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Kooks on the Right: A Libertarian Example

Written by Gary North on September 8, 2014

Every movement has its share of fringe people. There is a bell-shaped curve of brilliant people, normal people, and outright kooks.

The interesting thing that I find in my life is that I get outraged emails only from the kooks. I don’t get emails that are highly critical from people who have written a book or who have a regular column on a site that pays its columnists. I may get an argument about this or that minor point, but, on the whole, authors who spend their lives writing, and who therefore spend their lives dealing with fruitcakes, prefer not to send emails to other authors, exposing their weaknesses. Either they ignore these weaknesses or else they go into print to lambaste the deviant.

Anybody who sends emails to professional authors, demanding that they repent or recant for this or that supposed deviation from this or that supposed position, are people with too much time on their hands. They are virtually assuring the recipients of the letter that the sender is a fruitcake.

With this in mind, let me quote a recent email from a certifiable fruitcake. This one is a libertarian fruitcake. He is also an anti-Zionist.

There are plenty of crackpot anti-Zionists who are deeply anti-Semitic. They are usually on the Right, although Social Credit Lefties sometimes are anti-Semitic, because of the banking issue. They warn against the IJBC: the International Jewish Banking Conspiracy. This anti-Semitism goes back to the American Populist movement.

This one is just anti-Zionist.

I recently recommended a product that I have thoroughly enjoyed, Sodastream. It is an inexpensive device that lets you carbonate water. I find that I drink a lot more water when it is carbonated, and it is really cheap to carbonate it by using Sodastream.

In other words, here is a company that sells a product that offers a valuable service, and it sells the product at a very low price.

Second, it is made in the State of Israel. I knew about its policy of hiring a lot of Arabs. It offers wages way above market rates for Arabs who normally would not be able to get good jobs. In an attack on the company by an unnamed Palestinian employee, the man admits that 90% of the 850 workers are Palestinians, and that they are paid three to four times the wage paid by the Palestinian Authority. Yet he insists: “We Palestinian workers in this factory always feel like we are enslaved.” My suggestion: they should battle this enslavement by quitting. This will allow Arabs who want to be enslaved to replace them. It would take maybe an day.

Third, I love creative ads. This is one the best ads I have ever seen. It was rejected by the Super Bowl ad committee, because it targets rival brands. Does it ever!

With this as background, here is the email I received.

I’ve been getting your weekly email prmotion for years. I was just about to finally subscribe – until your endorsement of Soda Stream hit my inbox. Now, I know you’re an erudite and informed individual. Otherwise, I would have unsubscibed to your weekly email links years ago. Therefore, I’m puzzuled by this. Surely, you would be familiar with – particularly as a Libertarian – the manifest reasonss not to contribute financial support to companies like soda Stream which operate in concert with the illegal Colonialist Military Ocupation of The West Bank. Further, in light of the incalculable financial expense to US Taxpayers and their involuntary sacrifieces to enable the ongoing human rights crimes perpetrated by Israel against the indigenous population for over 50 years, I can only surmise that your own purportedly libertarian principles aren’t very credible… to put it mildly. If I’m wrong, you should publish an amended statement disavowing your bizarre support of this company and, indeed, all such operations that benefit from oppression and flagrant human rights abuses that flout international law. ..that is, if you really have the courage of your convictions.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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30 thoughts on “Kooks on the Right: A Libertarian Example

  1. W Gary Johnson says:

    This reminds me: I have been trying to unsubscribe to your emails ever since you sent me an ad for David Horowitz's newsletter. I had been deleting subsequent emails, but I was wondering who you considered a "kook". Perhaps it will help if I place my "unsubscribe" request here.

  2. Lynn Johnson says:

    Yeah, if you don't like David Horowitz, you are a genuine kook. I like Horowitz, loved his book about his journey from the left to the right, Radical Son. Honest, unsparing of his own dignity, a wonderful book about a sincere change of heart.

    You may be anti-semite. At the least you are an odd duck.

