Floyd. If you don’t kick your feet, you can’t have any pudding. Just another brick in the wall.

  10. In m y opinion if she wants to lose weight, that's her business. Stop projecting onto the school kids.

  11. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Forget taking them out of the FedGov's hands – Shut Them Down!

  12. Anyone with a butt as large as hers has no business telling others how to eat. Barack and Michelle, lousy as President and First Lady, lousy as Americans.

  13. It's not going to be over. If Hillary has to campaign in a wheelchair, she will be elected. And you think Lady Obama is bad? I wouldn't be surprised if Hillary made profanity the official language of the US. Hey they might even run a Hillary/ Moochelle ticket in 2016. Logic: "Oh wouldnt it be awesome to have two women that their husbands were president in the Whitehouse?" Result: One of if not the best country in the world,down the tubes! We blame the politicians for all this, but who elected them in the first place?

  14. FedGov have NO authority over education OR food. Not their bailiwick at all. Take back the local authority the COnstitution assigned the states. Disband the entire Department of Education. It is unconstitutional.

  15. one more game of charades to further indoctriinate chindren and their parents into swallowing the lie that Big Brother knows best.. and WILL dictate to you every little detail of how to run your life. Personal responsibility, and bearing the results of the choices we all make, are being steadily removed from our culture in favour of big government nannies deciding all. Reminds me of when I was a kid growing up catholic… THEY knew everything, all I had to do was follow the rules as they presented them. That don't cut it. We are each imbued with intelligence and skill and, as we gain experience, need to learn how to make our own choices. The consequences of those choices, both good and terrible, need to fall uoon the ones making those choices.

  16. Ante Obummer says:

    Why is her ass so big???????????

  17. sweetqueen777 says:

    I notice no one asked the "child" what time she went to bed, if she is tired. Ms. Obama needs to get her big butt out of the schools. She was NOT elected, and is not a dietician. The schools hire dieticians because they are actually educated about the topics they ae in charge of. Shut Up and Go Awy. I wll takee care of feeding my kid, and usually sent enough with him, so that he could share with others who might not have as much. This kind of crap is why my grandson will NOT be attending public, union controlled, ,anti-white people school systems. I can teach him better, feed him better, keep him safer, and guide him to appropriate adult behaviors.

  18. Captain Bob says:

    She's as bad as New York's "Moron Bloomberg" and his campaign to outlaw large soft drinks. Where do these people get the idea that they are King (or Queen) and we have to follow their edicts? This is America, not some country with peasants.

  19. She's living high on the hog on our dime I might add she might be a little more respectful of the folks that hired her husband [why I have no idea] and keep her place out of our business. Since we are funding some really outstanding vacations for her and her worthless friends show a little respect to the little people.

  20. Keep in mind Hillary has no problem killing her friends…… Not to mention to folks that are there for her protections

  21. She's mostly right about what food is healthy, and if the government is going to run some schools (which it should not), then they might as well dictate healthy food to those who want to buy it in the lunchroom. Don't go spending my tax dollars to feed fat kids sugary food that will cause them to need more tax dollars for medicare. give them BROCCOLI!

    I make the children in my homeschool eat well. Uncle Sam should make his children eat well too!

    If you want your kids to get fat and eat junk, pull them out of government schools. There is freedom of food and freedom of education at homeschool!

  22. Robert What? says:

    You vill eat ze brokolli und you vill like it.

  23. Michelle Obama knows what she can eat.

  24. webeamericans says:

    MOOOchelle hasn't the right to legislate let alone control any budgets. She's just an wart on her hubbies a$$. Oops, that his brain!

  25. Don't forget, Hillarious Clinton had a LOT to say about what when on when HER cheating husband was president, as did Roosevelt and a host of other wives.

  26. Put Moochelle in a cage and throw away the key. Just feed her bananas, apples and broccoli and watch her turn green. After about three days she will be yelling for Fritos, Potato chips, Chocolate Candy, Cold drinks, tacos and hamburgers. All things she won’t allow in schools.

  27. Sabrina did have the joy of eating her nutritious breakfast- Lemonade-(fruit juice) and healthy oatmeal cookies (Oatmeal does NOT have to be in a BOWL, to be healthy.) One co-worker of mine, came to work, angry, upset, and explaining the Tirade at Breakfast "You kids better eat your oatmeal or you will finish it as your dinner!" I calmly told her that "This breakfast did not put your children into a cheerful mood for their day of school, nor give them any happy memories of their Mother, which will last them a lifetime. If you put your oatmeal into great cookies, they are happy, and will enjoy eating oatmeal. The same goes for Zucchini Spice bread, instead of beside liver for dinner. The 'Happy
    teaching' of children, will raise them as happy adults. This acting American Administration has shown the Patriotic American Citizens, HOW TO BULLY a college classmate for speaking his free speech, the opposing political party for
    not voting for him or worshiping him, so He sic's the IRS to bully everyone, threatens lawsuits if the Tea Party will not give them a list of their contributors lists….. SO HE CAN BULLY EACH ONE who did not follow him. There is NO prejudice or bigotry, there are those who were raised NOT to Bully anyone else, and to keep the world more cheerful.

  28. Impressive article about michelle obama, I found an very useful information here.

  29. Thats "If you don't eat your meat, you can't have any pudding. How can you have any pudding if you don't eat your meat?"