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Ann Coulter Calls Libertarians “Idiots.”

Written by Gary North on September 18, 2014

The lady never learns. “I am a Republican stalwart!”

The biggest current danger for Republicans is that idiots will vote for Libertarian candidates in do-or-die Senate elections, including Kentucky, Kansas, North Carolina and Colorado. (That’s in addition to the “Independent” in Kansas who’s a Democrat.) Democratic candidates don’t have to put up with this crap — they’re even trying to dump the official Democrat in Kansas to give the stealth Democrat a better shot.

When we’re all dying from lack of health care across the United States of Mexico, we’ll be deeply impressed with your integrity, libertarians.

Which brings me to my final assignment this week: If you are considering voting for the Libertarian candidate in any Senate election, please send me your name and address so I can track you down and drown you.

What has the Republican Party done for liberty lately?

In foreign policy? (How about war?)

In federal spending? (Remember Bush II’s drug prescription law?)

Deficits? (Remember Reagan? Remember Bush II?)

Supreme Court? (Chief Justice “ObamaCare” Roberts?)

But we are supposed to vote for them, no matter what. We must sanction them. We must give them legitimacy.

And when they sell us out, we are supposed to stay quiet and re-elect them.

Fifty years ago, I learned this rule: “If a politician thinks you are in his hip pocket, you will get sat on.” This rule is never violated.

How does a small voting bloc keep from getting sat on? By voting for a third party in tight races. By inflicting pain on the sellouts.

Electoral politics is all about inflicting pain.

The voters in New Hampshire and Florida who voted for Ralph Nader as a Green Party candidate instead of voting for Al Gore defeated Gore. The Democrats had pretended the greens were in their hip pocket. Dumb move. Nader sent them a message. They learned it well. When was the last time since November 2000 that a Democrat opposed the greens’ agenda?

Tea Party Republican voters whose candidates are defeated by centrist big spenders in the spring should vote libertarian in November. Every time.

Send them a message. “Don’t sit on us!”

Either they play ball with us, or we make sure they lose in November.

Thar’s hard ball.

Miss Coulter plays softball. Miss Coulter is a Republican stalwart.

If you do not want to be sat on, do not become anyone’s stalwart.

It’s not the next election that counts. It’s the election after that, when the sellout has been defeated, and there is no Republican incumbent. Libertarian voters threw the election to the Democrat the last time.

This is the message: “Give us what we want, or else you will lose in November. You saw what happened last time.”  They saw very clearly what happened last time. They got the message.

Then take out the Democrat.

Any Republican who tells you that the next election is what counts is a Republican stalwart. “Sit on me!”

Vote Libertarian instead. Send the Republican stalwarts a message. “Give us what we want, or else you will lose.”

Fear. It’s all about fear. Either you inflict it, or else you are a victim of it.

The best election in November is where the Republican sellout loses by 1%, and the Libertarian gets 2%.

Stalwarts think “November election.” Ideologues think: “Don’t sit on us. If you want us back two elections from now, give us reasons.”

Don’t be afraid of Ann Coulter. Don’t be a Republican stalwart. It’s not the next election that counts. It’s the election after the next election.

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76 thoughts on “Ann Coulter Calls Libertarians “Idiots.”

  1. Wrong! The next election certainly WILL count and, hopefully, the Senate will go to those who are wanting our Country to return to the Constitution and will be pro-American. As long as the elections are fraudulent, however, we won't regain any ground.

  2. One question for miss female dog! Ann do you vote for candidates whose views align with yours, or whose candidates views oppose yours?

  3. I went to Ann’s website and found no place to post a comment, so i guess she, like Obama, doesn’t like to hear opposing views?!?!?