    You have sullied the "Johnson" name! <grin>

  3. I suppose I'd be considered a "kook" by these anti-semites for I am by ancestry, Jewish, and by choice for Israel.

  4. Jim Foster says:


    The real kooks are the Libertarians who are running for the Senate in the close red states in the upcoming election. You should be going all out to deter them from running. They will only act as spoilers. The only way the Lihertarians can be elected is through the Republican party.. As Rand Paul has done.

  5. Outraged emails by kooks, to kooks. Love it.

  6. we all live in massive illusions and the 2 party thing is just that.

  7. WhiteFalcon says:

    This guy is an anti-Zionist to be sure but even though he thinks of himself as a Libetarian, I can't really say that he is. He sounds kind of like a Nazi, which is not far right even though the press wants you to think so, but it is the same thing as communism or fascism or any other such philosophy. They all boil down to the same thing, tyranny. The opposite of all these big government systems would be anarchy, which they are not. Therefore Nazis and commies are both far left, and I suspect that this fruitcake is among them.

  8. Stuart Shepherd says:

    I agree with you 100% glop, and I actually AGREE with Mr. North on his positions, but it is MR NORTH who is calling people "kooks" and "fruitcakes" and is so narcissistically and arrogantly condescending to write "Anybody who sends emails to professional authors, demanding that they repent or recant for this or that supposed deviation from this or that supposed position, are people with too much time on their hands. They are virtually assuring the recipients of the letter that the sender is a fruitcake" when his professional authorship is, at least in part, writing a public newsletter/opinion piece inviting feedback commentary!! That's completely amazing to me that he would write that. Mr North, didn't your mother ever tell you- "if you don't have anything good to say don't say anything at all" (when it's not productive). Even if you were actually THINKING someone is a "kook" or a "fruitcake" do you really need to be so arrogantly and condescendingly dismissive, especially when it was YOU who "invited" (through the publication of your commentary) their comments in the first place?! It's demeaning and unprofessional and completely obnoxious. You could have simply refuted the comments that you thought were "kooky" without labeling them as such, as you did here, and as you have a responsibility to do if you're going to make public editorial comment with an invitation to respond on a blog. You are obviously an extremely intelligent man and apparently a very decent one, but nobody's perfect- neither the "kooks" or YOU- and you really should apologize for publishing those ad hominens.

  9. Someone emailed Shane.

  10. It's news to me that the right doesn't support Israel?? Live and learn I guess! This seems to be more an ad for Soda Stream than anything else so I hear it's pretty good! I am a coke person myself Pepsi always tasted like flat coke! I guess it your own choice! I never cared one way or the other if people liked me are agreed there opinion was never my business!!!

  11. Odd duck indeed. I have yet to run into a anti-Semitic rightwing. Not to say it would be impossible to find one if you searched hard. But I have yet to be exposed to a liberal who wasn't ant-Semitic. Except once. Joan Rivers.

  12. Oh and Soda Stream is a fantastic product. I used it many years ago. Got it thru my Schwan man. Made Pepsi coke seven up and any pop. And the tasted exactly like the store bought. Exactly!

  13. anti-jewite says:

    a jew who goes left to right—-same old jew game of playing both sides. only a kook would fall for horror-witz

  14. ant-jewite says:

    any white man who is not anti jewish is simply not a man. a slave yes, a shabbas goy yes

  15. W Gary Johnson says:

    Here's another one of those "right wing kooks": http://original.antiwar.com/rothbard/2010/03/02/w

    Anyone wasting their money and kitchen counter space on SodaStream is drinking way too much soda to be healthy.

  16. “Our race is the master race. We are divine gods on this planet. We are as different from the inferior races as they are from insects. In fact, compared to our race, other races are beasts and animals, cattle at best. Other races are considered human excrement. Our destiny is to rule over the inferior races. Our earthly kingdom will be ruled by our leader with a rod of iron. The masses will lick our feet, and serve us as our slaves.” Former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin, in a speech to the Knesset, quoted by Amnian Kapulik in The New Statesman, June 25, 1982.

    It is instructive to remember that the Lavon Affair in 1954 was perpetrated by Israelis disguised as Arabs, blowing up US assets in the Mideast in the hopes the US would attack Egypt in retaliation.

