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Stockman: Bombing Iraq into the 21st Century

Posted on September 3, 2014

Washington’s strategy in Iraq is in shambles, but not just because America’s spanker-in-chief is really a wimp at heart. The problem is far more generic. To wit, the geographic territory of Iraq is not a nation; it is an arbitrary series of lines on a map drawn 100 years ago by dandies in the foreign offices of two fading empires (the British and the French)—which lines encircled numerous tribes, ethnicities and religious confessions that had no interest in sharing a common statehood.

In the subsequent century, the warring peoples corralled within the Sykes-Picot boundaries were ram-rodded into a tenuous co-existence by a series of brutal monarchs, generals and dictators, backed up by British and American occupiers. But then the neo-con geniuses in the George W. Bush Administration hung the last dictator and the poll readers in the Obama White House had the good sense to adhere to their campaign pledge and bug out.

They left behind $25 billion in military training and state-of-the-art warfare equipment, but neither a dictator nor a nation. Indeed, under the latter heading they had endeavored to build a nation where there had been none, but ended up liquidating the machinery—the Republican Guards and the Baathist political party—that in the most recent era had enforced co-existence with machine guns and poison gas canisters.

Foolishly claiming America’s job was done at the end of 2011 when the last GIs boarded transports out of Bagdad,  Barrack Obama was actually opening the gates of hell without a clue as to the furies that would soon come swarming through. Well, they are all here now with blood-soaked hands grasping their weapons and agitated tongues issuing the spittle of revenge and historic enmities.

Yet the foolish man in the White House and his historically illiterate advisers keep banging the same old failed lever. Namely, they are once again attempting to deploy bombs, dollars and hortatory commands to cajole and herd Sunni, Shiite, Kurds and numerous other sectarian and tribal fragments from the time warp of history into a common polity—a purported nation that would do Washington’s bidding in the ancient lands of Mesopotamia.

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2 thoughts on “Stockman: Bombing Iraq into the 21st Century

  1. Doesn't surprise me that there's no comment yet. I'll be first. Excellent article, Mr. Stockman. It's just posted in the wrong forum. You're over their heads.

  2. Bombing in Iraq is really sad. We all know now days Iraq is facing many security and economic problems. Every country should help.