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Video: When McDonald’s Takes Your Order by Robot

Written by Gary North on August 19, 2014

First, an oldie but goodie.

Second, a 15-miniute video on jobs.

Before you view it, keep this in mind.

The economist has one question above all others: “At what price?”

Do you like your job? At what price?

Does your employer want you to keep working? At what price?

Is your career at risk? At what price?

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21 thoughts on “Video: When McDonald’s Takes Your Order by Robot

  1. sean murry says:

    You know this coming robots are going to replace humans.

  2. Holy Shirt says:

    Doo-Wop Vocal Quartet, Drums, Piano, Tenor Saxophone? That's seven pieces. Any other gigs available?

  3. good deal… robots replacing cheap labor… illegals go home ! lol 😛 Ah-Ha hahahahahahahahahahahahaha.:O

  4. Phillip the Bruce says:

    Sorry but Mickey D's does not hire illegals. The people losing their jobs owe it to minimum wage laws, because a robot can do it cheaper than that.

  5. So is this what it's coming to, how do you survive by not working for a living. When you over regulated with Government regulations on this business man to make a living so others can have a job to pay bills. This utopia way of thinking cannot survive, hard work to better yourself and your family is the only true answer.

  6. You are no longer essential. Only the government is essential. Low end humans just create problems for their rulers. Robots and Soylant Green are just around the corner. And I do not mean coming to a movie house near you. We have got to get our government under control. Soon! See my blog at http://cranky-conservative.blogspot.com

  7. Read Mack Reynolds, this is not new or unexpected.

  8. Rattlerjake says:

    There are many labor jobs that will never (at least not in the next 50-100 years) be replaced by robots, like lawn services, construction workers, road crews, plumbers, electricians, and HVAC. A robot may be able to diagnose a problem and even fix the problem but each repair or installation is different. Most biology jobs, like wildlife management, banding animals, veterinarians, etc. need a human because animals don't "TALK". And there are many more labor jobs that cannot be cheaply of easily automated. Many of these jobs are already overrun with cheap mexican labor.

  9. no illegals will stay for the benefits

  10. Let me suggest that you need to think more creatively here, because other folks are creative.
    Lawn services: ever here of the Roomba? Surely there could be a Lawnba, or a network of them canvasing the entire neighborhood at once. Some to mow, some to do edging, some to plant flowers in nice little rows. Not every lawn job all at the same time would be replaced of course, but many of them surely.
    Construction jobs: Have you not heard of the 3D printed buildings in China? Those are a simple start. Sections of houses could be build in a factory, transported, and then assembled on site. Part or all of the initial electrical and plumbing work could be included, as well as HVAC.
    Wildlife management: surely much of that could be automated too. I'm sure a robot could be made to hunt down and tag an animal.

  11. I don't know whether to thumb up or down,
    Do you mean-
    no illegals will stay for the benefits
    (meaning they will all leave rather than go on welfare) that would earn an UP

    Or did you mean-
    no, illegals will stay for the benefits
    (meaning they won't go home, they'll line up for handouts?) that would be DOWN

  12. The only UP side to robots at McD's is the order would probably come out correctly the first time

    and you wouldn't have to worry about the addled jerk who spits in peoples food, or the idiot that bathes in the restaurant sink, or the gross habit of dropping a bun or lettuce, retrieving it from the disgusting floor and putting it on your food. The drive thru lane wouldnt be referred to as the screw you lane anymore either…

    Down side- more spoiled unemployed teens and young adults living at home forever and more retired seniors not having extra money to make ends meet or keep up social interactions…

    I want the cleanliness and accuracy of the robot with the social atmosphere of the retired worker, all while occupying teens minds to learning job skills and I want to keep the costs low… oh my…BUT I refuse to pay $10 or more for a fast food burger…

  13. Right, and Walmart claims it doesn't hire illegals either, yet has been caught and fined several times for doing exactly that

  14. Once illegals are here, they will never leave as long as they are getting goverment benefits.

  15. BS ! Bruceboy must own a few Mc D's franchises…

  16. benefits like a free trip to the Depopulation Center for Unnecessary Eaters ?

  17. You left out the most important fact. people will be able to afford to buy the food.
    One would have to think that the sanitation will be greatly improve, as most illegals don’t wash their hands after going to the bathroom. Also people are known to do all kinds of crazy things with the food. Some for off the wall enjoyment, and others to punish people they don’t like.

    Robots don’t get social benefits, retirement, unemployment, workman’s comp, raises, call in sick, need new training every 6 months because they forgot how to do their job, nor do their race Bait, or have any kind of law suits against the companies.

    The quality of the food has to go up, and the cost go down.

  18. good video, thanks.
    Bottom line: Minimum wage mandates are a jobs stimulus bill for the robotics industry.

  19. I'm not too worried about it, even if they do replace me, which they wont, people will look in my field foor human built products.

  20. Spit-free food and drink from McDonald's by 2020.

  21. How are people without a job now buying food? How are people working a part time job because of Obamacare buying food?

    A welfare check!!!

    Ok, so mandate putting birth control in the food or at least give a discount to people who buy the Burgers with Birth control in them.