    It is also instructive to recall that Israel attacked the USS Liberty in 1967 in unmarked planes and strafed lifeboats in an attempt to sink the ship and blame that on Egypt as well. A retaliatory US strike was only recalled within 120 seconds of a nuclear strike on Cairo, when surviving crew members managed to rig a makeshift antenna and radio DC that it was not Arabs that had attacked, but the Israelis.

    As Victor Ostrovsky, former head of the Mossad, titled his memoirs, “By Way Of Deception”…

    It is perfectly legal and honorable to criticize the actions of the Israeli government without being smeared as an anti-semite.

  17. It would be "legal and honorable to criticize the actions of the Israeli government without being smeared as an anti-Semite" except for the fact that in practice every one who is critical of Israel also happens to be an anti-Semite. That means that theoretically you may be right, but empirically, you are dead wrong.

    You are a perfect example of the anti-Israel-cum-anti-Semite. You self-satisfyingly quote a vicious libel of Menachem Begin from the New Statesman, a leftist British magazine opposed to Israel. Whatever else Begin might have been, he was not stupid, and he would never utter such contemptuous, inflammatory words that would immediately turn everyone against Israel.

    You present the quotation as fact, but it's a certainty that you are not scholarly and never actually checked the archives of the New Statesman to see if such a falsehood was actually published by the New Statesman. It seems just as certain that as an anti-Semite, you picked up that misrepresentation from one of your anti-Semitic sources.

    Ditto on the Lavon Affair, which an attempt by certain individuals in the Israeli government to break up the peace talks between the governments of Egypt and Israel, not to get the U.S. to attack Egypt. The saboteurs were mostly Egyptian Jews, who did not dress as Arabs, and their amateurish attempts did little damage and killed no one.

  18. It's too bad that your deficiency in logic and language is so clearly manifest in your postings. Going from "left to right," which is movement," cannot be "playing both sides," which is stasis, or lack of movement. And if you had gotten passed the third grade, you would know that a sentence starts with a capital letter. I believe you learn about capital letters in the second grade, so I probably won't have to explain capital letters to you.

  19. oooh grammar nazi-rene.
    did he say this particular jew is playing both sides at the same time? – no he didnt, so shut your fat jew face

  20. no need to quote or misquote jew leaders, just open up the jew holy books to gaze upon jew supremacy and see what they think of the goyim…it advocates the right to steal from, murder and rape the goyim.
    know thy enemy white man!

  21. David Christie says:

    Thanks for that Gary.

    For us trouble makers in the kook area, getting a response from someone of your brilliance is quite a privilege and a generous gesture on your part.. I feel really flattered that you took all that time to, not only read my note, but actually
    post it to your web site.

    And thanks for pointing out the spelling issues. That was nice of you too .

    Actually, that happens sometimes when I type really quickly and don't bother to read it over. I was careless and I'm not proud of it. Actually, I didn't really expect you to read it., much less, re- post it . Maybe it's because I'm more cynical
    than I used to be.

    First off, I know this is hard for you to believe. . But, you're misinformed about something. Let me help. Soda Stream is not "made in the state of Israel". Actually its principal manufacturing facility is in a place called Ma'ale Adumim..
    That's a settlement in the Israeli Occupied Palestinian Territory. In fact, Ma'ale Adumin has been identified by The UN
    Security Council as being an illegal settlement that is in flagrant violation of international law and has been for decades.

    By the way, I was really touched by your concern for Arab workers and the fact that Soda Stream offers them a higher
    wage than the $100-$200 a month they might normally get ..albeit controlled and managed by Israelis who it's
    reported treat the employees like slaves manning oars on a Roman Galleon during their daily 12 hour assembly line

    The thing is Gary, when you consider the fact that what most of them normally get less than $200 a month at their jobs and unemployment is around 30% – principally due to the illegal occupation by Israel – perhaps that puts things in more realistic perspective as to those humanitarian motives you're so moved by.

