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Tipping Point: Drudge Highlights Ebola

Written by Gary North on September 17, 2014

So, you haven’t bought your water filter yet.

You have been thinking about it. But you have hesitated. They aren’t cheap.

You plan to get prepared. One of these days.

Ebola stories have been nagging at you. Now this has happened: September 17, 2014.

WorldWarEAnd this.

DrudgeEbolaBerkey’s just hit paydirt.

Do I think a pandemic¬† is looming? No. Do I think it could be looming? Yes. Do I think millions of people have been waiting on the sidelines? Yes. Do I think that, at some point, 2% of the worriers are going to start buying preparedness products? Yes. That’s all it will take to clean the shelves. Just 2%.¬† Actually, 1% would do it.

Preparedness is a cottage industry. Cottage industries are tiny. Inventories are slim. Interest is minimal.

All it will take to clear the shelves in preparedness sites is for 10% of Mormons to think: “We really ought to do what we have been told to do.”

Do the words “out of control” have a snappy ring to them?

What about “better a month early than an hour late”?

What about “stock up, and rotate the inventory”?

Nobody wants to be the first person in line. But no one wants to be the last person in line.

There will be a series of tipping points. Drudge has just initiated one.

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25 thoughts on “Tipping Point: Drudge Highlights Ebola

  1. biggest worry is just why the Federal Government is going against the Militias on the Southern Boarder instead of helping them… ???

  2. This unfortunately is by design to bring the virus to US. No UN troops but americans can be sacrificed. They want to eliminate much of the worlds population so they can have their one world so the big boys can rule us all. It's already here!

  3. I think the time to start worrying will be when some 20% or so of US volunteers and assigned military staff start to be sent home to be treated for their infections. Once we have several hundred of them back stateside, sooner or later it will be released into the general public, possibly even at multiple geographic locations. Once it gets to the public school system, all hell will break loose.

  4. I talked to someone I know who has traveled all over the world and spent time in Africa.

    He tells me that Africa is easily the most dirty and filthy place he has ever been to. And that African hospitals would not even be considered hospitals in the West. And that the reason why you see diseases in Africa that are found nowhere else is because of sanitation problems.

    So I am going to have to call this Ebola threat as a Y2K problem. Would it cause some difficulty and a few deaths in the USA and Europe? Sure. Will it be a huge problem? I say no.

  5. Public Citizen says:

    I have been saying for almost a month that this plague will be out of control by the end of October without plans and protocols in place for ~Strict Quarantine~ of those returning from the Haj.
    The Haj is an annual occuring pilgrimage to Mecca that is required of all observant Muslims to be performed at least once in their lifetime. The next Haj starts in early October.
    This pilgrimage will have tens of thousands of people from all over the world in a confined area and in close contact over a period of about two weeks. Durring this observance they will be engagin in a lot of jostling in an attempt to get close enough to a certain rock to touch the rock. Anyone familiar with disease vectoring will understand that this is a scenario for the rapid transfer of any communicable disease present from one infected person to a large population.
    If even one person incubating the Ebola virus is present, highly probable since the Muslim population of the countries where the disease is currently spreading rapidly ranges from the high single digits to above 50% {Nigeria} it will quickly be communicated to a large number of people from all over the planet.
    Unless countries institute strict quarantine policies for those travelling from Mecca and Medina [in Saudi Arabia] any time after the first of October it is likely that the Ebola Outbreak will no longer be contained to West and Central Africa.
    Once it is no longer confined to a defined area on a single continent the disease will be able to run its course with no effective check.


  6. Public Citizen says:

    The lack of sanitation does not explain the spread of this plague to medical staff that are there from western countries where proper sanitary proceedures are observed as a matter of habit.
    These infected workers have universally been observing strict infection protocolls when dealing with the infected and potentially infected yet they have still contracted a disease with a 50% mortality rate and the survivors of which have suffered the agonies of the damned

  7. truthteller says:

    dismayed: you have said much in a nutshell. It absolutely is by design – illuminati, CFA, TRi-lateral, Bohemian Grovers, etc. all the One World sickos have to eliminate this planet's population so they can rule. You have spoken platinum truth.

  8. truthfinder says:

    Unfortunately it can very well become a huge problem in the USA. Not because of poor sanitation as you say is what Africa suffers from – but because the NWO has to decimate much of the planet's population so they can rule.
    Conspiracy theory – oh no, not at all. Absolutely a fact. do the homework- startpage the documents. There is truth out there – just find it.

  9. Stuart Shepherd says:

    God's in control. He allows to happen what He chooses to allow to happen. He is not responsible for or the author of evil- but He uses it for His ultimate purpose(s). Ultimately, Christ will return, and there actually is the suggestion, in the Bible, that there will be a one-world government at that time. Perhaps we are moving toward that at this time.

  10. Stuart Shepherd says:

    You could be right. I'm a doctor, not that that's necessary to figure it out. Although there's no comparison of the mode or ease of transmission with the AIDS virus, the epidemiology could certainly be similar (spread from Africa) and the effects even more potentially devastating.

  11. "The lack of sanitation does not explain the spread of this plague to medical staff that are there from western countries where proper sanitary proceedures are observed as a matter of habit."

    That is true, the explanation for Ebola spreading to the medical staff is the lack of adequate supply of masks, gloves, and other protective equipment which is always in chronic shortage in Africa. Actually everything including a basic IV is in chronic shortage in African hospitals. My associate said that Westerners wouldn't even call them hospitals.

