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Home Depot Joins Target Stores: Security Breach

Posted on September 4, 2014

New information gathered from the cyber world indicates that most of the Home Depot stores across the U.S. have been hit in a massive credit and debit card breach, reports state.

On Monday, there were already whispers of leaked credit card data by the behemoth retailer, most of which were slotted down to be mere rumors.

However, as of Wednesday reports indicate that the home-improvement store may have most likely been the latest victim of a similar security breach which has already plagued major stores such as Target and Sally Beauty.

Home Depot did release a statement Wednesday stating that it wasn’t sure if it had indeed been breached and assuring customers that they would not be responsible for fraudulent charges on credit and debit cards.

Spokeswoman Paula Drake told sources that their security team has been working non-stop to deal with the issue, adding “[i]n the event we determine there has been a data breach, our customers will not be responsible for any possible fraudulent charges.”

Customers have been further advised to closely monitor their accounts for any strange or out of the ordinary activities and report them immediately.

According to reports, the retailer has hired computer security firms Symantec Corp. and Fishnet Security in order to assist in launching an investigation into the possible security rupture.

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  1. Where is the NSA??? They're reading and storing all our email, internet traffic, phone calls and GPS, but when these massive data breaches occur, there's never a peep from Big Brother. Maybe the NSA is behind these data thefts.

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