    Whatever, I didn't think you would ignore or dismiss the fact that over 1.5 million people are hostages to a brutal totalitarian military occupation for over 50 years that is, in large part, paid for by US Taxpayers – especially
    for a real Freedom Loving Small Government Kinda Guy. And I was right.

    Now I can see that you do care . As long as you keep getting your fizzy water…there's no worries and everything is just ducky for you. I get it. That's what you call "mutually beneficial".

    You know what Gary? I bet you would use the same “mutually beneficial” theory to justify buying your cheap suits
    from a company being operated on a cotton plantation in Mississippi staffed by slaves – if that were still legal.. Of
    course, as you mused, no doubt lots of people aspiring to be slaves would line up at the gates should the 13th Amendment be repealed.

    My bet is you rely on pulling mutual benefits out of your pocket every time you save a few pennies on some
    cheesy junk made by slave labor in Bangladesh or some of the other crap you promote in the spam you push across
    the network for free. See, even I'm catching on.

  22. David Christie says:

    I can see that you're perturbed that we kooks make such a big deal of this stuff. Tsk..tsk..I guess I'm just not that sharp, as you've wryly noted, especially compared to you Gary. So, thanks for enlightening me.

    Is this the bottom line?: “Those lucky Palestinians should be ecstatic to be offered jobs by their colonialist occupiers.”

    Does that summarize it, Gary?

    The thing is, what if they were allowed to have a viable economy on their own land – or, for that matter, even the freedom of movement to go to a job without being strip searched and, often, beat up at military checkpoints, confined like prisoners, herded around like animals just to reach a hospital or one of those menial and precious little boot licking jobs? Would they be nearly as desperate for those kinds of jobs? Otherwise they may very well choose to do
    something else with their own capitol resources, naturally endowed to them without a rapacious pack of gangsters
    controlling them using the military dictatorship we pay for. They might even build a school or a desperately needed hospital of their own to treat victims of IDF Violence and attacks from Religiously Insane Racist Settler Nuts who regard Palestinians as a lower form of life and their kids as tantamount to clay pigeons for target practice. I wouldn't even be surprised if all those hundreds of thousands of Arabs who got kicked out of the homes they'd lived in for generations that were bulldozed to make way for Jews from Brooklyn and Russia might even come back. as well. and create lots of jobs Ya think?

    But "God" forbid that these pigeons should actually get ahold of their own natural resources – such as the water you enjoy in abundance for your little fizzy drink – stolen and redirected for use by the Illegal Settlers who pay nothing for that either – just like the land they've stolen.. Now THAT might even seriously cut into your fizzy water budget, as cheap as it is for you., What if you had to live like a Palestinian for even one day? I bet your own suffering wouldn't be lost to an economic genius like yourself for one nanosecond in one of your spams or blogs.

    Here's where I come out, Gary,

    You're actually in an entirely different bell curve area. That's the area on the graph defined by self righteous narcissists who think the only freedom that is worth protecting is their own freedom to exploit others. It’s called American Exceptionalism.

    You know what we in the Kook Community call people like that? We call them Hypocrites and Phonies. You're in the fake, fraud and a phony area of the curve, Gary. You're an example of a condescending whiner who wouldn't last 5
    minutes on the wrong side of the mutually beneficial goodies you enjoy. You'd be whining like a spoiled rotten little girl. That's too bad because being a fake, fraud and phony is a lot worse than being a bad speller. That means you have a serious character defect, Gary. You're in the bell curve area with people who have a black hole for a conscience and have zero character.

    And it can't be solved with a spell checker.

  23. Israelis with their lawn chairs and coolers on the Golan Heights cheering as the IDF massacres Gazans by the thousands. Gazans who have been under a starvation blockade from Israel for over 10 years, denied humanitarian shipments of….musical instruments, powdered milk and board games because — after all, the whole world KNOWS those are the very ingredients to make a “dirty” bomb in your basement!

    Wise move to avoid touching the USS Liberty, Israel’s still lying about its role in that after more than 50 years!

