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Wordwide WiFi Internet vs. the Public Schools: 2025

Written by Gary North on September 25, 2014

What if everyone on earth could hook up to the Internet?

Facebook plans to engineer this. Next year, it says, the company will test a drone the size of a 747. It will fly very high, be powered by the sun, be very light, and will carry satellite transmitters for WiFi. By 2020, Facebook expects to have enough of these aloft to let anyone on earth  get free WiFi.

Amazon is planning a similar drone program. Google plans to use weather balloons.

Then they will wait for Moore’s law to bring down the price of cheap, solar-powered computers with WiFi cards.

Year by year, the poor will become less poor. They will connect to the Web.

Then education will change. Salman Khan, in 2040, will be teaching maybe 250 million children for free, in their own languages. How? Language translation software.

He will have lots of competitors. Denominations will set up K-college programs for free as evangelism tools. So will businesses.

A dozen people can get up a full K-12 curriculum in 36 months. Trust me on this. The Ron Paul Curriculum is K-11 right now. It began one year ago.

The Southern Baptists could get this up in 12 months, easy. Catholics could do it, too, if the bishops got behind this. It would take a team of three dozen 70-year-old nuns to do this by January 2016. All a nun would need is a WiFi connection, a $15 Screencast-O-Matic account, a $35 lavalier microphone, and a free YouTube account. The only pedagogical tool missing would be the digital equivalent of a ruler for knuckles. (Teachers must adjust to new technologies.)

Christians are not first adopters, but this is coming.

Every ideological movement will have to have its own K-12 program to be taken seriously in 2025. Free K-12 programs will multiply like digital rabbits.

This will offer competition to Third World public school programs in the villages. Entire Third World societies will skip over public schools, which are expensive to run. Online students will have great teachers for free. Who needs barely literate, underpaid, third-rate, government-funded drones as teachers?  Human drones, I mean. The high-flying drones will provide free education.

The state will never get in control of these students’ minds. The governments may try to compete. They may offer free online programs, but parents are not fools. What parent would prefer some government online teacher, who is the product of the nation’s third-rate school system, when the parent can get the child’s education from university-educated Westerners in rich nations? Parents know that the University of Backwardistan is not top flight.

All over the world, the clock is ticking on tax-funded education. Free K-12 programs will offer the best educations on earth within two decades. Home schooling is the wave of the future.

Politicians in Germany have passed laws against this.  “You are not allowed to choose your children’s educational programs.  Your children must be taught by state-licensed, state-funded bureaucrats who were not good enough in college to get into careers that pay decent wages. This is for your children’s good. Trust us. We invented state education.” The German model will be imitated. It will fail. All over the world, it will fail.

Look up. Our deliverance draweth nigh.

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11 thoughts on “Wordwide WiFi Internet vs. the Public Schools: 2025

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    "All over the world, the clock is ticking on tax-funded education."
    It couldn't happen to a more deserving program.

  2. olduglycarl says:

    Great idea…BUT…WiFi frequencies are harmful to the human body, not to mention, most of nature. Why not find a harmless frequency within the Schumann resonance to attach a carrier wave…post script; make sure to test it, making sure it does no harm.

  3. google is also doing the drone deal… finally they all are catching up to Tesla's ideas…

  4. please explain the schumann resonance, is this a tesla deal?

  5. olduglycarl says:

    The Schumann resonance is the natural electromagnetic resonance in which we live measured from 7.8 hertz or so to 60 hertz and is created by thunderstorms around the globe at every moment. That is just a rough definition. Google it, LOL

  6. ,,Homeschooling is the wave of the future.'' Thanks God.

  7. RedMeatState says:

    until the State marches in to protect its windfalls and its tyrannical rule to form our children in their own image.

  8. I’m all for hastening the demise of the public school system, built on the John Dewey model of indoctrination and giving the masses only enough knowledge to make them docile, obedient workers.

    Just so long as Facebook and Google don’t use those billion$ they make selling our personal information to the government, to — ah, er — block access to websites like TPE and others that don’t preach unquestioning obedience to the state, the glories of private central banking and “patriotic history”.

  9. …but wifi frequencies are NOT harmful to the human body, any more than a zillion other things are. And there is a good chance that these airborne systems will not use the 2.4 or 5-GHz frequencies that are used for your phone and tablet, for several reasons. So I wouldn't sweat that if I were you. As far as using frequencies between 7 and 60 Hz, there is a limit of how much data a given frequency carrier can be modulated. Low frequencies == low modulation rate. Downloading a small JPG file using a 60 Hz carrier would take about a week.

    Good luck with that testing also. If you do it outdoors, you will need to figure out which harm was done by the rays of the sun, in watts, versus radiation by a point source at three miles, in microwatts.

  10. olduglycarl says:

    Thanks, I would hope that they would never consider using cell phone frequencies. My original thought was to use frequencies that travel long distances without regeneration. I am well aware of the effect of high energy proton bombardments from CME's and their effect on the Schumann Resonance but the point I was trying to make is why not use something that is already pervasive in nature instead of creating more of it or forbid something not seen in nature that might do harm. It is this latter point I make that demonstrates the harm I see in "generating" WiFi signals.

  11. Working moms are not at home (and I am NOT implying at-home moms are not working!!!). Perhaps doing away with
    brick-and-mortar schools and the wages of thousands of teachers would save enough money that taxes could be
    lowered so moms could stay home??? What a concept!!!