  4. Robert Lebischak says:

    This election is very important, our very future will depend on it. I know some Libertarisna, have spoken with them and find I agree with them a lot. One running here in Iowa, even told me that Republicans and Libertarians agree about 80 percent of the time. But since I have become involved somewhat, I have noticed this. Those that vote for Libertarians seem to take votes away from their Republican counterparts. The Dems don't worry about it as no Libertarian would vote for a Dem. But when enough Libertarians vote, it take the vote away from the Republican, the Libertarian will not get enough votes to be elected, a problem, we still stick to the Two Party System a lot. So the Republican will lose those votes, and in a close race, a 2 or 3 or 4 point loss of votes to a Republican means the Dem wins the election and we are right back where we were. So I ask this, when you go to vote, look at the race, the Libertarian will not get enough votes to win, do you want a Dem in again, or do you want a change now for the good. Think about voting for the Republican it could mean victory for the Nation.

  5. backtotheplate says:

    I bristle any time Reagan is dumped in with the big spenders. He DID spend big to win the Cold War (and that produced a great budget-balancing dividend for Clinton) but not nearly as big if Dems hadn't deemed his balanced budget proposals "dead on arrival." He'd read and understood von Mises. But he had a bigger mission to accomplish first.
    Otherwise, I concur with the post. (Bush II had no excuse, but then he pulled the wool over no one's eyes; he said before taking office he was both a Keynesian and a supply-sider.) However, sometimes just staying home or ignoring a particular race in the voting booth has to be the better answer. There are Libertarian Candidates who are social libertarians, supporting abortion and the growing profanations of marriage, and I'd never vote for them.
    But I do want Karl Rove and the Rep establishment to get a BIG lesson, particularly after what they pulled in Mississippi with Cochran. Just staying home if you're a Tea Party Republican might do the trick there. That's much more important than winning the Senate. Karl Rove-ism must not endure into another election.

  6. I agree with Mr. Lebischak but there is one thing I feel should be noted. If the republican is a RINO, like McCain, it really won't make much difference if the dem. wins or not.

  7. Rich,you are absolutely correct!

  8. Carmelo Junior says:

    I agree with the witch this time. Libertarians are destroying the Republican party and the Tea Party movement by scaring away Reagan Democrats and independents. These people are racist-isolationists-conspiracy theorists whakos like Rand Paul

  9. I'd love to vote for a libertarian who could win but it's just not in the cards right now so I'll be voting for the GOP candidate as the next best thing and certainly better than any liberal progressive democrat. I'd love to have a true conservative representing me and my family in Congress so we can save America from the insane liberal progressive agenda. But until we win and take control we have to go with the GOP candidate.

  10. I remain firmly entrenched here in the middle. I can see good and bad points on both sides of this quandary.

    The Democrat Party encourages us to split the vote, because that means that the House and Senate will be populated by Democrats after every election. The Libertarians should be going after the Democrats, seeing as most of their wacky ideas are the same as what the Democrats believe, first and foremost being, hatred for Republicans.

    The Republican Party has to stop letting the Democrats pick the candidates for them. The last two presidential elections were stolen by the Democrats by:
    1. Voter fraud, and
    2. letting the Democrats pick incompetent Republican candidates.
    Just look at all the press that John McCain got before the election, when they fawned all over him being a war hero, and a great Conservative. Then when the Republican Party convention picked him, the Democrats went on the attack and the people found out that he was not Conservative in any way, shape, or form.

    The real solution is for Conservative voters to demand that the Republican Party present candidates that have real conservative views. Lower taxes, less intrusion in our lives, closed borders, send illegals packing, and a promise to clean out the anti-Americans in the government, those are the things that will get conservatives to vote for Republicans. When they start talking about "Choice" or "Women's health", make sure people know that they mean "Abortion". When they talk about "Climate Change" let people know that it is a scheme where Al Gore makes Billions of dollars. Let them know that here has been no climate change for decades, and the Polar Ice is thicker than it used to be, and there are 10 times as many Polar Bears as there were 20 years ago.

    And when a Democrat lies about you, call them on it. Don't let Democrats explain their version about what a Republican believes.

    You can vote for a Libertarian and poke your finger in the eye of the Republicans, but in January a Democrat will be sitting in the Congress. Just remember, a vote against the Republican is a vote for the Democrat. If you vote for the Libertarian, you may as well put a check mark next to the Democrat.

