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Did Someone Pay Google News to Run This Group of News Stories?

Written by Gary North on September 2, 2014

Am I supposed to believe that Google News’ “Editors’ Picks” section is picked for any other reason than money? Consider today’s “hot” stories about India’s world of computers.

SiliconIndiaI don’t know who in the United States would regard these stories as news. But I can well imagine that some PR guy hired by a group of programming firms in India could earn his salary this week by persuading his employers that this in some way will generate income for the Society of Indian Programmers, or some such trade association.

This group of stories appeared about 4:30 a.m., EDT. It was gone by 5 a.m. So, hardly anyone saw these “picks.” If some schnook in India paid money for this, he should be fired.

I look at this section of Google News every day with this question in mind: “Who have the folks at Google persuaded to pay good money to run stories in ‘Editors’ Picks’ today?” This is because I cannot imagine blocks of stories like this being picked by editors for any reason other than cold, hard, digital cash.

Maybe MSNBC is overlooking a source of much-needed revenue.

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3 thoughts on “Did Someone Pay Google News to Run This Group of News Stories?

  1. Robert What? says:

    So now the news is for sale now as well? I can’t say I’m surprised: Google obviously ditched the “do no evil” slogan. Replaced, no doubt with “we’re only in it for the money”.

    In any case, the mainstream news outlets have been unpaid shills for the DNC for years, so I guess the logical next step is to actually get paid for it.

  2. What do you expect from Left-Wing Propaganda Pimps??

  3. danielchrish says:

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