    “Every time we do something you tell me America will do this and will do that . . . I want to tell you something very clear: Don’t worry about American pressure on Israel. We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” ~ Israeli Prime Minister, Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001, to Shimon Peres, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

    Yeah, swell bunch our “only friends in the Mideast”!

  24. Americans also need to remember spymaster Jonathan Pollard, who as a US citizen working for the Navy Dept. sold millions of documents detailing US nuclear secrets to Israel. Israel then turned around and gave those secrets to the USSR in exchange for increased quotas of Russian Jews to Israel. In Israel today Pollard is regarded as a hero, with streets named after him.

    Plus the Israeli government and AIPAC have never relented in demanding every president since the ’80s to pardon Pollard from a life sentence, so he can go home to Eretz Israel and ticker-tape parades in his honor!

    “The US shouldn’t give high clearances to Jews, because when asked to help, we’re willing to do anything for the love of our country, Israel.” ~ Pollard during interrogation by the FBI.

    Think about all that as we edge closer to WWIII with Russia. Another valentine from our “only friend in the Mideast”!

  25. Lynn Johnson says:

    The Danno comments continue to be kookish, but so what, I undoubtedly seem a Kook to Danno. I would say Danno is worse than a kook, he/she/it is a hater and a left-wing loon, regurgitating the left-wing nonsense over and over.

    Throughout history, some people take over land owned by other people, and the Palestinians fought the Jews and lost. Too bad for them. Old story, and I am not impressed.

    Yes, that makes me heartless, or perhaps simply a student of history. But I am emphatically pro-Israel, and Danno's rants have no impact on me. I give money and time to candidates who support my POV. Danno likely does the same.

    America is a Christian nation, and true Christians are pro-Jew and pro-Israel. Those who are not will have a painful interview with the Father of all at the last judgement, in which they will be required to account.

    That's my POV, and I thank Danno for giving me the motivation to throw it out there.

  26. David Christie says:

    Points taken Danno. It's been noted by experts in the intelligence community that Pollard's espionage activities caused more damage to US National Security than any other single case since The Rosenbergs. Hmmm.. Seems like there's something in common here. And then, there's the sad and troubling case of the USS Liberty: http://www.usslibery.org With friends like Israel – ..well, you know.

  27. David Christie says:

    LOL.. Funny.. Just imagine having to account for NOT-supporting the ethnic cleansing and mass murder of the indigenous population of Palestine by a cult of rabid racist Religiously Insane Gangsters – unconditionally supported by Fake "Christian" Fanatics who think "God" is a real estate agent. I think it's you who should be worried about that, friend. Except the verdict is already in on what you really worship. And it's got nothing whatsoever to do with Jesus.

  28. Joseph C. Moore says:

    Joanie was a Republican ((which is not necessarily to say "conservative), acknowledged her jewish heritage. She was not observant (hardcore jew) as evidenced at he funeral by the flowers and cremation (both, a no-no in Judaisim). She was certainly more politically "conservative: than "liberal".

  29. That should include the Democratic National Committee letting Barack Obama- Communist, run under the DNC. Every Democrat who voted FOR HIM, never realized his background was NOT Democrat, but it is to fulfill all of the "Communist Rules for Revolution". Once He and his cohorts disarm all of America, the USA will be a puppet
    of the United Nations One World Government, The Treaty of the Seas plus a dozen more treaties, Obama hopes
    to have signed, sealed, and delivered to Ban Ki Moon, before he leaves office (IF HE LEAVES OFFICE).

  30. Notice how they avoid the embarrassing truths about their own nature. “We — as God’s chosen people — can commit genocide, apartheid, discrimination and hatred against anyone not of our tribe, but if you ‘inferior races’ point that out, you’re just being a filthy anti-semite!”

    Some of the most blistering race hatred I’ve ever read comes from the op-ed page of the Jerusalem Post and the floor of the Knesset.

    Notice also how the US (as the “Christian nation” demented Lynn claims this is), is being pressured by neocon Israel-Firsters to attack Russia and the Arab world, in the coming Big Mistake III that will begin (and quickly end) with nuclear weapons. Leaving which ethnic group to rule what’s left?