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Apple Watch: An NSA Tracking Device for the Upper Middle Class

Written by Gary North on September 10, 2014

Every year, Apple comes up with a new tracking device. This year, it came up with two: the new, improved iPhone 6 and Apple Watch.

Think of the product line as NSA Watch.

What will the NSA watch? Everyone who wears an Apple Watch.

This technology is revolutionary. Anyway, that’s what the media think. That’s also what the NSA thinks.

Americans can’t wait.

We have all seen those law-and-order shows where criminals are required to wear tracking devices strapped permanently to their legs. Now, the devices are far more stylish. They also offer neat, free apps.

Snowden? Who’s Snowden?

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17 thoughts on “Apple Watch: An NSA Tracking Device for the Upper Middle Class

  1. Anthony Alexander says:

    Paranoid!!??…I think you’re stupid….Americans are so gullible, credulous and naive…They just LOVE gizmos and gadgets…I mean what the F_CK did you do before these gizmos…..??……Nothing….You didn’t need it. That’s the point. Moreover your little brain told you needed it when their pied piper marketing had you marching down to the nearest Apple store to get the latest and greatest…..You might as well have a ring in your nose and someone leading you the entire way through your life….You may THINK you have freedom, but every little gadget and gizmo that has the ability to track, provide your position, show you where to drive ( what happened to maps and planning your way), bring in laundered news, you now have become a sheep of the state which under government rule can do whatever they want with you. You think you have rights but think again they are only a list of TEMPORARY privileges…..You want to talk about rights then look up Japanese Americans 1942 in Wikipedia and I will tell you all about your precious F_CKING rights!…..You can be detained, manipulated and used by the state anytime they want.

  2. No paranoia here – just being realistic… Perhaps Shane should get his head out of the sand before he is completely engulfed in it.

  3. Today, anyone who is not at least slightly paranoid does not understand the situation. The NSA is monitoring everything. FBI agents are all over Ferguson but ignoring the IRS. The administration covers up everything, just because they can. The President makes promises he has no intention of keeping. The AGs office aids and abets political criminality. ISIS is in the US and we aren't told. We have an obligation to be paranoid. See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  4. And now Shane is talking to himself. Understandable, no one else will listen to him, since he sticks his head in the sand about the NSA and every other Obama screwup.

  5. Shane, Shane, Shane… your comment would be laughable if it weren't so pathetically blind and ignorant. You're a typical leftist whose god is liberalism and a big (leftist) gov't. to control everyone and everything, since you believe most people are unable to manage their own lives in a capable and competent manner, including yourself. And whether we/they are or not, it's called freedom, a concept that is obviously foreign to you. That is, until one day when Big Brother shows up on YOUR doorstep. Then I'm sure you will start singing a different tune, only it will be too late, at least for you. A word to the wise, but I'm afraid it's way over your head, and unfortunately, totally wasted on you. But that's okay, there are others who get it.

  6. it is common knowledge that they can monitor just about any type of hand held device/laptop/pad/pc etc they want – and are. some products like apple aren't as secure as they claim (search recent celeb icloud leak if you have been under the ether). apple is the easiest to monitor/hack/, btw. google is your friend – there are good unbiased forums out there (non dooms dayer conspiracy type) where you can find which is the best device for security/reliability out of the box and what you can do to further protect is from being hacked or spied on… if it were me id absolutely stay away from ANY apple product…

  7. Sorry, Shame! This is real. The watches can't work without tracking. Just like it is impossible to make a phone call that isn't recorded. This is a function of modern tech. The NSA just keeps the original. There is little reason to worry about this. Our government is so corrupt under this dick tater that it doesn't need NSA to trump up proof and take somebody to court and falsely convict them. But then, they will most likely have a fatal accident.

  8. Why do you think that MicroSoft was taken to court for being a monopoly while Apple IS a real monopoly? They even try to prevent you from using a non-Apple product to program for Apple devices.

  9. not necessarily paranoid as any commercial technology eventually can and likely will fall under government access or control depending on the party or president in power at the time.

  10. You're only paranoid if they ARE NOT really tracking your movements.

    Sadly, we already know they ARE tracking our movements any time they can, recording and storing all our phone calls (land or cell or VOIP), and all email and social media communications. The only thing they're not permitted to do is to open your snail mail – but they may be doing that anyway.

    Why? To 'build a case' in the event you ever attract their attention, or ire, of course. So what's so paranoid about identifying this as a danger? The fact that they will do this at all is a danger – we only need look at any society in history where the government was spying on everyone to realize that the next step is the government starting to terminate large numbers of citizens as 'threats'.

    There are ways to minimize their successes against you – but that by itself puts you on a priority list for an 'investigation'….

  11. your understanding of "monopoly" is off. FedGov did attack Microsoft, accusing them of monopoly, but they were wrong in so doing. They had a huge share of the market, but no real control except to coniue offering products for which people were willing to pay money. I refused, as did many others I know. By their logic, they should also take off after Starbucks. (I don't give any of my money to tem, either, but I wish I were a tenth as smart as the guys who built that effective monopoly). Apple has no monopoly, either, likely never will. They DO design stuff to ONLY work on their software. Ducatti build motorcycles that use Bosch electronic ignition components, but they can ONLY be bought through Ducatti, not the normal Bosch trade channels. Don't like it? Don't ride a Duke… or use Apple products. WHY do government insist on meddling with the free market?

  12. I grew up without air conditioning in Florida. I don't NEED it, but I enjoy a cool house and an Iphone.

  13. "Paranoid" would imply that the NSA intends to use the Watches to eavesdrop on people and then indoctrinate them through subliminal messages while they sleep.

    Otherwise the NSA would be happy to gather data on your movements from cell tower to cell tower. 99.999 percent of us would never be anything more than a data base entry.

    A few would be "persons of interest" and would be tracked.

  14. Shane likes to troll Dr. North. As our Man likes to say, "A fool returns to his folly like a dog to his vomit". Shane come here a lot to vomit.

  15. You are the least knowledgeable person I have ever seen post! Apple has NEVER been hacked, no viruses, and the cloud was NOT hacked. One celebs account was. Google happens to be "In Bed" with NSA, their hacking is rated at a 90 percent success rate. All MS products are absolutely hackable. All software resides on the HDD, and all that antivirus software does is look for signatures of "KNOWN" viruses. I can write a virus and it will infect all PC's that it get on. Until the AV company gets a look at it and adds it's "Signature" to their list, and you "UPDATE" you AV software, it will work. And after you video card and HDD have been "Infected", good luck. That is why some viruses "RUIN" a PC. The BIOS, video card, and HDD have been infected, and you will spend lots of time getting it to work again!

  16. Anyone with a cell phone can be tracked even "dumb" cell phones.

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