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Faith-Based Fascism: Turning Churches into the State’s Bagmen

Written by Gary North on September 4, 2014

The economic heart of fascism in the 1930’s was the “government-private industry alliance.”

It still is.

In this alliance, the state provides limited funds and promotion of favored businesses. The businesses provide profits that are taxed. The state’s bureaucrats increase their influence over the economy by way of favored business enterprises.

The state is now heralding faith-based welfare. State money is used to favor some ministries, which conform to state requirements. In this way, the churches get “matching funds” from the state, and the state gets another avenue into the lives of the public. There will be more welfare clients, and there will be restraints on what the ministries can say and do with the money. The state extends its influence by means of confiscated money from the voters.

There are no free lunches. But church leaders forget this. They preach that grace is free to recipients, but then they preach the need for ethics: personal reform. They do not see that the state is imitating the gospel, but with confiscated funds. “Free money from the state, but then personal reform.” The state is in charge of the reform program.

He who pays the piper calls the tune.

A recent experiment in faith-based enterprise was announced by the Governor of Arizona. The story is here.

With one signature, the governor of Arizona created a brand new office that some worry blurs the line between church and state. She created the Office of Faith and Community Partnerships, and while some see this office as a way to admit the state needs financial help, others think it funnels state money to churches.

“Somebody’s got to step up to the plate if the money’s not there,” said Tyler Johnson, the lead pastor at Redemption Church. He said he sees great potential in this new Office of Faith and Community Partnerships.

“We’re dealing with thousands of people in the Redemption congregations that we have the opportunity to mobilize to care for the totality of our city and our state,” Johnson said.

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8 thoughts on “Faith-Based Fascism: Turning Churches into the State’s Bagmen

  1. I need to see the NAMES OF THE CHURCHES which are receiving tax money from either the state or the fed. I do not believe a true Christian church will take any. I believe they realize that there's a big string attached to any gift from government, and will avoid it at all cost. Am I naive? Please, SHOW ME.

  2. The big problem, is, churches are tax exempt. In order to protect that status, they are often pressured by government to say and do what the government wants! The churches need to drop the tax exempt status, pay income taxes, and tell the government to take a hike! Until this is done, the government will continue to have a strangle hold on them!

  3. “ . . . by means of confiscated money from the voters.” That’s the moral issue my Christian brothers fail to grasp. . . . even the so called "Christian Right" doesn’t readily discern between welfare and charity.

  4. Churches should… CANnot take money from government!! By the same token, churches traditionally (historically and culturally) are the primary resort of those in need. Even the Salvation Army is/was faith-based, though at least THEY don't get too preachy about it while they're about doing good. Churches need to stick to faith business, and the physical foundations to an individuals spirituality (health is a good foundation after all). The INDIVIDUALS can affect their influence upon government (just like individuals versus business entities). Government needs to stay out of church business. And if the churches are so in need of supplemental funds, either one of two things need to happen: live within their budgets; or, get more donations from individuals. Period.

  5. kylene gould says:

    In Chicago the majority of these organizations are leftist…in corrupt chicago fashion they are basically….god for democrat votes……like jobs for votes etc…as a Jewish person.. you are gods chosen people…and you do not have to convert to Christianity…….I’m not being mean…but god loves you as a jew…and your his chosen people.

  6. abutom1128 says:



  7. If there are Christian churches taking tax money from State or Federal sources then that church has compromised itself. Now, in another way, the 501(c)3 tax status churches get also compromise. Why and how? Those churches are “incorporated” which is a secular business methodology – unBiblical. It is essentially a umbilical cord tied to the secular government. It isn’t what the government “telling the church what to say”, but restraining what the church CAN say – restraint of free speech. Soon, the true Christian believers will be driven underground in order to fully teach and preach unrestrained in homes and perhaps deep in woods and wilderness to escape persecution. That time is very near. If your church leaders are afraid to preach/teach what the Bible (God’s Word) says on social and political issues then they have compromised Biblical values and have become a slave to the secular establishment. Run like hell!

  8. We are seeing the false Church, when Christian denominations except homosexual Marriage, priest, and aldermen, they support Abortion ( murdering your babies.) Pedophoellia, love of money, and aid in the invasion by government of our country by illegal ALIANS. There is no belief in god left in these churches.