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Video: How to Teach Economics to Your Teenager

Written by Gary North on August 23, 2014

I teach the economics course for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

I thought to myself: “How can I make this easier for me?”

Because I am really a great guy, I also thought: “How can I make this understandable for my students?”

I did the wise thing. I got Bob Murphy to do the heavy lifting.

I adopted his textbook. It’s free. Download it here.

I adopted his teacher’s guide. It’s free. Download it here.

Then I produced my own videos on the topics I think teenagers will be interested in, such as how to get a part-time job, how to start a small weekend business, how to save money on the first date (and still get a second date), and so on. I explain each of these markets by means of fundamental economic laws.

If I did not have a reliable textbook and a reliable instructor, I would have had to do the heavy lifting. When it comes to heavy lifting, I say: “Let Murphy do it.”

Here is how he communicates to teenagers.



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9 thoughts on “Video: How to Teach Economics to Your Teenager

  1. Frank Timmins says:

    Excellent, excellent, excellent post Gary. You can be sure this doesn't happen in the normal high school curriculum (or college either). This should be required in every school.

  2. eekelsmadrisa says:

    No Kidding !

  3. I don’t know about Murphy’s economics course, but it would make great Bob Newhart routine.

  4. Our home school (Connections Academy, Ripon) teaches a mandatory course for 11th graders. I am my granddaughter's "coach" and have checked out the curriculum and it looks good.

  5. I always enjoy Gary North's punchy writing.

  6. I would not use this for kids. Especially pre-teens. It would bore them to tears. Maybe 16 y-olds and up.

  7. Murphy is OK, and sometimes amusing; he has good ideas. But he desperately needs speech lessons. His organisation, by his own introduction, was in fly-specks. His delivery is in short, machine-gun series of words, delivering truncated or incomplete ideas, to be interrupted by his next stream-of-conscious blast of words. All this is woefully interspersed with the intercalation "ya know". So, ya know, he, like, ya know, starts one, ya know, idea, but then, oh, yeah, well, ya know, it's not ya know quite like that but lemme ya know give ya another, ya know . . . . This can be cured, but it takes an outsider to it. I'd be glad to help this fellow, and if his speech-giving techniques were fixed he could grow from "OK" to "terrific." Seems to me his topic is worth more than his disregard of effective speech techniques.

  8. Pat Natale says:

    If this guy gave a half hour class on how to drive a car he would spend 28 minutes explaining why cars are different from balloons and then 2 minutes on why white cars generally stay cooler than black cars and the coefficient of traction for rubber tires . Overall it was a horrible presentation.

  9. Traci Lawrence says:

    What a waste of time. Boring and unorganized. Why was this video highlighted?