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Media Blackout: State Department Orders 160,000 Anti-Ebola Suits

Written by Gary North on September 16, 2014

It is all over Google. It is not found on any mainstream media site that I can find.

This is a big story. If true, it indicates panic mode in the State Department.

It is clear why the government does want this story to get out.

Let’s see if there are denials. Let’s see if any mainstream media outlet posts a detailed denial. If there is only silence, this is a bad sign. The news is spreading. Where are the denials?

Click the link to find Google stories.

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11 thoughts on “Media Blackout: State Department Orders 160,000 Anti-Ebola Suits

  1. The media can't cover such a thing as it's just more evidence that the world is burning as the communist Muslim usurper golfs. Besides, the media is busy running cover for Hilary on Benghazi and fawning over her Presidential aspirations.

  2. Typical Obama Tactic, smoke & mirrors. miss-direction, miss-information… Now he can sacrafice our U.S. Military forces to take care of the ebola effected countries… Then Obama and Hillary can move about to spread their anti-American agenda throughout America & the World… Naturally the Lame Steam News Media will continue to be their Propaganda Machine and cover for them… Welcome to Obama World !!!
    Remember to VOTE this coming NOVEMBER ELECTION and get rid of these Anti-American and Self-Serving Politicians before they take our right to vote away from us !!!

  3. crazyfreedie says:

    This fuc___g Muslim must go / my blood is at its boiling point right now ! It is time for that total revolution !

  4. Robert What? says:

    Some might ask: “what are they fearing?”. Others might ask: “what are they planning?”.

  5. It sure seems to me that we the citizenry are on our own and the sooner that we recognize this the better. You have correctly identified this piece of evil sh^t and unless he is made to step down – about six feet for me would do – be prepared to be a slave of the State. REVOLUTION will be the SOLUTION! Everyone needs to start discussing this demonic psychopath's deliberate plans to destroy America and forget about the ef'n football! We will not last through the year, I'm laying 50-1 on that, any takers? He has destroyed our Army and has replaced it with his "civilian army", the police state and it won't be long before he gives the high sign to his Muslim terrorists that are waiting in this country to do what it is that they do so well – murder the infedels! The stupid-a$$ leftists that back him will be included in the slaughter and mayhem, the fools! It is time to get right with your maker because there will be so many that are going to their graves

  6. The question shouldn’t be “Where are the denials?”, but “When is government not lying and covering up a scandal?”


    The implant is specifically designed to be injected in the forehead.

    When properly installed, it will instantly allow the terrorist to speak to ALLAH.

    It comes in various sizes: Generally from ..223 to .50 cal.


    The exact size of the implant will be selected by a well-trained and highly skilled technician,
    who will also make the injection.

    No Anesthetic is required. The implant is likely to be painless.

    Side effects, like headaches, nausea, aches or pains are extremely temporary.

    Some bleeding or swelling may occur at the injection site. In most cases, its not noticeable.

    Please enjoy the security provided for you by the Armed Forces of America.

    P.S. Also applies to government officials and bureaucratic hacks !!!


  8. Amazing how fast the State Department acted on the suits, but when it comes to Benghazi, they drug their behinds.

  9. It’s all over on Google, eh?

    Yeah, we can trust Google when the government wants “certain” news out. Remember this is the stupid organization that said “Do no evil”.

    It was meant for you!

  10. 160,000 suits sounds like a lot, but they are disposable. Between every patient, they normally change suits. One doctor could easily use 10-30 per day. Of course, if there was a large outbreak they would have to reuse suits which would increase the chance of infection of patients.

  11. Wesley bruce says:

    Well said its only enough for a few thousand medical personnel for a month or so. If there are any significant stains the thing will be burned not cleaned. These would not be going to Africa, tons have already been sent. These are restocking; replacing the ones sent.
    They wont solve the biggest cause of the diseases spread. Superstition. The region has drifted back from colonial Christianity to animist witch doctors. In some places Islamic witch doctors and in some places they are militant witch doctors. That's why the government Ebola team and a few reporters were murdered this week. The witch doctors see western medicine as an attack on them, and they are right because their tribal blood magic propagates the disease. There are rumours that the medical people are not curing anyone but just killing the carriers. Its a very dangerous situation. 1600000 suits may not be enough and some may need to be bullet proof NBC gear. No-one makes those.