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IRS Thumbs Its Nose at Congress, Which Is Impotent

Written by Gary North on September 18, 2014

Congress is impotent. The IRS is revealing this as never before. It is saying, loud and clear, that Congress cannot do anything to Lois Lerner or any other IRS employee. Sorry; no emails. They went bye-bye into cyberspace. There are no digits. There is no smoking gun.

But what about the NSA? Doesn’t the NSA track everything? Store everything?

The NSA shares nothing with Congress.  But Congress still comes up with its $45 billion a year budget.

How do we know this? Snowden put it on his thumb drive. He made back-ups.

The IRS didn’t.

What can Congress do about Snowden? Nothing.

What does it do with the NSA?  Funds it.

What does it do about the giggling IRS? Funds it.

We read this:

Internal Revenue Service (IRS) commissioner John Koskinen testified Wednesday that the IRS did not save any of the information on Lois Lerner’s destroyed Blackberry and that there is no outside system to store agency emails.

“Hard drive crashes continue as we speak,” Koskinen admitted at a House Oversight and Government Reform subcommittee hearing when asked if any computers had recently crashed under his watch.

Koskinen admitted that destroying records would be an act “not consistent with the law,” but maintained that there’s no evidence that the IRS intentionally destroyed records.

“Ms. Lerner’s Blackberry was replaced in February 2012 as part of an ongoing Blackberry update….it was disposed of under standard procedures at that time,” Koskinen said.

Koskinen claimed that information from Lerner’s Blackberry could not be transferred to her new model because “Our Blackberries only display email that is displayed by our employees’ Microsoft Outlook emails, which is maintained on IRS servers.”

Koskinen also said that there’s no outside system to save IRS employees’ emails.

“There is no system outside the IRS, government or otherwise, that the IRS uses to back up or store emails,” Koskinen said.

It is not easy for Congress to maintain the illusion that it is in charge. It is not in charge.

Congress holds hearings. But when it comes to restraining the Executive branch, it is impotent. The bureaucrats can thumb their noses at both houses of Congress with impunity. “”We lost the evidence. Go fish!”

Congress has one power: the power of the purse. But it has not used this power in over a century. It spends beyond its means. It buys votes with this money. The bureaucrats know this. They can safely tell Congress to go fish.

The Framers of the Constitution thought Congress would be dominant. Silly Framers. The President is immune, his bureaucrats are immune, and five Supreme Court members tells Congress what it can or cannot do.

All Congress can do is spend money and borrow more.  It does both with impunity. The voters like it this way.

There will be a Great Default at some point — a series of defaults. The voters will learn just how good a government promise is. “But you promised!  You promised us free medical care. You promised us a safe retirement. This just isn’t fair.”

The government’s response: “Go fish.”

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11 thoughts on “IRS Thumbs Its Nose at Congress, Which Is Impotent

  1. Congress by budgeting these departments is causing the problem not the Department. It no different if a kid tells his parent NO not going to do it, the Parent just say oh well and does nothing to punish the kid. What he going to do from then on DUH! For all the idiots out there it explain it slowly and simply- the kid going to listen to the parent with a deaf ear. Congress needs to cut off all funding to NSA and the IRS and abolish those departments. You would need to waste taxpayer money to get no answers. See that was not so hard to understand.

  2. Because we have elected a bunch of pansies to Congress, we have the government we have. The minority of ultra liberals who use tactics of the school yard bully to get their way on dang near every subject (from homosexuality issues like "marriage", serving openly in the military, and other "rights"…to the ecoterrorists demands for saving a stupid fish over the needs of farmers for water to grow the food the ecoterrorists want, etc.).
    The pansies in Congress do a poll to see what these wackos want or don't want before they stand up and do what We The People actually elected them to do in the first place!! It is all about getting elected and then staying in their cushy jobs. They truly disgust me.

