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Who Watches CNBC? Just About Nobody.

Written by Gary North on September 8, 2014

In the key demographic group that ad agencies want to target, 25-54, CNBC’s Nielsen ratings have fallen to the lowest point since 1992.

CNBC’s senior management has a solution. CNBC will no longer release the data to Nielsen for daytime TV — which is when people watch financial news. That will fool the ad agencies!

Jim Cramer will bang his cow bell in anonymity — as well he should.

The no longer young lady with the bags under her eyes will have no way to know if anyone is watching.

The sharks have eaten most of the swimmers. There are fewer swimmers in the water. The ratings keep falling.

“Buy an index fund” is bad advice, but it’s better than watching CNBC for the next Microsoft.

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2 thoughts on “Who Watches CNBC? Just About Nobody.

  1. CNBC? There is such a thing? Why? Where? To what end? Get my point? See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  2. Good I hope they go out real soon they are libs and lie to the people we are sick of them and there coruption no one can belive them anymore I would not wast my time to turn them on That gos for the other stations that lie to us and kiss Ovmits butt they will be the next ones to go the people want the truth not lies We are sick of all them good by