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Video: Kickstart World War III

Written by Gary North on September 19, 2014

This video has had 2.8 million hits. Once you see it, this fact will cheer you up.

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17 thoughts on “Video: Kickstart World War III

  1. Too many low-information voters (dummies) will believe it!

  2. Over-the-top! What’s the video’s purpose? Humor? Education? Solicitation? Propaganda? With all the feces floating around these days, it’s hard to tell.

  3. Rattlerjake says:

    They remind me of so many people I meet every day!

  4. Carmelo Junior says:


  5. Very funny I loved it and will share it on my radio program!

  6. Do you think, oh wait a minuet if you are a obama supporter you do not have to think. Capt Tom is right oboma supporters will want to find out where they can sign! However it is very encouraging that 2.8 mil views should have reach many who do think. The problem now is not the POS POTUS, it is congress and the House and Senate voting all or most incumbents out as most are as useful as a full baby's diaper, and need to be changed for the same reason.

  7. It is making fun of somebody. If you don't get it it is probably you!!

  8. If I'm not mistaken, one of the ladies in the video is the lady whose face was on the obamacare website when it first was put up, and she didn't know her photo was going to be used there. I hope it is the same lady – that would be so righteous!

  9. williefisher says:

    Hysterical!!! Although I'm sure that at least 10% will ask where they can sign up! Sadly, stupidity reigns!

  10. I like the statement re:michelle; priceless, but I'm sure she would be hiding in the bunker instead of fighting.

  11. Tony Nobaloney says:


  12. probably most of them!

  13. Now ya know the real mentality of an enthralled with Obama liberal. Makes ya wonder just how many kids Nancy Pelosi had ?????

  14. But they didn't say where to send the money!? How am I going to donate?! This is important. We MUST have a WWIII and make the world safe for lesbianism and gaydom and transdom or whatever it is it is the central point of historical evolution!!!

  15. Communist,Muslim at his best {scandals, lying ,open borders } GOD help us and GOD safe America {Lock & Load}

  16. Empty Pockets says:

    Great parody BECAUSE it's actually so close to the truth about how mindlessly they follow.