  3. Is there truly nobody in Congress with even a rudimentary understanding of how the internet works? Every email written was saved as a copy on the mail servers for some period of time. They can cut the time period, they can erase those records, but until those copies are subpoenaed, we won't know if they are there or not. Not only that, but the servers that sent the emails to the Blackberries outside the internal email servers have copies too. And of course, one could subpoena the BlackBerries themselves for forensic analysis.

    So, IMO, Congress is not impotent. Congress is in collusion.

  4. Only people ignorant of how IT works (admittedly, most people) believe the nonsense. There are mandatory backup and archive systems in place in the IRS. The retention period is 7 years, not a few months. If the original emails or files are lost due to a hard drive failure, the backups and archives won't be. If the backups and archives are deleted/gone/missing, then someone ordered them to be. Start with the 'junior tape jockey' and get him on the stand. He'll tell you who ordered him/her to destroy the archives/backups. Then follow up the food chain to the top. Drives me crazy people swallow these lies without checking anything out.

  5. How do we know this? Snowden put it on his thumb drive. He made back-ups.

    The IRS didn’t.

    Oh yes it does. They are lying. There are multiple layers of backups on everything. They can find correspondence going back years on the guy who shorted them ten bucks on his tax way back when. Testimony I've read before that committee has the emails ost, then destroyed, then the hard drive crashed, then we found backups, then we found another computer that still has them, now a blackberry is gone together with all its emails…..

    That committee need to examine all the testimony, identify when there are direct and clear conflicts (no group can get everyone on the same page and have them rmember the lcorrect lies to tell), and call each of those who testified back…. re-pose the same questions and see what they say second time… if several testify differently than each other, or their earlier testimony, then jail them and try them for perjury. Congress ARE impotent, and that is NOT what we elect them to be/do.

  6. Dear Fed, you're right of course. But the fox is guarding the henhouse and neither the hens nor terrifyingly few of the foxes have any interest in outing themselves or getting rid of incredibly prestigious, fatcat, beneficial positions virtually guaranteeing them a lifetime free ride for very little actual work. The IRS isn't even a government agency, yet it's treated with almost total immunity and power that very few totalitarian agencies in human history have exercised. The real culprit is the American public who continue to take his behavior and have the nerve to say, collectively, in their whining, best victim impersonation, "there's nothing I can do", which is a complete abdication of responsibility – just another cowardly way of saying 'THANK YOU SIR, MAY I HAVE ANOTHER', while 1 IN 3 Americans receive a collective $943,000,000 in annual benefits (doesn't include Social Security, Medicare, or unemployment insurance payouts – an average $9K a year for each recipient, more if you're in this country illegally). Perhaps the most pathetic display of collective cowardice in the history of human civilization. And chances are we're going to allow it to continue by electing another horror show of a chief executive in 2016 (possibly even worse than the embarrassment who is currently in the White House – elected TWICE by our current electorate). I never imagined I'd actually feel shame to be associated with what passes for popular culture in this country. That day has long since come to pass.

  7. Hey! Just waterboard a few officials to get them to tell what happened to the emails.

    The CIA waterboarded Khalid Sheikh Mohammed over 180 times before he “confessed” to being the 9-11 mastermind (and nailing Jesus to the cross, kidnapping the Lindbergh baby, firing the JFK headshot in Dallas, assassinating Lincoln at Ford’s Theatre, etc., etc.).

    I can’t see any of these bureaucratic dregs withholding anything they know for a government this rotten.

  8. Congressional impotence has a name; that name is Harry Reid.

  9. williefisher says:

    Congressional impotence has another name: TREASON!!!

  10. I know you are correct that there are archive requirements for non-governmental organizations, but was unsure about the requirements for governmental orgs. Do you know exactly where these requirements can be found for reference?

  11. When the public wakes up and demands and end to the Federal Reserve and their collection agency the IRS things will start to change. Until then with $400 billion in our tax money each year who do you think the Fed and IRS pay off? You got it the CONgress anyone else that gets in the way.
    If that does not work assignations of people including presidents like JFK. JFK wanted to by pass the fed and issue Silver Certificates backed by the US Govt.
    The IRS can lose anything it wants since it works for the Fed and not the US Govt.