  11. You sound like a racist your self with the name calling and the tagging for effect. Where is your reasoning behind your hate speech as it is called today. Can you argue with out all the tags (witch,racist,isolationist,conspiracy,whakos). You are part of the problem not a reasoned solution. Until you can reason logically with out all the above I will not listen to you.

  12. Ann Coulter is a hottie, and I fantasize about her in various colors of lingerie. But she's nothing more than any other Neocon who won't use the term any more – a smart-ass talking head. She's made her reputation and money with nasty anti-anybody-who's-not-a-Republican insults, but seldom has any real substance to peddle. Every time she opens her mouth, she ruins the fantasy.

    I'm just afraid to not beat the Dems at the polls this year. My fear is that our current POTUS – if not restrained – will make some very dangerous uses of his 'pen and phone' – and all of his illegal extensions of his office. So while I agree that we need to toss Boehner et al out on their hineys, I'm thinking we need even more to send Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid back to the minor league so there is some chance of controlling Al-bama.

    We can punish GOP sellout incumbents when the Dems are the minority power in DC and can't control anything, but I don't want to risk any more seats moving to the Dem side of the house or senate. They have too many already, including Boehner's and McConnell's.

  13. I have to agree with those saying that THIS election IS the IMPORTANT one! Third Party candidates WILL hand the Senate back to the Dems and we MUST have a GOP majority in BOTH the Senate AND the House! A message WAS sent by MANY that made the incumbents in the Primaries realize that there are a LOT of us true Conservatives out here and if they do NOT listen to us, they will NOT be sent back. The GOP will listen to us more easily than the Dems. Sending emails & phoning Dems got us NO WHERE — let's at least TRY the GOP before we hand the Senate back to the Dems. LOOK at what the Dems controlling the Senate has gotten us thus far — what is it now, 300 Bills passed by the House — sitting on Reid's desk? PLEASE do NOT give this election away!

  14. Ann Coulter's book "Demonic" is an excellent description not just of the Democrat party nowadays but of politicians and bureaucrats in general of all parties. In it she compares the French and American Revolutions and brings the results forward to today. Too bad she has a huge blind spot against Libertarians since they adhere to the principles of the American revolution much more closely than today's Republican party does. My observation is that politicians and bureaucrats have Borderline Personality Disorder & Narcissistic Personality Disorder (Axis II Cluster B mental disorders) and believe they must control others' lives.

  15. The Dem's Are DESTROYING this country, & you help them get elected, If you get your candidate to win & run one on one against another party Great, go for it, BUT if you continue to vote for your candidate against two parties, you are taking votes from the Republican, vote for the Republican candidate, GET RID OF THIS SENATE MAJORITY, weed out the RINOS later, if not, your helping The Dems to continue to destroy our CONSTUTION & our way of life! GOD BLESS YOU ALL AND GOD BLESS AMERICA!

  16. I agree 100%. Get the the dems out however we have to. We are not at a time of "ideologies" we are at sink or swim with a heavy emphasis on sink at this point. I am concerned that we will ever GET another election if Obo and the crim libs declare martial law from all the crisis' they are inventing, and we are close to that situation.

  17. So you would choose to "teach the Republicans a lesson"? The dems love that philosophy. They hang together like a single celled organism that share a brain. Truly sick but at least they are cohesive in it.

  18. Ann Coulter is hardly a witch. She has a valid point, see even you can see it. You seem to a be a bit of an alarmist. Your description of Rand Paul is pretty inflammatory.

  19. Think about what she is saying. Great you have your ideology. Now take that out in the real world and watch the dems eat you for lunch.

