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Rescuing “Hitler”: Obama’s Bailout of Assad

Written by Gary North on August 26, 2014

Syria’s Assad is like Hitler. So said Secretary of State John Kerry in September 2013.

Now the U.S. government is about to bail him out in his civil war against ISIS.

Three decades ago Saddam Hussein was an ally of the USA.

Then the USA declared war on him. Twice. He became “Hitler.”

It’s odd. Hitler here. Hitler there. Now we see him. Now we don’t.

The American public of course doesn’t care. Assad or no Assad; it’s not our fight. But the foreign policy elite that runs this country cares deeply. These people want to see the government of the U.S. dominant in the Middle East. We are supposed to call the shots.

Of course, the U.S keeps calling different shots.

A year ago, Kerry spoke of a “Munich Moment” with Syria.

So, the United States government will not withdraw from the region. It will determine which faction wins and which loses, and on what terms. Except the government keeps changing its collective mind about who the good guys are, and who the bad guys are.

Assad needs a victory over ISIS. Obama plans to give it to him, free of charge.

And so, we read this on Fox News.

The U.S. reportedly has begun flying surveillance drones over Syria days after President Obama authorized their use.

The Associated Press reported that the flights had begun Tuesday, a move that could pave the way for airstrikes against Islamic State militants based in northern Syria. On Monday, the Syrian regime demanded that the U.S. seek permission before launching any airstrikes on its territory against Islamic State targets.

The U.S. began launching strikes against the Islamic State inside Iraq earlier this month, with Obama citing the threat to American personnel in the country and a humanitarian crisis in the north as his rationale. Top Pentagon officials have told the AP that the only way the threat from the militants can be fully eliminated is to go after the group inside neighboring Syria as well.

A senior U.S. official confirmed to Fox News that Obama this weekend authorized the use of drone surveillance over Syria for the first time.

The surveillance flights have now begun.

Lest this be seen for what it obviously is — a bailout of Assad — the Administration is careful to call it something else. This is intrusive surveillance. It is not protective surveillance. Fox News notes:

The action is considered the first “intrusive” surveillance by the U.S. in Syria since the country’s civil war began. This differs from protective surveillance, such as the U.S. used in the failed mission to rescue American hostages held in Syria.

Next, there will be intrusive airstrikes to wipe out ISIS, not protective airstrikes to save Assad.

You may think this: “If we bomb ISIS, we help Assad. If we bomb Assad, we help ISIS.” The Obama Administration will of course deny such logic. It will be fun to see how this is done.

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15 thoughts on “Rescuing “Hitler”: Obama’s Bailout of Assad

  1. wait a minute – is'nt INTRUSION goin on elsewhere as well? would be a stretch to say this isnt anymore legal tha puties INVASION against international law of the Ukraine -?

  2. Little wannabe Hitler is just anther hypocrite, say whatever promotes their agenda!

  3. The American people are NEVER told the REAL reason why our sons and daughters must be sent away to fight and die. Yet, whatever we are told, it seems that the very ones we are supposed to be "helping" are the ones most damaged by our aggressions. As ruthless as the dictatorships of Saddam and Assad (and Gadhafi) may have been, the interference of our government has made things a thousand times worse. Our tax dollars have gone to support terrorists from Hell. Despite their failings, the dictators that we removed at least protected the Christians who lived in their country and kept violence between Islamic factions to a minimum. Our government has ignited a world-wide powder keg, and just cannot get enough explosions to satisfy itself.

  4. The military industrial complex must at all cost be pandered to. They make their billions soaked in the blood of the innocents. Our soldiers and the citizens of which ever country we are 'helping'. It is all about the enemy of the week.

  5. Reading these posts just gave me hope…that this site is 'way out of touch, and has not done it's research'…..OMG, it's wonderful that many Americans are waking up to the Imperialism, the terrorism brought on by the CIA, Mosaad, the West…etc. OMG again…as Assad is just trying to keep the psycho Central Bankers out of his country, just
    like Saddam, and all the rest that have been assassinated for doing so… America is a lovely country,
    full of good people who have allowed an empty suit, a 'cocaine bum' into the white house…with the help of
    many 'money junkies'. Wake up 'Tea Party Economist'..and do some research for once….and look into the corruption you are standing with….Stop publishing more propaganda like this govt….Get out of the propaganda business…get a real job….

  6. Joel Miller says:

    The method Obama uses to Govern is very similar to Nero's method except…..
    'Obama played Golf while America burned'!

  7. bob jones says:

    Assad, Saddam Hussein and Gadhafi look better by the day when compared to the total chaos that now exists in those countries, thanks mainly to our interference. I would most certainly trust Assad before I would believe a word that comes out of the mouths of confirmed liars John Kerry, Obama or Hitlery Clinton.

  8. I disagree with this article! The problem is if you get rid of Assad as bad as he is, it leaves a vacuum for genocidal, murderous savages the likes of ISIS to take over. At least the Christians were able to live in Syria until ISIS came along! Didn't we learn anything in Iraq? We need to go after ISIS who pose a much greater threat to humanity! Leave the dictators alone to keep their volatile populations under control! At least for now!

  9. Strange, when Obama was shipping our weapons from Libya to Syria to overthrow Assad … Assad was a murdering dictator and Putin called our bluff and we did not attack along side the ISIS rebels who Obama was funding. Now we are taking Putin's side and supporting Assad.
    I know the US patriots who support our Constitution are his enemy … What US ally [when our nation was still great] is Obama's ally of today? Which one trusts what he says or promises?
    Fortunately, my citizenship is in heaven and I am just passing through.


  11. robert h siddell jr says:

    Obama glibly drone bombs anybody, anywhere, anytime and for any reason he wants. Hitler & Himmler = Hussein & Holder.

  12. Talk about intrusion…The United States is the biggest war monger in the world…This is because the US is lead towards a New World Order which is controlled by the financial elite of the world…We complain about Russia invaded Crimnea…Or Ukraine…We invaded Grenada…Panama…Vietnam…Afganistan…Iraq…Libya…With the aid of the milittary industrial complex which Pres. Isenhower warned us about we are fighting 41 different secret wars around the globe…And yet the war mongers in our government always proclaim a new scare to be thrown out to the America public to pander…Nuclear war…Communist agression…Adolf Hitler…The war on drugs…Taliban…Al Queda…the ISIS and or a dozen or so other terrorist organizations…The ISIS was created at the advent of Saudi Arabia which is secretely bank rolling terrorist into the fight to destabilze or overthrow the government of Syria as was done in Afghanistan and Iraq…Meanwhile via Turkey and Jordan we are supplying the ISIS and its fringed groups of terrorists with the weapons of war necessary to topple Syria….This is the same Saudi Arabia that produced 15 out of 19 hijackers that took down the twin towers in NYC…It is obvious where the ISIS gets its financiang…Whereby the financial elite have geared up to destory the monsters of old which they were responsible for creating in the first place to be replaced with newer monsters of aggression at the quest of the New World Order…"When will They ever Learn?"…Peter, Paul and Mary.

  13. Good read!

  14. Todays journalist's are nothing more than "tabloid" jounalist's….Whatever they publish is nothing more than a bunch of "crap"…Dito for our televised News Commentatiors…They all talk crap!

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