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Video: A Collapsing Public Elementary School Reverses in Just Two Years

Written by Gary North on August 20, 2014

We don’t see stories like this very often. But it can be done.

Now, let’s see if anyone does it. Where? When? Why?

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5 thoughts on “Video: A Collapsing Public Elementary School Reverses in Just Two Years

  1. Discipline in schools that treat kids fairly and exercise their bodies and minds!!!! Who ever thought this would work?? Oh yeah it DID WORK for 200 years but we decided that the school could have our kids 6 hours a day but we could NOT discipline the "LIL" darlings!!!

  2. A business news program said that 42% of blacks are on welfare and 72% of black babies are born to unwed mothers. That's a bad start in life, and the lack of a father or father figure doesn't teach boys how to grow up as responsible and caring adults. The "Eat, Exercise and Excel" program does that and gives the kids a chance to get out of the ghetto or poor neighborhood and make a better life for themselves. This shows how concerned individuals (not government programs) can make a difference. Dump Common Core and put Eat, Exercise and Excel in all the schools!

  3. Too bad NOBODY is going to move (or bring new JOBS) to Missouri after all the blacks rioting in Ferguson huh?

    The people in the states of California, Illinois, and New York who might have been planning to move to other states because they are hammered by liberal taxation without representation can't even sell their homes now.

    I don't care how much this one school improved, property values will disintegrate and no new influx of jobs will be coming to these states ESPECIALLY anywhere near a black neighborhood.

    No wonder the government sticks it's nose where it does not belong throwing taxpayer money a dozens of government job creation plans picking winners and losers.

  4. peleus212 says:

    Amazing concept who knew? LOL

  5. WHAT!? No Commone Core?!
    No wonder they're well on their way up!