  20. Carmelo Junior says:

    Ann Coulter is a attention seeking-book selling witch who would support Hillary Clinton over a conservative WOMAN. Ann Coulter does not want a woman or a minority to be the GOP nominee because all the GOP nominees has been white men. Ann Coulter thinks women have no chances in the GOP as presidential candidates maybe just VPs. And many "Republican" whakos think like her while liberals are nominating minorities(Obama) and are about to nominate a woman(Clinton or Warren). Libertarians are isolationist whakos who want only white men as nominees. Rand Paul is against the Civil Rights act and anti israel. get funded by rednecks confederates racists and don't have a single black person in his staff.

  21. I also agree – first get the Democrats out, then purify the ranks – some "libertarian" candidates are not that at all but Democrat trolls paid to tip the elections to the Democrats and libertarians are fools to swallow the bait.

  22. Only a "progressive" would ramble BS talking points about Libertarians…

    …only a Leftist "Proglodyte" would so blatantly use the race card, as most true "Libertarian" Americans desire Liberty and Constitutional Rights for ALL Americans!!!

  23. It will because we can hold their feet to the fire – whereas the Democrat will not care what we think.

  24. Sorry Ann but many of us are tired of holding our noses and voting for RINOs. It's tea time or bust!

  25. Carmelo Junior says:

    Elections are not won by "desire Liberty and Constitutional Rights for ALL Americans" but by the desire to give voters an opportunity to select who they want. A person that share their values. An inspiring conservative that can bring a nation together away from the mess Obama and Clinton had this nation wrapped in. Elections are not won by liberty but by equality, freedom and happiness. Liberatarians need to stop being divisive and unite with the GOP and putting forward the best possible Conservative, Inclusionist, Inspiring and Historic candidate to defeat the still popular Clinton.

  26. except for one thing: when the guy with the R after his name is almost identical to the guy with th D after his name, we have a one party system, like it or not. Last election I had a choice between the kinyun, and the kinyun light. The ONLY significant difference I could find between them was that the R guy had been making some noises and schmoozing moves about a change of heart and now supported gun rights, where the D guy has, from since he was a lazy junion senator in Illinois (hardly voted on anything, and when he did he sho8uld not have) adamantly opposed the entire basis of that Second Article of Ammendment. I threw my vote away on the R guy….. no one else to choose from except to write in Charlie Brown.

    Next go-round, the candidate that is making a plausible cae for turning most of FedGov upside down and shaking the corruptionout of it, getting back to "faithfully executing" the Constitution, reining in all the FedGov alphabet soup agencies who make law, then enforce it with no accountability and no redress, and getting FedGov off our backs so we can breathe again will get my vote. I don't care if he's Cuban…… or purple. Romney is making rumblings about running again. He will NOT get my vote this time. His antics since he went down in flames have confirmed that.

  27. Writer Gary North is a libertarian, not a conservative, and so he naturally takes umbrage at Coulter's perceptive description of libertarians as "idiots."

    Because libertarians are political hybrids, a mixture of conservative and liberal ideologies (examples: conservative, in favor of lower taxes; liberal, in support of gay marriage), they are wisely rejected by liberals who understand that libertarian conservatism would undermine the liberal agenda. But libertarians are foolishly welcomed by conservatives, who do not understand that libertarian liberalism undermines the conservative agenda.

    Whereas a true conservative might not vote for a liberal Republican or might do so only reluctantly, libertarians eagerly vote for liberal Republicans. That certainly does not further conservatism.

  28. nor will the R guy who's only about getting one more turn at the slop trough.

  29. it ain't the libertarians (proper or common noun) destroying the Tepublican Party. Noe, its the inside buddy good ol boy corruption, rule at any cost, hang the people they don't matter folks running the show. Look what happened in that recent race in the South….. what they did to Ron Paul, changing the rules illegally to prevent his being nominated, denying his rightful delegates their votes, then giving us ROmney as a candidate when their ain't a dime's worth of difference between him and the kinyun….. no, the Republican Party are imploding from their own corruption within, and no longer serve the people (if indeed they ever did)

  30. Carmelo Junior says:

    Ron Paul did not have a chance to be nominated or defeating Obama. Stop with your nonsense. Ron Paul himself sided with RomneyCare hoping his racist son would be RomneyCare VP. Satorum was the one cheated by RomneyCare, Ron Paul and Gingrich.

