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Video: Bob Woodward Says Clintons’ Marriage May Be in Trouble.

Written by Gary North on September 26, 2014

Hot off the presses!

Anyway, hot off YouTube.

The Clinton’s marriage may — repeat: may — be having problems.

This seems so hard to believe. I mean, they were both seen together at Chelsea’s wedding.

I don’t think innuendo is appropriate. What are the facts — hard, cold facts — that would indicate that the Clintons’ marriage is not just like any other American marriage?

Problems, yes. Disagreements, yes. But shaky?

The Clintons’ marriage is as rock solid as Hillary’s desire to be President.

There are few marriages anywhere that have that kind of foundation.

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7 thoughts on “Video: Bob Woodward Says Clintons’ Marriage May Be in Trouble.

  1. Yeah well Bill gets his bimbo's and Hillary gets hers.

  2. Guess what?? I DON'T GIVE A FLYING RATS @$$!!!!!!!

  3. they played a fine round of charades when Slick Willie got caught in his dalliance with Monica, and all the fallout from that. But it was about as thin a cover as any politician's potato soup: you know, the kind where one takes a huge pot of water, puts it on to boil, takes one whoe spud, dips it into the tepid water, then pulls it back out for the next pot of "soup". When she was thumping, er, stumping, to be our next pres (marginal whether we'd be better off with HER instead of the current kinyun, but that's another matter) HE made the appropriate appearances whilst keeping it up.. appearances, that is…. making another good show of it. Interesting how they only appear together when there is good political reason to do so. They are both amongst the best at charades…….. maybe this time round the "marriage" will indeed implode and along with that her chances of gaining that Golden Throne she so desparately wants.

  4. David in MA says:

    I don't think they have had a "marriage" ever since she became pregnant with Chelsie because he can't father children and had help from, what's his name, hubble/bubble/rubble, their marriage is only a political face for the ignorant who keep them in power. I bet the hag has had more sex with Huma (who has had more with the hag then her husband, Weiner) than she ever had with Slick.
    Last I knew he lived up in Harlem and she in upper N.Y.

  5. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Boy, do you have THAT right! Can you imagine having to be in the same ROOM with either of them, yet alone MARRIED to either one?! I'd rather do hard labor.

  6. If Hillary iis elected president, I wonder how many female interns there will be in the White House

  7. Well, that’s what she gets for marrying a philanderer. Some say rapist.