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Texas So-Called Militia Members Are Confused About the Border

Written by Gary North on September 22, 2014

This caught my attention.

Several independent ‘milita’ groups, concerned over what they see as a porous southern border and unchecked illegal immigration, plan to block traffic on Saturday at several international ports of entry in the Rio Grande Valley, Newsradio 1200 WOAI reports.

Militias have been flocking to the border since July in what the Minuteman Project describes as ‘Operation Normandy.’

Excuse me?  “Operation Normandy”?

“Operation Normandy” was the Germans’ program. It was designed to keep out border crossings. It was set up to reduce immigration . . . of Americans and Brits. The immigration program was called D-Day. As you may have read, the Germans’ immigration restriction program was unsuccessful. It worked about as well as the French program: “Operation Maginot Line.”

Adopting “Operation Normandy” is the equivalent of General Santa Anna’s adopting as his program’s name: “Operation Alamo.”

It would be best if they selected another name for their program.

President Obama’a program is called “Operation Executive Orders After the November Elections.”

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7 thoughts on “Texas So-Called Militia Members Are Confused About the Border

  1. caseypurvis says:


  2. caseypurvis says:


    Read more at http://teapartyeconomist.com/2014/09/22/texas-cal

  3. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    quit writing crap criticizing the patriots and militia on the border, put down your pen, pick up your shooting stuff, head on down there, and help out! We have plenty of you guys sitting on your azz writing schitt that doesn't help at all, your mom ever tell you to shut up if you can't help!

  4. Which makes me wonder why everyone [DC] got so uptight about the fellow jumping the fence and heading for the whitehouse. Seems like he might have been looking for the welfare check and other handouts. Why is [WH] concerned about security, it was they who opened the borders to everyone?

  5. Politicians only give a shit for their OWN security, NOT for That of Americans who support their ignorant butts. My advice: Stop working, stop paying taxes, get free health care, subsidized housing, welfare, food stamps, and free cell phones. I DID.

  6. That's what all these illegals are doing, crossing the border, getting free; housing, food stamps, health care. obtaining drivers license, voting democratic, etc. Of course that's what the illegal in the white house did. ;someone else S.S. number, fake B.C. not legal citizen, an illegal president (his father was a British subject ; Obama couldn't be a legal president because of this. A natural born citizen has two (2) American citizen parents! If the congress would stop wetting their pants in fear and do something about it , it would end a good share of Americas troubles!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. Peleus,read the whole story before you start bad mouthing a veteran of three tours in Iraq and probably more than one of the "STANS" with his background, he did not have to go to the house to do harm,as some of his neighbors, he wanted to pass on some info to the president