  31. So the best election is one where the Libertarian candidate gets just enough votes to ensure that a Democrat ends up winning? Good to know you don't actually care enough about Libertarian values to want a Libertarian to win. You just want to light a match and watch it all burn

  32. Check out Virginia. The GOP nominated Ed Gillespie! Ahahaha

  33. Robert Lebischak says:

    I agree in a lot of ways the R's and the D's are the same. But, have you looked and seen the new blood coming in under the name R? Some of them are worth the time and the vote, we need to get the Dem's out, but we also need to watch the R we vote for. I am a registred R, for a reason, an independent can not in some states vote in primary, I am also now a member of the Republican Central Committee for Guthrie County Iowa, reason, I believe we need the Dem's out, and you can work change from the inside also. For info: I believe in the Tea Party, and in my front yard, on my flag staff, flies the American Flag upside down, why? Because of distress, this nation is in great distress, the ship of state is sinking, below the American flag flies a yellow on with a snake on it. I served in the US military and so did my wife, 13 years for our nation, I do not want to see America fail, and I will work to save her.

  34. Montgomery F. says:

    Yeah, how will I leave my name and number so she can drown me? By the way, a bit off point, but I really hate CNN.

  35. Nicolas Antonoff says:

    I totally agree with Mr. Lebischak in viewing election outcomes as victories for the Nation vice gratifications of retail half – baked political conceits (libertarians are intrinsically incapable of taking a position that stresses national good vs individual benefit, which is why they will never be able to form a Government). Ms. Coulter is therefore correct, if a bit abrasive, in referring to our libertarian fellow citizens voting patterns as idiotic. Anyone who would rather see a Dem retained than a not 100 percent libertarian elected and thus save dingy Harry's senate majority into 2016 when the Dems have a better playing field is an idiot. The point of all this is that we in the Tea Party movement must mature and learn how to govern, not just babble constitutional principles. President Reagan was the best example of effective Government, even with a dem congress. Reagan was an economic nationalist – something libertarians will never fathom.

  36. With endless foreign wars abroad; a raging police state at home (including widespread NSA spying & violent, militarized police); $17 trillion of U.S. debt; citizens' civil liberties in retreat (ever heard of the NDAA and PATRIOT Act?); the U.S. dollar devalued by 97% over the past 100 years, thanks to the Federal Reserve System (see "The Creature from Jekyll Island" by G. Edward Griffin); and corrupt bankers bailed out with your tax dollars (the bailouts were started under Bush II and continued by Obama) … what exactly are you "conserving" by voting Republican??

  37. I was hoping that if a Senate majority was voted in that just maybe they could put the brakes on Obama. Reid makes sure nothing gets by from the Republican House. I would like for the bill to be at least voted on, so one party could not blame the other for a change. Thats the way its suppose to work, then we know at least our party tried to getwhat we the people want!

  38. The biggest cheerleaders Obama has in the Senate are John McCain (R-AZ) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC). Obama is Bush on steroids. Obama is just taking advantage of all the liberty-destroying measures that sailed past a GOP-led Congress and a Republican (“I’m the Decider”) president.

  39. And there’s always massive electronic vote fraud, which is built into the system now: proprietary source code that not even election officials can see. We have a Congress and president with single-digit approval ratings and still the incumbents keep getting re-elected. Can you spell D-I-E-B-O-L-D?

  40. "Libertarians are destroying the Republican party and the Tea Party movement by scaring away Reagan Democrats and independents."

    I tend to think that John McCain, Lindsey Graham or John Chafee have hurt the GOP a lot more than any libertarian.

  41. HMmmm, I know Dr. North doesn't support sodomite "marriage." So let's put that aside. Second, no matter what the motive, if conservatives vote for liberal Republicans, they are not advancing a conservative agenda. I'll just bet though conservative friends of yours and possibly yourself voted for the liberal republican in the last election….yes, I'm talking about Romney. Was that advancing conservatism or did you not learn last time….just like Dr. North is saying in this article?