    "These infected workers have universally been observing strict infection protocolls"

    Which are impossible to follow in what the media are calling "hospitals" but which aren't even close. Again, this is coming from someone who is actually been to Africa.

    Have you been to Africa Public Citizen?

  12. "Unfortunately it can very well become a huge problem in the USA. Not because of poor sanitation as you say is what Africa suffers from – but because the NWO has to decimate much of the planet's population so they can rule.
    Conspiracy theory – oh no, not at all. Absolutely a fact. do the homework"

    I have done the homework, and I am well aware of population control efforts. But without better evidence it is only a theory. There are certainly safer ways to try control and reduce population than the Ebola virus. If NWO decided to use Ebola, they would have to be pretty stupid.

  13. I have been saying for almost a month that this plague will be out of control by the end of October without plans and protocols in place for ~Strict Quarantine~ of those returning from the Haj."

    Got it. Ok, so you are on record with your position, and I am on record with mine. Meet you back on this site at the end of October, and we will see who was right and who was wrong. Last time it was Liberty1 who I showed to be wrong, and when he refused to own up to his error, I held his feet to the fire.

  14. Public Citizen says:

    No I haven't. But I have been in South East Asia decades ago.
    I understand the supply problems, this is nothing new it is chronic, has been chronic for many decades, and not just in Africa. This is one of the hallmarks of any area under the control of a despotic cabal, which is the form of "government" present in much of Africa.
    While I understand the drive to show compassion to those suffering from this and other terifying afflictions the aid workers need to understand that if they don't observe the correct protocols, for whatever reason, they may be sentencing themselves to permanent exile to the area where they are working, either by dying there or from the societal need to contain the infection to a defined area.

  15. Public Citizen says:

    David, it isn't a matter of who's "right". You have a personal insight into what is happening "on the ground" through the experience of a friend that you are in frequent communication with. This is an experience that most of us will never have.
    I hope pasionately that I ~will~ be proven "wrong" about my concern. Unfortunately my entire lifes experience tells me that this is not just a possibility but a likely scenario. I'd rather be viewed as "wrong" than see this dire prediction come to fruition.
    I've read all of your posts on this thread and I'm not really clear on what your perspective is. I understand that you have perspective from having someone you are close to telling you what is happening in the affected areas. I don't understand how that information translates into a plan for dealing with this disease or preventing the further spread to uninfected areas of Africa and beyond.

  16. truthfinder says:

    I absolutely believe God is in control – ultimately. But He is allowing the NWO to move forward – this is in His plan to end this sinful planet as we know it and begin the New Earth – millennial rule. I for one, cannot wait for the New Earth with Christ as the Head.

  17. Realistically we can't plan for anyone but our own selves and our families. But what I see is the government and its favored companies chasing dollar signs by railroading a vaccine they can sell in the future that probably won't work but will cause harm.

    My main point isn't that though, it is just that people should take into account that Africa is not the West, and the harm Ebola can cause in Africa doesn't necessarily mean it will cause the same harm in the USA. Take a look at this article…

    "The bodies of eight people, including several health workers and three journalists, have been found days after they were attacked while distributing information about Ebola"

    I am sure if Americans made it a habit of murdering doctors and nurses who try to treat patients, we would have much greater disease mortality rate than we currently have in the USA. Africa is still a very ignorant and barbaric land.

  18. You don't even mention the sexual perversions of many Africans (no matter which particular country). AIDS originated in Africa. Is anyone surprised that so many "exotic" diseases come from Africa? Those people are barely civilized. They will screw anything, and multiple times.

  19. I agree however evil exist because good men do nothing, waiting for God to interviene

  20. Hamish McTavish says:
  21. truthfinder says:

    Kevin: you are absolutely right.

  22. truthfinder says:

    Please read the Word of God – Levitucus is one of many places in the Bible that talks about the horrors that are descending on this earth. It is not a theory. It is written in God's Word, and what is written cannot be changed.

  23. Public Citizen says:

    I've read that article.
    This sort of response has been predicted in other articles the past couple of days.
    Now that it has happened there is only one rational response. Round up the entire village. Burn it to the ground. Build a new compound on the ashes consisting of basic sanitary facilities and enough tents to shelter the perpetrators. Confiscate all metal except knives with blades less than 3"". Take lots of video and leave. Broadcast the video via every available local outlet as a warning to any other local group that thinks that they can murder those attempting to help them without imediate and severe consequences.
    If this sounds unduly harsh, ask the families of those murdered what they want done. They will probably ask for the lives of the entire village to be forfeit.
    We have better education in this country with regards to sanitation and health care. With the current state of public education that is changing as it has been before the living memory of those working in the educational system that there has been a major outbreak of the diseases that were endemic prior to the late 1800s early 1900s so there is only academic knowledge of the reasons ~why~ these measures are so vitally important.

  24. "It is not a theory."

    No one is going to pay any attention to your unsupported assertions truthloser. And frankly, I don't think you have the intelligence to do that. But prove me wrong, prove that you have more intelligence than the average midwit.

    Ebola is not a weapon of the NWO for one of two reasons. It either A) isn't that deadly after all, in which case it would be stupid to use as a biological weapon. Or B) it is so deadly it would kill the people who are trying to use it as a weapon along with everyone else, which again, makes it stupid to use as a biological weapon.

    And that, is why truthloser is wrong about Ebola.

  25. What does water filters have to do with the Ebola virus? It's spread by contacting infected bodily fluids not through water.