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“Fix Bayonets!” The Feds Gave 12,000 Bayonets to Local Police Departments. Why?

Written by Gary North on September 9, 2014

National Public Radio did something very useful recently. It investigated who got what in the U.S. government’s program to give military equipment to local police departments.

This initial list raised more questions than it answered. The main question is this: “Why?

  • 79,288 assault rifles
  • 205 grenade launchers
  • 11,959 bayonets
  • 3,972 combat knives
  • $124 million worth of night-vision equipment, including night-vision sniper scopes
  • 479 bomb detonator robots
  • 50 airplanes, including 27 cargo transport airplanes
  • 422 helicopters
  • More than $3.6 million worth of camouflage gear and other “deception equipment”
  • First, why does the Army still buy bayonets? Bayonets have not been used in combat since about 1848.

    Second, how would local police departments use them?


    It turns out that weapons are a relatively small part of the 1033 program.

    Each item in the database has a National Stock Number (NSN), which NPR used to determine the general category of each item and gain a broader understanding of what types of equipment have been made available through the 1033 program. The list includes building materials, musical instruments and even toiletries.

    (For the rest of the article, click the link.)

    Continue Reading on www.npr.org

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    19 thoughts on ““Fix Bayonets!” The Feds Gave 12,000 Bayonets to Local Police Departments. Why?

    1. Americans are already wondering out loud why a government they pay crushing taxes to, takes care of everyone else but those who pay for the system. The military is being trained (like the police) to regard Americans as “walking dead”, which will make it easier for armed forces to mow down an angry population when the SHTF.

    2. malcolm7173 says:

      You can bet your sweet ass everything that is authorized by the 1033 Program will be used against we the people. This is why your elected officials in Washington supported the program. Do you think they might be thinking what if we the people come after their crook and corrupt asses. These people we buy their way to Washington are nothing more than whores who will sell their soles for a dollar. There isn't a honest one up there who hasn't take special interest money from some group. If you notice the Rhino's are support each other no matter what party he or her belong to. The Rhino's are united to try and stay in office so they can continue their corrupt ways.

    3. & when the angry Citizens are mowed down by the military & police,they better be concerned about their family's being KILLED & THEIR HOMES BURNED !!! don't start no chit,won't be no chit …….

    4. that's RINO Malcolm… 🙂

    5. wiltedrosemarybush says:

      A minor detail: not sure where the 1848 date comes from. Bayonets were used extensively in the US Civil War, and were deployed in the Great War and the Second World War as well, though with diminished effectiveness. As recently as the second Gulf War there was a documented instance of British troops fixing bayonets and charging some insurgents successfully.

      But, that aside, it is very scary that police are being issued bayonets.

    6. Please note that bayonets were used in both WW1 and WW2. The last reported use of a bayonets was in the Korean War.

      That being said this militarization of our police forces is a mistake. i almost believe this is being done to vilify the police forces so Obama can take control of them through the DOJ and Holder. I know that is far fetched. i really can't think of any other rational for giving police forces these unnecessary devices. Except to further demonize the police in America

    7. Howard Dopper says:

      Bayonets, tanks, military hardware, and on and on and on. Welcome to the PSA. The Police State of America. It is the precursor to The MSA. The Marxist State of America. That is when citizens will be drowning in their blood in the streets.

    8. johngarand says:

      From The Article> "Bayonets have not been used in combat since about 1848."
      Oh really????? Let's revise the record. Spanish American War, Boer War, WW I, WW II, Korean War, Viet-Nam…Did I miss anything?

    9. johngarand says:

      There are more of us than there are of them; greater numbers, more firearms. It will NOT be citizens drowning in their own blood…

    10. David Dillon says:

      True. Bayonets were used in the American Civil War, most notably by the 20th Maine at Gettysburg, with great success. However, with the advent of repeating rifles, bayonets were clearly on their way out. The only use I can think of today would be against unarmed civilians. That is indeed scary.

    11. Why aren’t these equipment not donated to the local Militia across America? At least for the small arms.

    12. We had them in Vietnam and would have used them in close combat if needed.

    13. Bayonet training is part of every soldier's training.

      Are our Police being trained to confront returning and returned Iraq and Afghan campaign vets?

    14. The militias could use some of the larger stuff to as they are to be on call if they are needed to be called out and then we have the matter of the second. We will not stand long against tanks if we have non. Plus if you really read the constitution we are not to have a standing army so the navy is the only constitutional military. Good thing the Marines are part of the navy.
      Besides some of these cops are pretty good and let you play with their toys.

    15. DenverKitty says:

      The first negroe that gets scewered by a bayonet-wielding police officer will touch off a Civil War.

    16. Bayonets were used in the last Gulf War! They serve one purpose and one purpose only!

    17. No Article 1 (several sections) says to,

      “raise and support armies…”
      “…and regulation for land and naval forces.”
      “…for the erection of forts, magazines, arsenals…”

    18. This is a great idea! The cops can weld bayonets all over the armored vehicles the government is providing, and make porcupines out of them.

    19. I looked up my county and we got 8 planes and 8 helos, plus all kinds of random spare parts. Now we have to maintain all this stuff. We also got 8 pages of guns.