  42. @Gail…very republicans care what we think either!

  43. @Gail…very few republicans care what we think either!

  44. Stuart Shepherd says:

    rosie, your analysis is perceptive itself (and at least you didn't ORIGINATE the use of the word "idiots" in your analysis, only TRANSMITTED it) but I am completely sick of the label "libertarian" anyway, because it is virtually meaningless. It has become synonymous with a type of post-hippies liberTINISM married to a little patriotism. "Conservatism" is also virtually meaningless as a political label. Personally, I'm for the rule of law- the constitution and the socio-economico-political arrangement of a "free," capitalistic, self-rule, representative republic with states rights strong enough to have allowed them to secede from the union even, if they were going to be so foolish as to seal their own fate in self-destruction. Gay "marriage" is disgusting to 99.99% of the world in cluding me, so I would vote against it in MY state and if it was passed anyway and I didn't want to bring up my children in that type of atmosphere, I'd move to a state that didn't have it- the beauty of the "United" part! Yes, I'm conservative, but politically I simply want the rule of law- the best law book ever written- the Constitution, by "We the people"

  45. Stuart Shepherd says:


  46. Stuart Shepherd says:

    Ms Coulter seems like the first white female lesbian republican spokesperson to me- a kind of inverse Obama. When she first started writing and offering historical analysis, etc she provided a lot of substance. Now, she's just GOP Broomhilda.

  47. This election represents a kind of brass ring opportunity since Democrats are vulnerable. It will be a different situation next election when Republicans will be on the defense. So taking the Senate now is crucial.

  48. I use to be a Coulter fan but I have NEVER been as big a fan of hers as she obviously is of HERSELF!!!! I say vote Republican to get control and IF it doesn't get any better or they STILL don' listen to US!!!! STOP giving them money 4 times a week when they come begging for the bribes!!!!! Call them email them go to the "town halls" and get them to listen If that doesn't work SHOOT all of them!! AS far as Ann is concerned she's funny but she also THINKS Christie is a Republican he just loves ILLEGALS and HATES the second amendment He is obviously a COULTER republican!!!! Full of SHIITE!!!!

  49. Just one question: What has voting for the lesser of two evils gotten for us so far? The problem is, Ann, that too many people vote their feelings and not their consciences.

  50. "Either they play ball with us, or we make sure they lose in November."

    Or, How a Libertarian commits suicide and takes the rest of the country with him.

  51. I like to think there is such a thing as a "Goldwater Libertarian", which may be the "sane" element of the Libertarian movement. But I am not sure.

  52. Amen Brother.

  53. Screw the GOP. I've been a Republican for many years. What is their agenda ? What have they done for us lately (the last 20 years) ? Boehner is a wimp and needs to go. A divided Party can never last, why don't they realize this.

  54. Don't care for libertarians, won't vote for them will not vote for dem. eather tea party yes on some rep., yes on some realy need to pay heed to what they realy do not what they say look at Cruz Rubio neather one would I vote for,and if they do not hold up next election. vote them out, that is why I am for term limits can't even trust ourself to get rid of the likes of mccain, and others, they don't need us making them rich and us poorer cut their pay by 60% no retirement and no medical hold a job like they us to I would even like to see no pay civic duty, that is how it really should be.

  55. Ideology be damned, legislators (politicians) follow the mob. So, Ms Coulter thinks those who don’t follow the mob are idiots. That’s debatable. Voting for the lesser of two evils may be an occasional strategy – but as a routine practice, it’s idiocy.

  56. I'm constantly reminded of Alexander Tytler's inevitable 9-step cycle through democracy – from bondage to liberty and back to bondage. It's almost like a law of physics. When one politician (party) offers work and personal responsibility, and the other offers a gift, which one gets elected? Will it ever change? Do things always have to get worse before they get better? And when things are going well, do we inevitably self-destruct? Does liberty, like a Phoenix, only rise up out of ashes?

