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11 thoughts on “Clarification on Obama and ISIS

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Clear as mud – but that's interventionist politics for you.

  2. Obam said on television last week in a big conference, that we want to defeat war but we also have to defeat peace. That is what I heard and I haven't figured it out yet.

  3. Look, it is really simple. Obama, while he thinks he knows everything, is actually clueless. Since he knows more about military strategy and tactics the advice of his military advisers is ignored. Since the proper Obama leadership is from behind, he is never in front of a problem. And it is not his fault anyway. Bush did it. Or Kerry. Or Clinton. Or the intelligence community. But Obama's hands are clean. Get it now? See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  4. That is exactly right, keep changing the words and the enemy. While we are trying to figure it out they do more harm.

  5. used to be a liberal says:

    Actually it is a clarification, even in it's twisted, muddied, laughable form. It is telling us, what many of us have known for a long time, and for one reason or another our political prostitutes, also known as politicians, have refused to acknowledge, admit, or even discuss the fact that no matter which way you try to cut this thing, it all boils down to Islam is the problem. It is not a religion, it is a cult, it is a political agenda hidden under the guise of being called a so-called religion. All these various factions whether sunny, or shittie, [spelling intended] all fall under the black flag of Islam, and under the rule of the Muslim Brotherhood. It is only a matter of what faction will take the power. Iran wants to be the big boss over all, and with the help of this administration it will be. The Islamic Caliph will be established, again with the intentional or unintentional help of the west. I tend to think that it is intentional, because I find it hard to believe that our political prostitutes are that naïve, ignorant or just that plain stupid. This "thing" has been brought to us by Bush 1, Clinton, Bush 2, and now Obama. Everything that has happened in the Mid-East has been planned contrived then executed by the west. The question is why?? In my opinion it is a simple answer once we cut through all the bull manure, so here it is. Western leadership came to the conclusion that Islam is a problem, it is a threat, however political correctness or rather political cowardice got in the way of laying this out. So the game began, the manipulation, and the set-up. Bush 1 gave us the term, "The New World Order" he wasn't kidding. This was continued under Clinton, then Bush 2, and now Obama, who appears to be really messing things up, but is he? The policies of his administration, his actions or lack of, will with-out a doubt give us a visible, and viable enemy, one that we can take out with impunity. I predict a war with Islam in the near future, anytime between 2018 and 2020. The building up, and militarization of police forces in all western countries, now makes more sense, the stock-piling of weapons, and ammunition is a good indicator. It will be politically much better to have the police take care of rioting Islamists, then the military, besides the military will be too busy elsewhere. Some may say that I am full of pooh, my answer to that is this. There are, at the latest intelligence estimate, over 300 million Muslims ready, waiting, and willing to go to Jihad. Well what about all the moderate Muslims? They are very few and far between, over-all there is no such thing as a moderate Muslim, there are only quite Muslims, many of them will do nothing, they will just go with the flow, and if it is to their advantage they will also rise up against non-Muslims. A Muslim has but one loyalty, and that is to Islam and only Islam, not to any country, or even to any person. When the time is right, they will turn on you/us in a heart-beat. ISIS is preforming exactly how Mohamed preformed when he battled to set up his empire, and it is working. They are getting stronger everyday. Mohamed said, that one well placed agent is more effective/affective then an army of ten thousand. Well what about Russia and China. On Russia, forget about the Ukraine, I believe it is just a diversion, and that a deal was made awhile back, notice, no real action there. China, apart from some sabre rattling, nothing. Russia and China have no use for Islam, they play the game to their advantage. China just executed 8 suspected Jihadists, Russia doesn't fool around with them either. When the pooh hits the fan, Russia and China will join the west against Islam, but this time, when there is war in the middle east, these guys won't leave when all is said and done. Territories will be divided up, Islam as we knew it will be gone, and don't be surprised to see the U S, and Britain remain there too, and the U N will remain silent or be silenced. Welcome to the New World Order, that most of us thought was a joke.

  6. RedMeatState says:

    Sure, there were no terrorists there until we arrived!! That's why they had airliners outside Baghdad to practice hijacking and other terror activities like at Salman Pak!! Quite frankly, as we can now see with the rise of ISIS and the morass in the ME, all these Musloid nations are connected one way or the other.

  7. Phillip the Bruce says:

    ISIS is a dog of war that has slipped its leash and will not come back to heel.

  8. That summary by Used to be Liberal was one of the best I have read in a while. Just like in this latest so called bombing by the US and some strange allies. Pictures show a very discrete bombing with no one around. Maybe they were out for lunch? This is all very tiresome I'm sure to just more than myself and should be taken care of and over with. You cannot be politically correct in a war and thats what this is. Quit wasting lives on both sides and either get the job done or leave and come home, end of story! We already messed up in Iran and Iraq, are we going to make this a habit?

  9. and have been for a thousand years or so. And WE were silly enough to think we could derail that train? Had we not gone into Iraq then, just let them continue to eat each other up, it is doubtful much of the ME mess would be newsworthy today. AND, to make a lot more eole mad into the bargain, had we adopted a policy a century ago of non-meddling (I know, the "correct" word is 'intervention"….) we never would have had the airlners-as-missiles drill thirteen years ago. And our economu would be FAR healthier for not having spent so many trillions only to find we've not yet spent enough to "fix" the "problem", not to mention a few more $Tn paying for the onerous "security" measures been foisted upon us here at home. None of which have done much more than irritiate and inconvenience the masses here, and led directly to the deaths of not a few.

  10. My sentiments exactly. I just didn't know how to put it altogether in words. But I do agree with you whole heartedly.

  11. What if we, meaning our military and other operatives, nad simply sayed OUT of all those countries now deeply embroiled in wars and attacks? We'd have about as much in way of "terrorist threat" as do Canada: not much. What if we had continued to develop our OWN oil resources, then put offers on purchasing OPEC oil at prices commensurate with our own locally produced oil? We never would have developed a dependence uppn their oil, they never would have inflatted the prices to us, as the market would have been self-correcting. We'd be paying probably near a dollr a gallon for fuul…. -pre-1974 prices, increased by inflation. Instead we are paying FOUR, and probably twice that again for our "defense" and "security" spending and nannying and…… and all those arab nation producers would be vying for OUR dollar for their product, instead of US vying for their product with our dollars. Nations almost never attack other nations with whom they have advantageous traade relationships.

    So, the "cure" for all those wars and conflicts "over there" is to simply pull up our tentstakes and bring everyone home let THEM sort it out. The bible talks about what it is like to get into someone else's fight… its like taking an angry dog by the ears. You will NOT calm the dog, you will NOT appease him, you WILL eventually tire of hanging on, but you can NOT let go else the dog will apply his fangs to you, but let go you must, sooner or later, at which time you WILL get seriously hurt. All up, don't get into someone else's fight. Yet weove done that….. how many countries are bases for our occupation armies, "training", "peacekeeping", "aid"? Last count I saw had the number at around 170. Imagine the cost of maintaining all that everywhere. No wonder the Britich Empire collapsed of its own weight. "The sun never sets on the British Empire"? Well, it did. And guess what? As long as we insist on maintaining a strong presence in every corner of the planet, the sun, which "never sets on the American Empire" will, indeed set. . And the remnains on which it will again arise will be a shambles of what has not yet fallen apart, crushed from the weight of overextending. Pride goes before a fall. Since there is serious pride forcing this, its fall is certain.