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Ebola Cannot Be Stopped by the Keystone Cops

Posted on September 20, 2014

A shortage of volunteers to staff the new Ebola clinics and hospitals the international community is building in West Africa threatens efforts to bring the deadly virus rapidly under control, aid agencies have warned.

“The missing link is staff,” Athalia Christie, deputy for global health at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, who has just returned from Liberia, told the Thomson Reuters Foundation.

The United States this week announced it will send in its military to build 17 Ebola treatment centers in Liberia. Army engineers from Britain are building a 200-bed hospital in Sierra Leone, while the United Nations has formed a special mission to lead efforts.

This marks a dramatic scaling up of the global response to the Ebola crisis, which has claimed over 2,500 lives this year – mostly in Liberia, Sierra Leone and Guinea where infections are spiraling out of control as healthcare systems collapse.

When world leaders meet for the United Nations General Assembly in New York next week, their sessions will include a two-day summit on the Ebola crisis.

Many questions remain over how to handle the deadly virus. Medical experts have yet to agree on a basic method of treatment, which shapes the types of aid that will be delivered. More money is needed, as well as more people to work in the region and more training.

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11 thoughts on “Ebola Cannot Be Stopped by the Keystone Cops

  1. "The United States this week announced it will send in its military…"

    Typical reaction by the axis of evil. Cuba and Switzerland are sending doctors and nurses; we send guns and soldiers.

  2. Fine. Let Cuba take care of this problem. Keep US out!

  3. Why is the US sending its military to build treatment centers? Doesn't Liberia have its own military that can do that? Where's all the foreign aid that Liberia has been receiving for decades gone to that they don't have a fkg hospital worthy of the name? Now our soldiers will contract the virus and bring it back here. Fkg great.

  4. Its a foo in the door. One more country to occupy in the near future. Liberia is handing out unreasonable directives to deal with this epidemic that control the liberty and movement of people severely. Eventually, this will lead to an uprising and our troops will be drawn in "for humanitarian purposes," to support the government. When it really gets out of hand, the US will pull a "Ukraine" on them and replace the government with docile lapdogs who know that our troops are the only security they have. Viola! Another conquest.

  5. Obummer is destroying the USA and bring Ebola here is one more nail in our coffin. Soldiers will bring it back here and it will spread like wild fire in our country.
    God help us from the enemies from within.

  6. I doubt that any American who buries their dead due to Ebola being brought back here by a soldier will take solace in "Helping out LIberia". They will consider the Obama Administration to be reckless, amateur and thoughtless.

    Sensible people mind their own business.

  7. The United States did not agree to send West Africa any form of help, until it saw Ebola, thought to be a form of Payola. Payola is a subject many have personal expertise about.

  8. They let people die

  9. No. That is not all we are doing. The CDC has a 3day intensive course planned starting Oct.6 to train medical professionals how to care for, etc. of Ebola patients.
    I know this as I got notice of it via Medscape for Nurses which is an informational/educational site for Nurses of which I am.
    The military does NOT have enough medical personnel to take care of what they have here at home and abroad as it is. This is why they hire civilian nurses, doctors, etc.

  10. Other than "bush meat" Liberia has NOTHING we need or want. This is just an oblamo tactic to divert attention from all the other chit he has already screwed up and is screwing up even more!

  11. An interesting tidbit I found that seems to fit now; http://endoftheamericandream.com/archives/from-7-