  57. No. YOU are pulling votes away from libertarians. And no, BOTH parties are destroying this country. Get your head out of your ass.

  58. Rattlerjake says:

    The biggest problem with our voting system is that if the are more than two candidates there should be a second vote off between the two with the highest number of votes.

    Of course, if people voted for the candidates who guarantee to stand for and uphold the Constitution and the rights of the people instead of voting for their empty selfish promises it wouldn't matter.

  59. The real idiots are the republican hierarchy who place rino's in front of conservatives. As long as they want to go against the conservative citizens, the democrats will have control because they are mindless trolls who vote who they are told to vote for. Conservative's on the other hand try to vote for the conservative candidate and the leaders in the republican party only want men or women they can control. God help us!

  60. I believe Barry Goldwater was the last 'true' Conservative. Today's GOP is more like a Shriner's parade. Or 'when the clowns come marching in'.

    There is nothing at all conservative about endless war, international interventions, poor fiscal management, unbalanced budgets, gun control, open borders or warrantless spying on citizens. And let's not forget torture and indefinite detentions of foreign nationals who were not charged with a crime but were denied the protections of enemy combatants specified in the Geneva Conventions. And fussing that you oppose these things while you vote to support them is just plain lying.

  61. Robert Lebischak says:

    Your right, it won't make much difference, but, even a little is better than none. A Repub will at least listen in some cases and change their virws if enough people tell them, a Dem will take the Party line and let the people be damned. The key is the People need to wake up and think, if not we can stand tall and let Ben know we had a Republic, but did not want to keep her, it was too much trouble to get involved.

  62. Any pain you inflict on a republican candidate by voting for a libertarian will only be inflicted two fold on us by the democrats that win because the republican did not win. I understand that sometimes we are let down by our representatives, but vote them out in primary elections, not when they are running against demorats. How in the world can you not get this?

  63. I am as disgusted as anyone with the Republican Party. BUT, Gary North is dead WRONG about this. The Libertarian candidates are truly leftist as surely as the Dem candidates. I agree that we MUST NOT back establishment RINOs. But Ken Cuccinelli lost in VA because of a so-called "Libertarian", and he was a truly conservative Tea Party candidate. Libertarians are bad actors. They MUST NOT be given credibility or encouragement.

  64. The Libertarian label was once an honorable title. It could have described our Founding Fathers. Today, it represents a flea-bag mentality intent on destroying civilization as we know it – a wholly evil influence. But you should educate yourself on what Ron Paul stands for and you would have a little more credibility in discussing and criticizing "Libertarians", since they are a real scourge on our political life. Libertarians are atheist (virulently so), anarchist, and averse to industry. Ron Paul is none of these things. He is a true American. Although he himself once considered himself Libertarian, that group has morphed into something that no longer accurately represents his beliefs.

  65. Ron Paul would have won the election but for the illegal tactics of the RINO party.

  66. Libertarians are too arrogant to unite with the Tea Party or the Republicans. In fact, they are ideologically married to the Dems, and they act as a foil intentionally to obstruct conservative candidates.

  67. Ms Coulter must think all libertarians live in a Battleground State. When one lives in a Blue State like California, a libertarian would be an “idiot” to waste his/her vote on an unelectable Republican whose platform is only slightly less Big-Government than the Democrat favorite. One’s vote can, at least, make a statement for a Small-Government candidate.
    Yes, Coulter is right: both Libertarians and libertarians would be wise to vote for the lesser of two evils in the close races.

  68. It is not the vote that counts it is the one who counts the votes. In the united states if you have reached the age to legally vote and are too stupid to get a free ID, you are not qualified to vote and should not be allowed to vote.
    If you are someone who complains about someone not getting a job because they are black and the other person is white yet you vote for Obama because he is black, you are worse than a racist.

