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CIA Estimate for ISIS: 31,500, Up by 21,500 Since June

Written by Gary North on September 13, 2014

It may be 31,000. It may be 20,000. But 31,500 sounds like more of a threat, so the CIA will let you choose that figure.

Bottom line: the CIA has no idea.

In June, there were 10,000, we are told. Really? What was the official CIA estimate in June? Sorry. The CIA did not offer one.

Why not? Because in June, ISIS had only recently been identified as a terrorist organization. In May, it was a freedom-fighting institution. It was fighting Bashar al-Assad, that evil man in Syria. You know. Hitler. Back in May, the U.S. government gave military aid to ISIS as part of the anti-Assad coalition.

Anyway, ISIS is now up to 31,500, maybe. That’s up 21,500 in three months. This is for both Syria and Iraq.

That is a growth rate that indicates a looming mass movement. Recruits could be described as coming out of the woodwork, if Syria and Iraq had any wood. But Obama is going to defeat ISIS with drone strikes operated by pilots in Nevada. No problem.

No boots. No ground. Drones.

From now on, whenever you think “Obama’s Middle East policy,” think “drones.”

ISIS is Sunni. It is therefore the enemy of Shiite Islam. Iran is Shiite. So, Obama is about to give Iran just what it needs.

ISIS is anti-Assad. So, Obama is about to give Assad just what he needs.

This is a unique performance. In less than a month, Obama has switched sides twice. Now, we are going to bomb ISIS into the Stone Age. From Nevada. This will strengthen the hand of two important governments in the region: Iran and Syria.

He of course says he is not doing this. He is going to fight the enemy of our enemies, and he is going to give no aid or comfort to any of our enemies. From Nevada.

John Kerry has said explicitly that Iran will not be part of the anti-ISIS coalition. This means that Iran will get all of the benefits with none of the costs — a sweet deal for Iran.

They say that politics makes strange bedfellows. Obama’s present policy, which is less than two weeks old, is giving new meaning to that old phrase.

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has described the NATO position — yes, NATO is involved, because it was created in 1949 to defend Western Europe from the USSR — as suffering from “serious ambiguity.” (NATO is also a serious ambiguity, but the Foreign Ministry was talking about the policy, not NATO.)

How do you wipe out the major military enemy of your two major enemies in the region, without giving aid and comfort to your two major enemies in the region?

This is President Obama’s dilemma. He is solving it in the same way that he is solving the obvious fact that ISIS is an Islamic terrorist organization. He is defining away the problem. He assured us in his speech that ISIS is not Islamic. He will now assure us that destroying the number-one enemy of our two major regional enemies is not giving aid and comfort to our two major regional enemies.

Politics not only makes strange bedfellows; it makes strange rhetoric. It makes even stranger definitions.

ISIS is not Islamic.

We are not helping Iran.

We are not helping Assad.

I am not a lame-duck president.

It is all great fun to watch. From Nevada.

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9 thoughts on “CIA Estimate for ISIS: 31,500, Up by 21,500 Since June

  1. Ob-ma’s is mentally incapacitated, and totally incapable of handling the enormous terrorist threat presently facing this nation. (Lacking experience in foreign affairs) When a man offers his condolences to a family whose son was murdered, and 9 min. later he’s back on the golf course; something is desperately wrong. He has shown indecisiveness regarding major decisions, not following through on his ultimatums (Syria’s red-line etc.). He is unable to state that we are at war with a terrorist fraction, blind to the fact that “ISIS” is religiously motivated (Islamic terrorist fraction), and to date, has not offered a working strategy to defeat the enemy.
    Our effort to defeat the ISIS, under the guidelines of this president continues to digress due to incompetence, lack of experience, political agendas, and his insistence to adlibbed critical-life threatening decision that negatively effect the lives and future of all American’s. (Open borders permitting passage of ISIS is irresponsible).

  2. So now we have a neighborhood organizer running a non-war against people that are not Muslims with no ground troops to take and hold territory. This sounds like a non-good idea by a non-President who has not been paying attention. For what it's worth I think he puts more planning into the average tee shot and more concentration into the average putt than he does into our country's security. And he's still a lousy golfer. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  3. IMO we should just let them kill each other until the # of enemy groups is reduced. I might agree to providing defensive arms (M16s, Claymores, Bazookas, etc.) to non-Muslims caught in the middle.
    What have Islam and Muslims contributed to our modern life? Most of the Contributions attributed to them come from before 1000 AD and almost nothing since the US Revolution.
    "It encompasses rules for every sphere of life including spiritual, economic, social, judicial and political. As Islam came from the Creator of the universe, it is a superior system, free from the inconsistencies and disparities, which riddle man-made systems such as Capitalism and Communism.
    With this in mind, we may expect the Muslim world, whose population follows Islam as a religion, to be at the forefront of development and science, as they have at their disposal, a flawless system to regulate their affairs and drive them forward. However, what we find instead is that most of the Muslim world labours in poverty. It is no wonder then that the Muslim world has stagnated when it comes to scientific and technological research. Some of these countries do not even have basic infrastructure in place such as schools, hospitals and roads, which would enable them to have a standard of living considered necessary."

  4. My guess is the stated 10% to 15% of the 1.5 billion Muslims are radicalized so the estimate is now 150 million to 225 million . . feel safe with Kerry – Clinton – Obama – Hagel . . wow what a strong team . . they almost got Benghazi but the video got them.

  5. Grumpy Old Man says:

    This is a very interesting analysis. So, how about this? Let any American troops or officials in the region round up any other "Americans" that want to leave the region and escort them to a safe haven and then not return. They can return when the situation is stable and safe. Huh? If it is really evil vs. evil, let them have at it. If the big shots really want to do something, let them set up a safe haven and accept refugees. Of course that would then make us good, and we can't stand for that, now, can we?

  6. Why is it that none of you learned a g–damned thing from Orwell’s 1984?

  7. the jew threat says:

    ISIS is jewish—thats the only thing we know.

  8. montgomery F. says:

    ISIS is the pretence for destabilizing Syria, getting rid of Assad and sticking it to Putin for getting Assad to give up his chemical weapons and for sending Russian ships in to the Mediterranean and for ramming the Crimea down his throat without letting the west “talk” about “solutions” (ie. Screwing up the area more). And then there’s Ukraine. Bush said 50 billion for Iraq War; turned into a trillion plus and a power vaccum in Iraq.

  9. For woodworkers