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How the Liberals Control Private Education: Four Words

Written by Gary North on August 18, 2014

This was posted on a GaryNorth.com forum.

Our local Christian school proudly boasted that the junior high received a Blue Ribbon.I always wondered, what is all this hoopla about Blue Ribbon as it seemed to me almost every govt school got some kind of award (like Calif Distinguished School) and many more. So, what a hoax???

I was suspicious (to myself) and said, what is this thing? Blue Ribbon School?

I found out it is sponsored by the United States Dept of Education.

Why would a Christian school need this thing?

When I worked in govt school, our school was trying to get one of these things or something like it. The whole staff went crazy and had to work overtime to please the masters of this organization. This took a ton of time and energy wasted on this. Tons of angst and planning and going nuts.

Why would a Christian school, in an upscale area, even worry about this? And how are the parents so taken in?

Why is the staff taken in? Parents are paying $11,000 per year to go to junior high here. The athletes win everything, it is a calm campus with no problems, what more does anyone want?

What is the appeal?


There is a very simple answer to this question. The parents are desperate for prestige through their children. Understand, they are Christians. This means they are fundamentalist Christians. They suffer from a debilitating intellectual inferiority complex. They have been told, decade after decade, that they are Neanderthals. Who tells them this? The media and the academic establishment. This is what liberal elites must do in a country in which Christians are in the majority. The elites are very much like lion tamers. Their whip is academic certification. “Through the hoop!” Snap! “Through the hoop!” Snap! But they know what can happen to them at any time, without warning. They are locked in a cage, and they are edible. In the back of their minds, they keep thinking this: “Siegfried and Roy.”

Christian humiliation begins early. It begins with four words: “Is this school accredited?”

These are the words of parents. These are the words by which everything else in a school is judged. It does not matter the slightest how good the academic program is, once a parent has uttered these four words.


Here is my response, which I wrote as a FAQ for the Ron Paul Curriculum.

Accreditation: Should We Seek It from the State?

This was sent by a reader.

Hello. I just visited your site and read through the info. but did not see an answer to this important question: Is your curriculum accredited so that students will receive a valid high school diploma upon completion of required classes in all US states?

The question of accreditation has come up, especially in Christian circles, for about seventy years.

One of the most important marks of the complete surrender of Christians and libertarians to the state is the desire for academic accreditation.

Ask these questions:

1. Accredited by whom?
2. By whose authority?
3. By what standard?
4. Enforced by what sanctions?
5. Gaining what advantage?

Let us consider the assumptions and implications of accreditation.

First, the state has both the moral authority and the legal right to determine what constitutes a valid education. In other words, the moment that somebody accepts the idea of accreditation, he has accepted the legitimacy of the power of the state to determine the truth. He has also accepted the legitimacy of the state to determine the correct methodology of teaching.

(For the rest of my article, click the link.)

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11 thoughts on “How the Liberals Control Private Education: Four Words

  1. Phillip the Bruce says:

    This is along the same lines as the Christian parents that want their children to receive a "Classical" education, without knowing the definition of that term. Catemites.

  2. We won all those ribbons and carpets without trying. We gave the finest public school education that you could get anywhere. Anywhere at all. Most of us spend many hours before, after school and during lunchtime working. Summers were always spent prepping for the next year. We were better than the local private schools. The school board didn't like the idea of having an outstanding school amongst the rest of the crap! So they turned us all into facilitators instead of educators. The kids hated it. So that they can pack upper level science classes with lower functioning students math was removed from Chemistry and Physics. The school gets points for every kid that takes upper level classes. Forget that these 'upper level' classes are now about a 8th grade level. Those of us who could retired. Most of the others quit. Now the students run the school. Nothing is being learned. All the better students have left, leaving only the dregs

  3. I had a child in a Christian school which refused any federal funds and they were and are academically sound. Great teachers with commitments to Christ and most of them go on to higher ecucation with great grades. As long as the feds do not contribute, a school can have a curriculum it desires and not bend to regulations. Praise God, this school has wonderful Christians on its board, also. Very wise people started this particular school.

  4. Accreditation for Christian schools comes from Christian accrediting organizations like ACSI, not any state or federal government.

  5. Accreditation could be baloney. This article makes a good point. Why? Because I can tell you one thing and I have witnessed it with my own eyes on my own family and kids who have graduated from what they call “prestigious” schools.

    THEY CANNOT SPEAK ENGLISH CORRECTLY. I am astonished at their bad grammar! One of them even graduated from college – imagine that!

  6. I was on the school board for two years at the middle school where two of my kids attended. Not a Christian but a public school. It was very disappointing for me, as a parent, all the in fighting over curriculum mandated by federal dollars vs curriculum with historically sound fundamentals. Seems as though the federal mandates are on course to completely erase those classes that have been traditional staples in the education of our children. Now with Common Core being applied the kids can't even learn basic math or science unless their parents teach them the correct methods on the side. Otherwise they will just muddle through and never really understand the lessons that are being forced on them. My kids are all math savvy because when I help them, I teach them the old way of solving problems so they understand the answers already before they do the convoluted process forced on them through the mandated nonsense!

  7. synthetic2 says:

    From a minister, told me that most christian schools accept government funding. In the acceptance they have to comply with specific guide lines for the christians schools to teach. Parents who send their kids to christian schools need to check and see if that specific school is government funded.

  8. synthetic2 says:

    Most ARE funded by government. Ask your minister. Check it out.

  9. synthetic2 says:

    From a minister, told me that most christian schools accept government funding. In the acceptance they have to comply with specific guide lines for the christians schools to teach. Parents who send their kids to christian schools need to check and see if that specific school is government funded.

  10. Which ones?

    ACSI is the one everyone uses here – it certainly has no government ties.

  11. Maybe charter schools do – don't know of a single Christian/Catholic school here that accepts a dime of government money.

    Couldn't teach Bible as a required course if they did.

    Students with learning disabilities, even if enrolled at private school (religious or secular), are still entitled to get help with their specific LD at a local public school.