  69. The wind blew and the shit flew on this subject!!! I have NEVER, ever read such gross, inane NONSENSE in my entire life!!! You Folks better wake up and very quickly!!! 300+ bills and counting have been passed and sent to the Democratic Senate from the House Of Representatives and nary a one has been acted on by the Democtates or Obama!!! The “Demoncraps” have been destoying the U.S. since their inception! And starting with Woodrow Wilson and continuing with F.D.R. and H.S.T., enacting illegal entities within the Government like the I.R.S., the Federal Reserve, etc., etc., etc. Then it was J.F.K. and the second worst President in U.S. history, L.B.J! Then Carter, who in four years, literally desimated the Country! The U.S. has NEVER recovered from what he did??? and “didn’t” do! Then Bill and Hillary Clinton show up and screwed up the Country for good! Not only desimating our military and opening up the borders, but fudging the numbers to make the economy (the big lie!) look good to boost their own egos after they left office! I would take a Ronald Reagan or a George Bush over ANY of the aforementioned names!!! Libritaians, Independents, Reform Party members, etc,. etc., etc., are nothing more than egotistacal, arrogant, nose-up-in-the-air white Yuppy-spoiled brats, who have to have everything thier way. Me, me, me!!! Eveyone of these types of folks I have spoken to are just this kind of individual! Whaa, Whaa, whaa!!! All I can say Folks is, PICK UP YOUR BIBLES and get the REAL FACTS now!!! We just might not see a Presidential election in 2016!!! History is repeating itself right now, before our very eyes!!! There is is a REASON WHY this half-breed, racist, bigoted, Muslim, (he IS NOT African-American, what ever that term means?) Obama is where he is right now!!! None of us has seen anything yet!!! Just wait!!! The U.S. and the World are in BIG trouble!!! When it’s all said and done, we’ll see who has the last and final say on things!!! NOBODY will be laughing, thats for sure!!! Very sad state of affairs, indeed!!!

  70. The sky is falling! Vote Republican! That will save us!

  71. I disagree with the article. If we have any hope of impeaching and convicting Obama, there MUST be a Republican majority in the Senate. It would be great, also, if the combined number of Republican and Libertarian Senators was larger than the number of Dumocrats, because in that circumstance, I think the Republicans and Libertarians would join together in convicting Obama of betraying his duty to the Constitution and the Republic. However, at present, I'm afraid that's a pipe dream. I like the Libertarian philosophy, and if there were any chance of a Libertarian winning a public office, I would probably vote for him/her. The reality, though, is that any votes that would be cast for a Libertarian candidate would take votes away from the Republican candidate, possibly causing that candidate to lose. Right now, we shouldn't ask, "How will voting for this person benefit ME?" Instead, we need to focus on getting Obama tossed out of the Presidency. In any case, we should "ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country."

  72. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    What she is saying is libertarians still can't win and split the vote! Damn, I agree with her! Tea party has to pick someone without the tag. Both pauls need to lose the tag! We need electable people, any other result is just monkey motion!

  73. 1baronrichsnot1 says:

    Ice: The GOP has faulty leadership! They don't understand the game, the agenda, or how to win! Now they also have bad candidates, like ann coulter says, its not just libertarians but bad candidates in he GOP that is ruining them! John McCain, a joke, Mitt had the problem of being rich? Had the problem of being a mormon, should he be a muslim might have made it! It's a convoluted world! Everything is upside down! The tea party is our last hope, or we will be stuck with marxism eternally! We can re-do what obama and minions have done, but we can't redo the electorate! It is really bad and won't be fixed in my lifetime, maybe yours! Mitt was our man, then the criticism began! Waht bullschitt!

  74. The real problem is that for most elections a third party candidate allows someone to win without getting a majority of the vote. This is wrong, and we need to keep talking about it and demand that it be changed. When we will have runoff elections with the two top vote getters, then we will finally get more choices for office and people can finally vote their consciences and not just for the person with the better chance of winning.

  75. hello

  76. Give people someone worth voting for they will vote for them.

    Give them a 'Me too Democrat" with a Republican label and they'll stay home.

    It's really simple.