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Homeschool Moms: Monetize Your Hard Work

Written by Gary North on September 23, 2014

The following strategy would not work if every successful homeschool mom followed my advice. There are too many of them. The competition would be too stiff.

But they will not follow my advice. Why not? Because they lack self-confidence. No matter how well their own children do, they think: “I’m not very good.” They do not want to go public.

Bottom line: they are embarrassed.

This opens up a way for a handful of moms to generate lifetime passive income. The checks will roll in, year after year.

How can they do it? Simple. Post a daily video lesson on YouTube. Take other moms through the teaching process. YouTube is free.

Then they embed the daily video on a page on a free WordPress.com website.

This takes only time.

Start with the McGuffey Readers. They are free. They are in the public domain. You can download them here: free McGuffeys. Use the PDF versions.

Start with the primer. Then move up, volume by volume.

Your strategy through the Second Reader is to use the videos to help moms take their children through the lessons. After the Second Reader, each video takes the child through the lesson. By the Third Reader, the child is ready for self-teaching.

If you use letters, just get clip art letters. They are in the public domain. They are free. Or you can buy a cheap CD-ROM filled with clip art. Then you can use anything on the CD-ROM. Start researching clip art here.

Teach spelling. There is a McGuffey speller. But you can do your own.

Teach grammar after the Second Reader. Use examples from the later McGuffey Readers. Grammar should always be taught by means of real literature, not stand-alone blackboard examples. Grammar should be real-world. (I write for a living. Trust me on this.)

Then branch out. Add other public domain literature books. I recommend the wonderful animal stories by Thornton W. Burgess. Any Burgess book published prior to 1923 is in the public domain. There are dozens of them on the Web. Or you can order a set from Dover Books.

By the time the child is in the fourth year, it’s time for classics, such as Robert Louis Stevenson’s books, or the Elsie Dinsmore books for girls. Maybe the Oz books. The Anne of Green Gables books are in the public domain.

There are lots of reading materials on the Ron Paul Curriculum: Free Courses, K-5. You could create lessons based on them.

The grammar lessons keep coming every day. So do vocabulary words. So do weekly student essays on themes from the week’s reading. Fridays should be essay days, not reading days.

How can you monetize these lessons? Initially, you can’t. But over the long haul, you can.

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2 thoughts on “Homeschool Moms: Monetize Your Hard Work

  1. You say: "they will not follow my advice. Why not? Because they lack self-confidence… Bottom line: they are embarrassed."

    This may be true for some, though I doubt it. I think the statement you make later is the real reason: "This takes only time."

    Bottom line: This takes time. As a homeschooling dad, I can say with certainty that time is in short supply.

  2. In the Pre-War Schools one did learn some useful things from most of the teachers, like the three "r's for a start, upon which everything else is based. But one learned manners, ethics, honesty. respect etc. etc. etc. from one's own parents – especially the Mother's – who were very quick to correct all failinsg in those days.